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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Review: GolfP90X - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: GolfP90X 

Name of Manufacturer:  P90X  GolfP90X

Name of Product: Shakeology

Overview: Our team has been looking for an energy enhancement product that maintains and even energy level from pre-round through the 18th green. Here’s how Golf P90X Shakeology performed.

- Excellent stable energy without any jitters
- Tastes great. Able to customize to your taste buds
- No dips or spikes in energy level
- Healthy for you!

- Only con is when someone else in your group is using it too!

Performance: Golf P90X is hands down the healthiest, best tasting and longest lasting energy provider we have ever used. We believe all golfers would benefit from this product and may even utilize it as a daily meal replacement.

Taste: Shakeology actually tastes great. You can blend with almond milk, coconut milk, add fruit…make you own recipes!

Bottom Line: If you want to enhance your golf game with a healthy, long-lasting and even keel energy and take your focus to a whole new level, give Shakeology a go! We are now full time users of this product! Would rate this a 10 if ratings went that high! Can’t wait to test more of the P90X products. Be sure to use their HIGH PERFORMANCE BARS mid-round for even better Golf Fuel!

Review: Routine Golf Gear - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Routine Golf Gear  Go Time Golf Members Save 20%

Name of Manufacturer: Routine Golf Gear  RoutineGolfGear.com
Name of Product: Golf Polo Shirt

Overview: Routine Golf Gear has entered the golf apparel market and should move up quickly in this category in the near future. Their owner understands all the elements of what golfers want in their apparel. 

- Excellent fabric that flows with your golf swing
- Numerous stylish colors to go with any outfit
- Extremely “breathable” material for those warm days

- Currently priced right

- We hope to see more styles, patterns and additional colors in their line up soon

Performance & Playability: Our tester loved the material of their shirts and performance throughout the golf swing. A great addition to any golfers wardrobe. 

Looks & Feel: Routine Golf Gear has some of the best feeling material on the market and some awesome colors to choose from. We look forward to how their products may evolve as the company moves forward.

Summary: We recommend that you give Routine Golf Gear a go and experience a great polo at a great price. We can’t wait for more designs from Routine Golf Gear. RGG also offers beanies, hats and T-shirts.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: Odyssey 2 Ball White Putter - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review Odyssey Versa 2 Ball White Putter

Name of Manufacturer: Odyssey Golf  OdysseyGolf.com
Name of Product: Odyssey Versa 2-Ball Putter/SuperStroke 

Overview: Odyssey Golf produces a number of great putters in all shapes, weights and sizes. Their partnership with SuperStroke grips has taken their lineup to a whole new level. All of their models have unique alignment features and a face that will get the ball rolling on line quickly. The Versa 2-Ball putter we tested provides an extremely nice visual (one of the best available) of the intended line of the putt. This putter is as accurate as it gets inside 6 feet and allows you to feel confident while over the putt.
Pros: Obviously, the ease of alignment and feel of the ball coming off the face were what made this putter extremely attractive to us. All putts inside 5-6 feet felt like tap-ins. Also, the SuperStroke grip played a huge role in the feel and performance of this putter. We’re huge fans of their grips and excited to see a partnership with Odyssey.
Cons: We found that on mid-fast range greens this putter performed well on all length putts but on slower speed greens it wasn’t the best we’ve tested. The same could be said for putts more than 3 feet off the green. I believe that was due to the overall weight of the putter and personal preference.
Performance/Playability: If you have issues with putts inside 6 feet we highly recommend that you go test the Odyssey Versa 2-Ball with the SuperStroke grip. Also, our lag putts (30 feet and beyond) all ended up within 3-4 feet of the cup leaving us with the confidence that we would 2 putt everything.
Innovation: Odyssey is constantly introducing new styles of putters with various looks, weights, face material, and lengths. They are the choice of many Tour Pros and have been in the bags of numerous winners!
Technology: The new White Hot insert provides an excellent sound and feel at impact on every putt. In our opinion this has been drastically improved from previous models. It also gets the ball rolling on line even when hit slightly off the toe or heel which is a big key to why we made so many of those 6 footers!
Looks & Feel: We are huge fans of the “new” look and feel of the Versa White 2-Ball Putter. The addition of the SuperStroke Grip and soft White Hot Face makes this putter even better.
Go Time Factor: The Odyssey Versa 2-Ball Putter will quickly build your putting confidence. We would expect your putts per round to drop the very first time it’s in your bag. When you have a 6 foot putt to win a hole or card your best score this putter won’t let you down!
Summary: We were extremely happy with the test results on this putter and can’t wait to test more of Odyssey’s new putters. Now that more players are experimenting with “counter-balanced” putters we hope to test a few models from Odyssey soon. Stay Tuned!  


