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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Review: Smart Ball Golf Low Point Trainer - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Smart Ball Golf - Low Point Trainer

Tested: Smart Ball Golf - Low Point Trainer

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Overview: What the SmartBallGolf does:

A grass mat that’s a hitting surface to strike golf balls from. Horizontal sensors create a cloud just over the surface of the grass hitting area. These sensors detect where the golfer’s club impacts the ground. Then provides instant feedback to the golfer with LED lights using colors: red, yellow, and green.
    • RED means the golfer is hitting too far behind the ball
    • YELLOW is behind but getting closer to correct impact
    • GREEN is perfect impact after the ball which is the proper low-point of the swing.
  • Allows a user to detect, adjust, and maintain the low point of their golf swing
  • Allows a user to fine tune and repeat the low point of their golf swing
  • Creates muscle memory with its ability to be used with and without a golf ball
  • The Smart Ball unit is the first and only electronic training device that detects the low point of a golf swing. It uses a Red, Yellow, Green colored light pattern to display the user’s low point. The unit can identify a low point with or a without a golf ball.
  • Lots of players don’t like hitting balls off of mats because it is hard to tell how clean of a strike they actually made. A red zone swing that hits the matt before the golf ball has a much greater tendency to bounce off the surface and slide into the golf ball. It allows the player to sweep through a shot that impacts the turf before the golf ball. Our device will eliminate this worry by showing a player his low point with pinpoint accuracy.
  • High quality players can interpret their divot patterns to make changes to their golf swings. They will pay attention to the direction of the divot, depth of the divot, and location of the start and end of the divot. All of these things are impossible to detect when hitting off of an artificial surface. The SmartBall unit will allow players who are hitting off a matt to identify the low point of their swing.
  • Before the smart ball there were very limited options for training aids or drills to work on a player’s low point. There has never been a device that allows you to pinpoint the location of your low point until now.
How it can improve your game:
  • Teaches the player to hit the ball with a downward strike that impacts the turf at or in front of the golf ball.
  • Encourages the user to take divots like the pros.
  • Helps develop hands forward at impact.
  • Lighting green lights strongly encourages forward weight transfer.
Let The Testing Begin:

Go Time Golf Testing Session: When we received the SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer we first noticed the quality of the packaging and the unit itself. There were step by step instructions on everything from unpacking, charging and setting up the unit. We charged the unit overnight and couldn't wait to put it to use!

I have been losing distance with my irons (7-12 yards) over the past year or two from what I will blame on age! I have noticed that I am not compressing the ball like I use to. My biggest hope was that The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer would assist me in getting some of that distance back! More on this later when we get to the results...

Unfortunately for me I couldn't get to the range due to RAIN in Arizona so being impatient I decided to set up The SmartBallGolf unit and see what it would tell me without a ball on it! I warmed up a bit and started with a pitching wedge... The first few swings all had about the same feedback.. I was "scooping" a bit and hitting slightly behind the ball! This was actually one of the better swings in that session. Most of them had from 4-7 yellow lights to the right! If you look closely at the unit you will see an arrow on each side that indicates ball position. After a few swings I decided to add a whiffle ball which made it much easier for me to focus on. Rick, the Inventor of this unit suggested putting a dot on it where the ball should be but a whiffle ball worked just fine and I didn't want to mark up the unit! 

Next to the range: I should point out that there are two settings on the SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer - Hold Mode (lights remain on for 2 minutes unless reset) and Flash Mode (when you want to make many swings quickly). We used the unit in Hold Mode most of the time.

I started testing my skills with a 58 degree wedge (my 70-75 yard club) and noticed that I was getting 3-6 yellow lights and hitting most shots about 70 yards. I set up to a flag that was 78 yards away. After 3-5 shots I focused on getting my hands to the left more, my weight to the left more and trying to compress the ball more (hit the ball first and the my low point after the ball). Here is what my shots quickly turned into!

Now my shots were flying between 77 and 82 yards much to my delight! I could feel that the ball was coming off the club face better, I was getting the ball first and then the matt and starting to compress the ball like I use to! I should point out that this matt area is designed to provide excellent feedback and is virtually indestructible. The next few shots were more of the same and a few produced the best shots of the day with this wedge! PURED!! All 15 Green lights!

