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Monday, August 29, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: DynaPro Direct

Go Time Golf Review: DynaPro Direct

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Product Tested: DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands

Visit DynaPro Direct at: www.DynaProDirect.com

Overview: Everyone knows that the World's Top Golfers work hard to keep their bodies in excellent condition. They are always looking for ways to increase strength while maintaining or increasing their flexibility at the same time. We have all seen these Pros using bands to make a bigger shoulder turn, pull hard on a simulated down swing to develop more power and even work on building a more solid core. I saw a video on Social Media of Rory in a Hotel room with his feet in bands (elevated from floor with bands connected to a door) doing push ups while pulling his elevated legs to his chest for strengthening his core. I'm not sure who created this exercise but it is an amazing one to try! So, whether you travel, are in your office, hanging at home or at the range Resistance Bands should be the primary way to improve your fitness! More on this later!

DynaPro Direct States: Making the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness goals could be one of the best decisions of your life. You are making the choice to look great and feel great! The next decision you have to make is a sustainable way to achieve these goals. Sometimes you need to be able to squeeze a workout into a very busy schedule, we know how you feel! This is the inspiration behind DynaPro® Products. We have used similar products for years, realizing that there are too many gimmick items on the market that you will never find in a gym. We have designed our products based on actual experience and the necessity of quality convenient equipment.

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a low quality product that will discourage you from hitting your goals. As you can see in our illustration, industry standard bands don’t even compare. The D- Handle is the most comfortable way to workout with bands and the dipped latex provide the long lasting quality that you will find in commercial gyms. The adjustable connection gives you more versatility than the industry standard band, reducing the amount of equipment that you need for a great workout. DynaPro® products will last you a lifetime, these will be the last resistance bands that you ever need to buy.

DynaPro Direct on Benefits of Resistance Bands: Most people wish to achieve a great body, strong muscles and a attractive look. But it is not enough to enjoy the thoughts of being strong and attractive. You must take some measures to attain it. What about Resistance Bands? Have you ever tried them out to exercise at home?

Resistance bands are those bands that are made of thin but strong latex and have handles at the end. They come in a variety of resistances and you need to choose according to your fitness level. Exercise is very important to stay healthy and fit and these resistance bands help make your fitness regime more effective.
Life is very hectic and eventful nowadays. And men find very little spare time to visit the gym. But in order to stay healthy and have strong muscles, you must exercise daily. So get the most efficient equipments like the resistance bands and see how well they work.
The benefits of resistance bands are simply endless and they are easily available at reasonable prices. The versatility of these bands will surprise you no doubt. Here are some of the greatest advantages that you will enjoy from using the latest resistance bands.
1.  These effective fitness tools are designed for all ages and if you are a novice or an expert, you can adjust the bands according to the fitness levels. The resistance of the bands can be made more or slack accordingly including heavy, medium and light.
2.  Resistance bands can be used for the workout of your entire body as they target all the important muscles and make them stronger. They are the best suited for DynaPro® athletics.
3.  They are the best alternatives to free weight and machine workouts. You can perform all your exercises with these bands that are similar to the strength training exercises like the biceps curls, push-ups, side raises and many more with our door anchor.
4 . You can use the resistance bands on your own and do not require any instructor or trainer.
5.  Resistance bands are extremely simple but are effective in building muscles and boosts flexibility, stamina and motion range.
6.  The most important advantage of resistance bands is their space- saving facility. Exercising at home in your own gym with these bands saves a lot of valuable time and energy of traveling.
7.  You can carry them with you even when you are traveling. They are so conveniently structured and well made that you can exercise even on the roads with them.
If you really wish to get that amazing body and stay healthy, get the resistance bands from the best stores and unique quality and enjoy the benefits of resistance bands.

Go Time Golf States: Resistance Bands have quickly become a part of my daily golf workout and 
pre-range stretch session. I found that 10 minutes of using DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands prior to hitting the range gave me a nice stretch, warmed up the muscles and set me up for a better range session. They can be attached to a golf cart in seconds and allow you to simulate your golf swing with whatever resistance level you choose. 

