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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review: Worlds Hottest Drivers - Go Time Golf

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Name of Manufacturer: World’s Hottest Drivers   WorldsHottestDrivers.com
Name of Product: SuperCharge Your Driver Now!
Tested: Taylormade SLDR Driver shaved to .880 COR
Overview: World’s Hottest Drivers specialize in shaving the face of drivers to increase the C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution). This precise milling process allows them to hold extremely tight tolerances and increase the club’s C.O.R. from .860 to .900 based on the player’s needs. Now, is it legal? No. The “Legal” C.O.R. and maximum limit any driver may have according to USGA .830. However, for any weekend golfer looking to add distance off the tee this process is for you! Most golfers (based on swing speed) will gain 20-40 yards on their drives.
Pros: If you wish to gain distance off the tee immediately pack your driver up, ship it to World’s Hottest Drivers, select how “HOT” you want your driver based on your current swing speed and wait for the driver to arrive! World’s Hottest Drivers also offer the latest top drivers pre-shaved and ready to deliver!
Cons: You are now in possession of a driver that is no longer legal based on USGA Standards. There is a risk whenever you play a "shaved" driver of the face cracking.       Your playing partners may ask you to move back a set of tees.
Performance & Playability: We met with Steve Mummert at World’s Hottest Drivers, gave him a Taylormade SLDR for shaving and it was quickly returned for testing. They shaved this driver to .880 COR and also re-grooved the face for us. Our first test was on the range and while it was 10-20 yards longer we couldn’t wait to get it on the course! Off the first tee – an increase of 20-25 yards longer than any drive that I have hit on this hole! The longer drives continued throughout my round and the accuracy of the driver was not affected at all!
Innovation: World’s Hottest Drivers performs this process with the use of a CNC machine that allows them to program the outline of the clubface to maintain the original curvature while it is being machined. The clubface will then be polished to match its original finish. All of the work is performed on the outside of the club. Each driver’s face thickness will be measured at 5 different points before being placed on the CNC machine. The finished thickness will be measured at those same 5 points to ensure the desired specs have been obtained.
Technology: Since 2006, World’s Hottest Drivers has been pioneering the science of golf driver machining. Their research and technology development team has tested nearly every driver produced on this planet, to find that perfect balance of performance and durability. Regardless what driver brand/model you send them, they know exactly how to unleash its full potential.
Looks & Feel: Our test driver had a “black coating” on the face and we did lose that but for the added yards off the tee it really didn’t matter! The driver just feels/sounds “Hot” and everyone who has hit it agrees - it’s LONG! I did notice a slightly higher ball flight but that can be changed with settings on the SLDR to produce the optimal trajectory/distance.

Go Time Golf Factor: Most amateur golfers want to hit the ball further and if you’re one of those golfers Steve at World’s Hottest Drivers will be your new best friend. Your round of golf starts on the first tee and adding distance is something that the majority of golfers are looking for. When you’re hitting a 9 iron into the green instead of a 6 or 7 iron birdies are in your future! We are extremely satisfied with World’s Hottest Drivers knowledge of the process, consultative approach to assisting golfers and most of all the results of the finished product! We will send them a 3 wood next so there’s a better chance of getting home in two on par 5s! It’s Go Time for World’s Hottest Drivers!

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