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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: EyzGear

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Tested: EyzGear - Armour For Your Eyewear

Visit EyzGear at: www.EyzGear.com

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Overview: We are sure that a very high percent of Golfers have either had a pair of glasses fly off your headwear during a swing or lost/broke an expensive pair of glasses while on the course. When we discovered EyzGear we were extremely interested in their way to protect our eyewear during a round of golf! I have tried numerous bands that allow you to take off your glasses during a shot or putt however, having them dangle in front of you or on your back just doesn't cut it for me. I have a nice collection of Oakley Sun Glasses (which used to be bigger) that I feel is worth protecting and keeping! We are extremely excited to test EyzGear and believe that they have solved a real problem for Golfers who wear eyewear on a regular basis! Read On if you want/need Armour For Your Eyewear!

  • No more lost or damaged eyewear, sport sunglasses, or headwear!
  • Secures any glasses to hat or sun visor, secures hat or sun visor to head, and secures eyewear to head.
  • Customize any look with your favorite headwear & eyewear.
  • Easy to use, easy to remove, and easy to store.
  • Super Strong housing.
  • 360-degree pivot action.
  • Retractable Spring technology.
  • Super durable stretch cord.
  • Detachable and compact design – size of a nickel!
  • Highly visible brand logo display area.

EyzGear States: EyzGear™ is an innovation from Smart Brands, LLC and is created, designed and patented in the USA.
EyzGear™ is a unique and ingenious personal eyewear retention device. It’s an innovative design solution for securing all glasses to hats. The integrated design of EyzGear™ allows for any glasses to directly attach to hats and protect them from fall, loss and damage. It‘s sports inspired styling delivers comfort, protection and high-performance. The sleek product design and visual styling incorporates unique features and benefits based on valued customer insights. We offer many stock colors and a trendsetting design collection to personalize EyzGear™. The highly visible display area of EyzGear™ makes it a perfect accessory for customization to imprint any company’s logo or message.
View EyzGear Video Below:

Go Time Golf Testing Session: We decided to have a number of golfers test EyzGear in our Sunday Skins Match. EyzGear are easy to use by simply attaching them to your eyewear and to your hat or visor. Once attached, you just grab your eyewear and place on your head or return to your headwear. I found that you don't even know they are attached and No difference in comfort. Everyone in our groups made similar comments and all loved their new Armour for their Eyewear! I typically take my shades off while putting and then back on while exiting the green. I can't tell you how many times I have bent down to get my ball out of the cup and my shades fell off my visor! Problem solved with EyzGear! One of our golfers swings so hard on his tee shots that if he leaves his eyewear on his hat they may fly farther the the tee! He typically takes his shades off and leaves them in the cart or on the tee box until after he hits. He did mention he has broke a pair or two and lost a few pairs over the last few seasons. Problem Solved with EyzGear! The benefits go on and on for this simple but awesome product!

We now see why EyzGear was picked as The Best New Product at The 2016 PGA Show!

Pros: EyzGear is the Accessory that every golfer who wears eyewear needs to get. Keep your eyewear investment safe and in place from the range to the 19th hole! EyzGear is available in a variety of styles and colors. I also must mention that EyzGear can be customized with your company logo and more! If you have an upcoming tournament add EyzGear to your list of gifts to hand out!

Cons: We didn't find anything we would change about this product. They are only available on line at this time but we expect that you will soon see them at a Golf Store or Pro Shop in your area soon!

Go Time Golf Factor: If you wear eyewear...... IT'S GO TIME FOR EYZGEAR!

Tester Comments:

Terry - This is one great product! I have a large collection of sun glasses and will soon have a complete collection of EyzGear! I wish they came with a ball marker on them! A Must Have Product!
Thanks To Go Time for sharing!

Brian - Let's see... EyzGear will save me 2 pairs of Oakley Glasses (at least) per year! Functional, Fashionable and a FANTASTIC Product! Thanks GTG & EyzGear!

Jen - Finally someone has solved one of my golf problems! Thank You EyzGear! I need to have my sponsors add logos to your exciting new product!

Ken - Simply GREAT! Enough said! Get Yours and See for Yourself!

Chris - This product rocks and I will definitely order more!

Stay tuned for more reviews and contests to win your own set of EyzGear!

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