Go Time Testing Session: I will start by saying that I have used resistance bands before and own a set made by a company that makes plenty of golf equipment. Their bands do not compare to DynaPro Direct's bands. DynaPro Direct offers bands with different levels of resistance and that are fully adjustable in seconds. Also, the quality of their resistance bands are far superior to the brand I had. I actually cut the bands I had in half to see how "thick" they were. I was shocked at the difference. I also LOVE DynaPro Direct's Door Anchor and recommend that you add it to simplify your workouts! 

Pros: DynaPro Direct offers the highest quality resistance bands on the market at extremely reasonable prices. Their bands come in various levels of resistance, are fully adjustable and provide a convenient workout wherever you are. They fit in your golf bag and are excellent to warm up with at the course! 

Cons: NONE!!

Simple to adjust band length! 

Go Time Golf Factor: It's Go Time! Order yours today! Please stay tuned as we review more of DynaPro Direct's other products!

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Visit DynaPro Direct Now At: DynaProDirect.com

More Tester Reviews will be posted as we receive them!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Go Time Golf Presents: Sunday 5-Some of Savings from our valued Vendors

Go Time Golf Presents: Sunday 5-Some of Savings from our Valued Vendors

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: swingOIL

Go Time Golf Review: swingOIL The Ultimate Golfer's Supplement

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Product Tested: swingOIL

Visit swingOIL at: www.swingOIL.com

Overview: Every golfer is looking for a way to play a more consistent round of golf every time they tee it up. The key to most great rounds of golf start with focusing on the range and then every shot from the first tee to the last putt on the 18th green. Many golfers look to energy drinks to help them play better golf but end up with the jitters, highs/lows during their round and typically get "out of sync" causing them to swing faster which leads to poor shots.
Please understand that swingOIL is NOT an energy drink! SwingOIL is a supplement drink packed with 7 key ingredients formulated by golfers for golfers. SwingOIL is used by The World's Number One Golfer (Jason Day) and over 55+ PGA Champions' Tour Players.
There's a reason why - IT WORKS!
We decided to put swingOIL to the test for 36 holes of golf over 2 days. Please read on to see what we think about swingOIL!

SwingOIL States: SwingOIL has become part of the daily routine of Jason Day and some of today's most notable PGA Champions Tour players. Whether you use it every day at home, or before and during your round at the club, make swingOIL a part of your daily routine. Athletes are faced with many key product decisions so swingOIL is designed and certified to be of the absolute highest quality. Our recent NSF Certified For Sport® accreditation is a prestigious third-party designation that reinforces our commitment to safety, compliance and quality. swingOIL is welcome in clubhouses and locker rooms on every golf tour in the world.

SwingOIL is made by golfers for golfers. GET LOOSE. SWING SMOOTH®.
Our ingredients:



More of the world's top athletes are getting into the swingOIL routine every single day. Here are some of the 55+ PGA Champions Tour Players on #TeamswingOIL:  Larry Nelson. Mark McNulty, 
Brad Bryant, Tom Purtzer, Russ Cochran, Kenny Perry, Don Pooley, Tom Pernice Jr., Olin Browne, 
R.W. Eaks, Dan Forsman, Scott Hoch, Tommy Armour III, Gary Hallberg, Gene Sauers, Bart Bryant, Joe Durant,Marco Dawson, Steve Pate, Willie Wood, Wes Short Jr., Mark Brooks, Tom Byrum, 
Ian Woosnam,Jerry Smith, Brian Henninger, Steve Jones, Jasper Parvenu, Jose Coceres, Scott Verplank, Keith Clearwater, Greg Kraft, Bob Friend, Glen Day, Doug Rohrbaugh, Patrick Burke, Jeff Gallagher, Skip Kendall and Ted Schultz.
All of these Athletes have been compensated with free product.

Go Time Golf States: We were extremely excited to receive our supply of swingOIL. It comes in 3 awesome flavors, orange, strawberry/banana and our my favorite lemon/lime.
aka: Go Time Lemon/Lime!
After getting our swingOIL the first thing I did was research each individual ingredient (supplements). I must say I was impressed with what I learned and now have a much better understanding of why it works!
It is packaged in a convenient 3 ounce pouch that you simply grip and rip the top off to get your daily swingOIL routine going. We recommend that you put your mid-round serving on ice as, in our opinion, the colder the better! One golfer in our group actually froze his the night before and really enjoyed it on the course! So, let's Tee Up the swingOIL Test!

