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Monday, March 7, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: Patrick Gibbons Handmade

Go Time Golf Review: Patrick Gibbons Handmade  GoTimeGolf.com

Name of Manufacturer: Patrick Gibbons Handmade  PatrickGibbonsHandmade.com

Name of Products: Custom Staff Bag, Lizard Belts and Genuine Snake Belt

Overview: When we moved to Arizona I was introduced to Patrick Gibbons through a friend. I quickly recognized his passion for the game golf, his business and his desire to bring quality custom exotic products to every golfer who shares his passion for them. Needless to say, we became friends quickly and have had our share of extremely competitive golf matches.

Patrick Gibbons Handmade has developed relationships with hundreds of Pro Golfers across numerous Tours. You can see his products on The Semetra, LPGA, Web.com and THE PGA Tour at every event. 


Patrick Gibbons Handmade's products include belts/buckles, shoes, golf bags, scorecard holders, head covers, putter grips, cash covers, divot tools, ball markers, valuable pouches and much more. These products can be ordered in a variety of exotic skins (in almost any color) including alligator, crocodile, lizard, ostrich, shark, snake, stingray and more. 
If something super custom is on your wish list Patrick will assist you with your creation and deliver products that will exceed your expectations. Also, all of his products are made in his U.S. facility in El Paso, Texas! 


About Patrick Gibbons Handmade: Started in 2007, the first Patrick Gibbons Handmade putter grips were made in the garage of his Scottsdale Arizona home, due to an uncontrollable putter addiction. Since then, we’ve moved out of the garage and our line of products has grown to include exotic head covers, score card holders, golf bags, shoes, belts, and of course, exotic grips.

Currently, our products can be found in local retail stores and country clubs, as well as on the Web.com, LPGA and PGA Tours. The goal at Patrick Gibbons Handmade is to produce unique and stylish handmade golf equipment by true craftsmen while using the best materials nature has to offer.

The staff at Patrick Gibbons Handmade that produce these unique exotic leather golf equipment is quite diverse, ranging from leather makers from the boot and shoe industries, to bag makers from the golf industry. We do not claim that our products will drastically lower your scores or fix your swing, however we do believe that you will look and feel better while playing, and that actually may help your confidence and your game. We’re happy to say that the putter addiction has transformed into a full on golf addiction with no signs of stopping anytime soon. We also believe it is contagious.


Quality:I started out with a few of Patrick Gibbons Handmade Lizard Belts with their signature Handmade buckles. The first thing you will notice is the quality of their products. Every stitch is perfect, the color is consistent throughout, the fit is perfect and I receive compliment after compliment on them. In my opinion there is a huge difference between mass produced products and "handmade" products and you will see it as well. My next addition was a "Go Time" green/black snakeskin (Python) belt. This is my favorite so far!

Innovation/Customization: Patrick Gibbons takes deep pride in everything that his company produces. He is an extremely creative individual that chooses to push the limits on the "Custom" products that he gets involved with. This was evident with the Custom Go Time Golf Staff Bag he did for us! I was expecting a bag that would be different, sharp looking, functional and one that would represent my company well. Patrick would not let on what he was up to with our bag or reveal any "sneak peeks" of it. I was dying with anticipation. 
The call came - my bag was done and I couldn't wait to see it! My first reaction.........
Holy F%^&#ng $h!7!!!! Yes, it was a million times nicer that I had expected! Everything about this staff bag was second to None! Patrick took his ideas, colors, materials, design and delivered an awesome product! This bag gets more compliments and represents the Quality, Innovation and Custom work that Patrick Gibbons Handmade produces! I am proud to take it to any course!

Pros: Patrick Gibbons Handmade offers quality custom exotic golf accessories to golfers worldwide. You can quickly order and receive these products by visiting their site, select retail outlets or pro shops in your area. If you want anything custom simply contact Patrick and his team will design it, make it and deliver it! If you are one of those "must match everything" golfers (like me) Patrick Gibbons Handmade is the place to go! Pick your Skin, pick your colors, pick your products and patiently wait for your delivery! 

Cons: This is one company that you will want/love to do business with. The only problem is you WILL become a Patrick Gibbons Handmade Addict! If your local Pro Shop does't carry Patrick Gibbons Handmade they are missing out!

Go Time Golf Factor: NO QUESTIONS HERE! 
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