Review: Ping S55 Irons - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Ping S55 Irons

Name of Manufacturer: PING Golf  www.Ping.com

Name of Product: Ping S55 Irons w/ KBS C-Tapers Lite Shafts Stiff

Overview: Ping states that the new S55 irons increase workability, add more forgiveness, launch the ball higher, and may add distance. I’ve had Ping Ansers in my bag for well over 3 years and simply love them! The last thing I expected from this test was to replace my current sticks. Well, I’m here to tell you PING has produced the best iron ever and they’ve found a place in my bag!
- Everything PING states and more! From the 4 iron thru PW - the trajectory, distance, workability, and forgiveness is superb!
- This is by far the softest feeling non-forged club on the market
- If you need Professional Fitting (and you do) PING is the KING and it will definitely take your game to a whole new level
- If I had one wish it would be for PING to produce this in a forged head but until then I’m still delighted with my S55s.
Performance/Playability: The PING S55s would get 1000 points in this category if we were rating that way! It may take you a while to dial in your added distance (I gained about 8 yards/club) due to getting the right combination with the KBS C Taper Lite shafts. I can work the ball right or left and have no problem landing them soft with long irons or hitting a few knock downs with mid/short irons!
Innovation: PING is an Innovation Leader in the Golf industry. They listen to their players and build clubs to improve every golfer’s game regardless of their swing or handicap. They’re quick to partner up with shaft companies to deliver even more options for PING users.
Technology: WOW! Where do I start… Compact, multi material, 17-4 stainless steel heads, tungsten toe weight, stabilizing bar, precision milled face, grooves and back cavity, and more! Now that’s a great use of technology!
Looks & Feel: The S55s have a blade like top line, setup beautifully to the ball, have a very clean look from all angles and feel smooth/soft thru impact! Simply Amazing! You’ll also notice that other players want to touch them and the golf course services folks will clean them more than other clubs because they’re so admired!
Go Time Golf Factor: If you’re looking for an awesome set of irons we HIGHLY recommend that you test The PING S55s out. I’m hitting more greens, gained a bit of distance, going after tucked pins rather than the middle of the green, improving my proximity to the hole, and most of all can hit a wider variety of shots with these gems! It was “LOVE AT FIRST STRIKE” with the PING S55s!

Summary: PING offers a wide variety of clubs that will improve your game regardless of your handicap. While the S55s may not be for you, feel confident that PING has a set of irons that will take your game to the next level. They’re a great company with awesome products! I’m sure that these irons will stay in my bag for a long time and will lower my handicap in a short time! 

The Ping S55s – It’s GO TIME!

Go Time Golf Review: Troon North CG Monument Course!

Go Time Golf Review: Troon North GC

Name of Golf Course: Troon North Golf Club Monument Course www.TroonNorthGolf.com

Course Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Overview: Troon North Golf Club offers two of the most scenic, challenging and meticulously manicured courses in the world. We had the pleasure of teeing it up at The Pinnacle Course a few weeks ago and were totally impressed with everything it had to offer. So, as we prepared for our round on the Monument Course our standards were already set rather high. Would the Monument Course be in great condition? Would it be as visually appealing as the Pinnacle Course? Could it be as challenging? We quickly discovered that the answers were all YES! The front nine was spectacular and as we moved into the back nine it was breath taking. The condition, views, challenge and pure quality of the golf course exceeded our expectations! The Monument course is a par 72 and from the tips it plays just under 7100 yards. This is a MUST PLAY Track as well. You won’t be disappointed and you will return!
Pros: As you would expect the Monument course was in stellar condition from the scenic tee boxes to the undulating well protected greens. The visual presentation from tee boxes, fairways and the greens would make the Top 10 on most golfers’ lists. This track is stunning and in my opinion one of the best facilities in Troon Golf’s stable of courses.
 Cons: It is very difficult to be critical about anything with the Monument course. The ideal scenario would be to play our favorite nine holes from the Pinnacle course and Monument course. More on that later.
Challenge: The Monument course provides a number of “risk/reward” holes in the 2 short par 4s (#6 & #15), Par 3s from 170 yards to over 220 yards and everything in between. You’ll face various doglegs, accurate lay-ups, forced carries, side hill lies, difficult bunkers, rock formations and much more. If you need more challenge than that – play it twice!
Condition: Troon Golf has done it again! As we made our way through the Monument course I was like a golf detective looking for something out of place – No Luck! The Staff at Troon North Golf Club is second to none and treat their courses as if you were at an exclusive private country club. I didn’t see one blade of grass out of place. Congratulations to the entire staff!
Favorite Hole: This is always a difficult choice and again I will side step choosing just one hole! I now have 36 favorites at Troon North Golf Club. Obviously, the par 5 - 3rd hole, the short par 4 - 15th and the views from the long par 3 - 16th would be on my list. Next holes 1,2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 18 are all up there too!
Amenities: At Troon North Golf Club you can enjoy a fabulous lunch at The Dynamite Grille, visit the Callaway Center, pick up some merchandise at their great Pro Shop, sharpen your game on their world-class practice facility, get some lessons, and more! Also, let Troon North Golf Club cater your meetings, golf outings, weddings and tournaments! Troon North Golf Club has it all.
Go Time Golf Factor: As you can tell I was extremely impressed with the Monument Course. Also, my company for the day (Ricky Potts, Corby Foster and Chris Tivey) made playing Troon even more fun! Yes, you guessed it… The Monument Course at Troon North Golf Club gets a big GO TIME! Now, we want to hear your comments after you’ve played either one of the great tracks at Troon North Golf Club!

Bottom Line/Summary: OK, we know you can’t play your favorite 9 holes from The Monument and Pinnacle Course, so go play one in the morning, enjoy a great lunch, and play the other in the afternoon! Experience some of the best golf that Scottsdale has to offer #PlayTroon