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Monday, April 1, 2019

Go Time Golf Review: STR8 PUTT

Go Time Golf Review: STR8 PUTT


Visit STR8 Putt at: www.STR8Putt.com

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Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Overview: Everyone wants to lower their scores and obviously putting is the easiest way to do that. We have all looked back on our rounds and said if I made that putt and this putt I would have shot...
We believe that putting requires a good read on the putt and then you must make a consistent stroke on every putt. Most great putters have their eyes over the ball, are square to the hole with their feet, knees, hips, shoulders and have a putting stroke that is either straight back/straight through or has a slight arc to it. We found that The STR8 PUTT covers every aspect of becoming a great putter and it can actually improve your green reading skills when you go through the set-up. More on that in a bit!
If we were only allowed to have one training aid The STR8 PUTT would be our choice!

STR8 PUTT STATES: Your Putting Coach In A Box! Everyone needs a coach to be/do better.  Bad habits become comfortable in the golf swing and in order to correct those habits you need someone/thing to tell you.  That's where Str8 Putt comes in.  The first training aid of its kind that allows you to check your feet, hands, shoulders and path of the putter with every stroke you practice.

Str8 Putt tells you when the putter is coming too far to the inside, when your hands are too flat, feet are too open and eyes not over the ball. Str8 Putt lets you see, hear and feel when you don't make the stroke you are trying to make, things a human can't give you.
If you want a consistent set up, consistent putter path and more confidence on the greens, then order your Str8 Putt today!
Do you take the putter back and through on the path you are trying? Do you know for sure? How can you tell?  Just because you missed the putt does not mean you made a bad stroke or does it?
Str8Putt was designed to give instant feedback on where the putter is going.  By moving the aid up near the hands, which control the path of the putter, you the golfer can feel, hear and see when and why you go wrong.  The simple yet hard to master design of str8putt is to NOT hit the parallel arms with the putter shaft.
There are no unanswered questions when you use Str8Putt.  
Do you set your eyes over the ball? Are your hands set at the same angle every time? All these questions can be answered very quickly using the easy to carry and setup Str8Putt training aid.  Consistency in ones setup will lead to confidence which means more made putts and no (or less) three putts.  
Str8Putt will correct your putting flaws and give you the confidence that when you are on the green you will make a great stroke. The simple yet highly effective putting aid will deliver immediate and long lasting results.

Go Time Golf States: STR8 PUTT comes in a handy pouch, sets up in seconds on the putting green and is one of the best built/quality aids we have have ever tested! Once on the putting green you simply extend 2 legs to create a "tri-pod", rotate rails, adjust the height, lock in place, align on the path of putt and you are ready to become a better putter! You can also adjust the width of rails if your stroke has a slight arc. I have always been a straight back/straight through putter with a slight forward press to start my stroke so I kept the guide rails fairly close together for short putts. However, on long putts I do need a slight arc in my stroke so I simply set the rails a bit wider. I started with some 5 foot straight putts to get use to a solid stroke that put my putter on a straight line and kept the shaft from contacting the rails. Then I set up for a 14-15' putt with a slight right to left break. I marked the ball position by putting a tee hole directly where the ball should be. By standing behind The STR8 PUTT we actually were able to fine tune our read by aiming the guide rails. Once set up you simply get square to the STR8 PUTT and roll some putts feeling a perfect putter path! At first, I felt as if my eyes were inside of the ball rather than over it. I took my position and dropped a second ball from between my eyes to check and to my surprise I was DIRECTLY over the ball! I was impressed! 
I was able to make 14 putts in a row from this distance using The STR8 PUTT and that was to a "Reduced" Hole using Wizard Golf's Putter's Edge! The STR8 PUTT is the real deal if you want to become a better putter, develop a consistent putting stroke, promote excellent alignment and make more putts!

Pros: STR8 PUTT is a high quality, well constructed, easy to use Training Aid that promotes a square set up, solid stroke and develops muscle memory to become an awesome putter. This is by far one of the best products we have ever tested. Thank You Daniel for bringing this product to Go Time Golf!

Cons: NONE! You don't have one yet! They are only available on line at this time. Your Teaching Pro isn't using The STR8 PUTT!

Go Time Factor: We are 100% Confident that The STR8 PUTT will improve your putting quickly!
It's Go Time for STR8 PUTT!

Testers Wanted: Contact Go Time Golf

Our Testers Stated:

Tim 14 years old - New to Golf - The STR8 PUTT taught me something completely new about my putting stroke and I instantly putted better. It's a far better teacher than my Dad. Sorry Dad!

Jerry (Tim's Dad) 15 handicap: This is one great training aid. It promotes a proper set up and smooth stroke. I believe that any golfer would benefit from The STR8 Putt! We are going to purchase one!

Mark - Teaching Pro: Thanks to Go Time for showing me the STR8 Putt. We use many aids to improve our students' putting but this product tops them all. It combines all the putting essentials into one fabulous and easy to use aid. 

Muriel McIntyre - Pro - This product is a life saver, whether you're just beginning or a professional, this unit will improve your putting stroke and help with being more consistent / confident standing over any putt. Although not designed for long putts, will definitely help with short putts (4-10ft). I stood 8 feet away from the hole, and made 50 putts in a row. 

This unit is very easy to set up. I really like that it is adjustable, and you're able to bring it anywhere.  Can be used by both short putters and long putters. Major key detail is to adjust the height until the arms are about 1” below the putter grip. I also like that this unit gives you instant feedback, whether you're taking the putter too far inside or outside, making sure your eyes are set over the ball, or that your hands are set in the same position every time. This product is a must for any golfer looking to get better at putting.