Go Time Testing Session: I think it's important to point out that I have used "Protein Shakes" as part of my golf routine for the past 3 years. I did feel a bit uncomfortable eliminating those and replacing it with swingOIL but wanted a fair test of this product. We decided that it would be better if we could add testers, so we gave 4 other golfers some swingOil to get their feedback. One of our testers couldn't make both rounds but we had no problem finding a Sunday tester! Each golfer drank one serving (pouch) about an hour prior to their round and then a second serving at the turn. All testers were pleased with the taste of each flavor and while some had a favorite flavor everyone liked all 3 flavors! Here's what I found with my testing and the other tester's comments will be listed later in our review. 
First, as I mentioned earlier swingOIL is NOT an energy drink - It's a supplement drink. Therefore, you need not worry about any jitters, highs/lows during your round or fear that you will have an energy "crash" later in the round! 
What you will experience is a smooth, relaxed and focused state of mind during your round. I found that from my warm up on the range, throughout the round and even in my post round range session I was extremely relaxed and focused. I noticed that I thought out every shot, chose a specific target and made a smooth swing on every shot! It was clearly a different feeling for me and allowed me to "Stay In The Zone" so to speak throughout my round! I now understand why swingOIL is so popular and used by so many Pro Golfers! Every one of our testers made similar comments and were extremely pleased with swingOIL. 
I typically lose focus on the back nine and the last 4-6 holes can ruin what could be a solid round. I always thought it was due to energy but now I believe that it was due to focus! I got mentally tired! The first day I played the last 6 holes at +1 and the second day I was even. I may have been low on energy but my focus remained high and my swing stayed smooth! I attribute this solely to swingOIL.
I am now adding swingOIL to my daily routine to see how it impacts my workout sessions. I will add my comments to this review soon!

Pros: Great Tasting, Awesome Results, Increased Focus, Better Scores and All Testers agreed that this product is going to be added to their golf routine! SwingOIL is definitely a product that will continue to take the Golf Industry by storm! 

Cons: Currently it is mainly available on-line. However, in my opinion every golf course beverage cart and golf retailer should be carrying swingOIL!

Go Time Factor: This may be the most excited we have been about a product! If you want to play better golf then add swingOIL to your Golf Routine NOW! SwingOIL is the competitive advantage you've been waiting for!

Thanks to swingOIL for this partnership and we encourage all you golfers to add swingOIL to your routine! 
LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% OFF ALL 1st Time Orders! Promo Code: GOTIME

We will be looking for additional testers in the future. Be sure to join Go Time Golf and let us know if you are interested! GoTimeGolf.com

Tester Feedback:

Jay - I beat my best round by 2 strokes and will give all of the credit to swingOIL. My focus was the best ever on the course and I have already placed an order! A must have product for golfers.

Randy - Thank you swingOIL and Thank you GTG! I love this product and you will too! I'm dumping the energy drinks and adding swingOIL to my golf game! AWESOME! Cheers! 

Brandon - Simply put..... order your swingOIL now! Then you too will understand why The World's #1 uses it! Jason Day knows the power of The Oil! 

Tyler - It was great winning all those skins! Back 2 Back great rounds while using swingOil for the first time! As swingOIL says #SMOOTHMATTERS Join #TeamswingOIL Now! I can't wait to try it prior to my gym workouts! Thanks to Go Time for the invite and the opportunity to test this great product!

Review: Players Towel - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Players Towel  Go Time Golf Members Save 20%

Name of Manufacturer: Players Towel www.PlayersTowel.com
Name of Product: Go Time Golf Players Towel

Overview: Players Towel is the towel of choice by Pro Golfers and Caddies worldwide. We understand why!

- Excellent size and all towels can be customized with company logo or names
- Material retains water well if you choose to dampen an end or corner
- Cleans grooves on clubs quickly
- They don't make beach towels!

Performance/Playability: Our testers absolutely love this towel – it’s performance, style, size, material and everything else about it. Hands down a “must add” accessory!

Looks & Feel: Looks awesome, great size, has a soft feel and can be customized to fit your game with logos or names.
Go Time Golf Factor: This is a MUST-HAVE product! It’s on our bags how about yours?

Bottom Line - Summary: It’s simple – Players Towel is the best in the business! “Play Well”! 
We have formed a partnership with Players Towel and now give all our new members a Customized Towel when they join our site. We also refer all our vendors to them for all their towel needs! This is one of the best companies in the golf industry!