These shots averaged 80-85 yards of carry. That's more like it! It was easy to see that The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer can improve your swing quickly!
After 15-20 minutes I passed the unit on to other testers and went through my normal pre-round warm up. I noticed that the majority of my divots were now in front of the ball, I gained more distance on every iron and felt like the ball was being compressed much more. Obviously, I will continue to practice at home and on the range then update this review after 30-60 days of using The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer.

Now, I will share some other results of our other testers. This tester was hitting a PW and called me over and said "I pured that shot and still got 8 Yellow Lights - Something is wrong I know my club didn't make contact way back there"! Here's the photo.....

So, When I was talking to Rick he told me a story of a Pro who said something similar and he simply put some coins on the unit and ask them to try it again... so I did the same......

The Result - Coins Gone! The tester looked at me in dis-belief! However, after 3-4 more tries (using his coins) he began feeling what its like to have the low point after the ball. Then I saw our other testers chipping with The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer with this set up...

I began to try this and have been hitting "crisp" shots around the green and my confidence has gone up drastically knowing that I am less likely to hit these shots fat or thin! Yes, just another application for this great aid!

Pros: The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer can be used at home (with or without golfballs), at your office or on the range. It provides instant feedback on where your low point is on your swing and will make you a better ball striker. The unit is filled with the latest technology (from the mat to lights), extremely well built, durable (we did have a few testers hit the plastic leaving no marks), you can see all the LEDs in bright light, the battery lasted 5 outings without a charge, comes with a nice carrying case and the list goes on!

Cons: It is only available on line so you can't pick it up at your favorite retailer yet. It is addicting so someone will ask you to please put it up! I can vouch for that!

Go Time Golf Factor: When you watch the Pros all of their divots are in front of the ball that's exactly what The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer helps you do. There may be things in your swing that will change like your arms more left at impact (right handed golfers), your weight transferred to your left side better and more extension through the ball after impact. Hopefully a "light" just went on - that's what you should be doing! I have spent a ton of time talking with Rick and he is extremely knowledgable on the golf swing. He was a teaching Pro and has helped many golfers get better. He has studied all of the Pros and understands that regardless of their swing at and after impact they all are very similar. That's what led to his invention and I am extremely excited about this product and the benefits of owning one! Yes it's Go Time for The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer. Every teaching Pro should have one for their students to feel the elements of finding the correct low spot in their swing!

Comments from other Testers: 

Tester 1 - MB: First, I appreciate the opportunity to test this aid! Thank You! I found that it confirmed what I have been doing for a long time - hanging back on my right side. I lit more colored lights than are on my Christmas Tree with the first dozen swings. I did get to one, two or three yellows after about 20 minutes of my session time and was hitting it much better. I will invest in my game and purchase one in the very near future.

Tester 2 - JL: I keep hear Mike saying "Hit Down On It" like the song says. This test session cost me $2.78 plus whatever I owe everyone else. Yep, I am the coins behind the ball guy.... Ok, Ok, I confessed. Now I love the Smart Ball Golf aid! It is seriously an instant feedback aid that points out what you are doing wrong even though you don't believe it. Big Props to the inventor you are on to something big here and every stick I know would benefit by having one. Thanks (even though you made an example outta me) to GTG!

Tester 3 - GW: What a fabulous device. It's easy to use, fun, gives instant feedback and was the highlight of the range. If you struggle with chipping or pitching you need one! It will make you a better ball striker and improve your short game! Two thumbs up and thanks to Go Time for introducing us all to Smart Ball Golf.

Tester 4 - BT: Now I understand a bit better what it feels like to crush irons like the pros. If your swing bottoms out in front of the ball magic happens. I am a single digit handicap and enjoyed the hell out of working with this training aid. I always thought my swing was fairly good and that I compressed the ball well... now I know that there's room to improve. I also saw the results other testers who may be 15-20 handicaps got in a very short period of time. Well done Smart Ball Golf.

Tester 5 - MK: If you want to get better, hit it farther and be more consistent get one! I have my name on the list to barrow it for a week and can't wait. Thanks Go Time for this introduction. Now send it my way already! See you this weekend!