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Monday, January 20, 2020

Review: Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Blue Tees Golf - Laser Rangefinder

Tested: Blue Tees Golf - Laser Rangefinder

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Let the testing begin!

Go Time Golf Testing Session: When we received our package from Blue Tees Golf, the first thing we noticed was the quality of the packaging, accessories and the rangefinder were all top notch.
We started out testing on the range and decided to put Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder up against 2 other name brand rangefinders. We were able to get distances to flags, trees, top of traps and anything else we decided we wanted yardage to. In every case, with our testers, the numbers given by Blue Tees Golf laser rangefinders were identical to the ones they had in their bag. From 30 yards (or meters if you prefer) to well over 400 yards every distance requested was the same. We also really liked the way this rangefinder fit our hands, the lightness of it and how quickly it responded when a number was needed. The screen is also easy to read, align on target, crystal clear and as good as any on the market. So, I'm sure you want to know what range finders we tested against - In my bag are the Bushnell Tour V4 (Slope) and in the other tester's bag are Callaway Tour S.
So, off we go to the course and now we are letting someone in our foursome use them that typically doesn't use rangefinders they use phone apps, cart GPS or the wrist version GPS units. I actually paired up with three golfers, one that uses each of the above, so I could get their feedback. I let one person use the Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder against their device on the course for additional feedback. They played with both devices for 6 holes and then passed it on to the next person.

On Course Testing: The first tester typically uses cart GPS units (when available) and on his first shot into the green he says "I have a 9 yard difference between cart and BTG Rangefinders". Obviously, he used and trusted rangefinders. The yardage he continued to compare varied through the next five holes. Some over some under and very few were the same. He didn't want to give them to the next person in our group when his six holes were up. More on this later.

Our second tester typically uses a phone app when playing. He started comparing the app distance to a trap verses the BTG rangefinder distance. said he had a 4-5 yard variance. Then we played a par 3 where pin position was middle and app said 176 to middle, he then shot the flag stick at 168, trusted 168 yardage and stuck his shot about 8 feet. He later said that almost every yardage comparison was off by anywhere from 3 yards to his biggest of 19 yards. More on this later.

Our 3rd tester typically uses a watch GPS unit. His comparisons were very similar to the phone app GPS variances. On a par 5 his watch showed 71 yards on 3rd shot where the Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders showed 89 yards. He said there's NO WAY thats 89 yards and hit his lob wedge about 20 yards short and went on to 3 putt the green. However, after he hit his shot I asked if he would like to hit another shot (doesn't count) with his 89 yard club. He did and was about 12 feet away with his sand wedge. More on this later.

My comparison for the 18 holes showed that whenever I compared a distance that the other testers received from Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders they were identical or within a yard from my Bushnells. With that said all the claims that Blue Tees Golf make are 100% True!

Pros: There are a ton of pros compared to the big name brand rangefinders. Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders function as well as any brand, they are less expensive as "name" brands, they are as light as any rangefinder, they are as easy or easier to us as any rangefinder, they are as accurate as any rangefinders we compared the to and there is a Great Company behind this Brand!
Now, if you are not using rangefinders and are using phone apps, cart GPS units or a watch or handheld GPS unit just read the above comments and decide if you should have a Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder in your bag!

Cons: Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders are only available on line. However, with their 60 Day Guarantee there is no risk in ordering a set today. Also, as I mentioned earlier my rangefinders have slope adjustment (not legal in tournament play but fine for Sunday Skins game). It's my understanding that a similar version will be available soon from Blue Tees Golf so stay tuned!

Go Time Golf Factor: It's absolutely GO TIME! Get yours ordered today and Play More Golf from the Savings!! Stay tuned for future reviews on more of Blue Tees Golf's products.

Comments from other Testers:

Tester 1 GW: This rangefinder is awesome, extremely accurate, easy to use and far better than any cart GPS as I found out! My score for the first six holes was one of my best ever on this course and I owe it to better club selection based on accurate yardages. Thanks to GTG and Blue Tees Golf for the opportunity to test. I will add one to my bag!

Tester 2 BT: I am excited that I had a chance to test this rangefinder. I have been using a phone app forever but have decided that it is time to change. It's clear to see that you can score better, have more fun and win some skins with spot on distances. I have also seen that these work as well as the expensive rangefinders so why spend more which was my issue before. Great Product = More Birdies.

Tester 3 MK: Well, well, well..... Anyone want to buy a Garmin Approach Wrist GPS? Cheap?
What a difference the CORRECT distance makes. It cost me 10 bucks on that hole! Now I wonder over the past year how much it cost me? Could have bought a ton of stuff! Big props to Blue Tees Golf for developing a rangefinder with quality for low cost as #1 priority. Thanks to Go Time too.

Tester 4 JL: Ok - I happen to be the tester who has the Callaway rangefinders - I saw no difference in accuracy, speed of getting number, clearness of lens, the internal viewing of yardages or anything else. There are three areas I did see a difference in - first the overall weight (Callaway a bit heavier),
next I liked the way the Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder fit my rather large hand a little better and yes..
the price of the Blue Tees Rangefinder is far less than the Callaway. Unfortunately I didn't know about these when I made a decision to buy but will refer Blue Tees Golf to players I know. Again, thanks to GTG for bringing them for us to test!