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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Go Time Golf Presents: The 2016 Ryder Cup Contest

Go Time Golf Presents: The 2016 RYDER CUP CONTEST

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Enjoy The 2016 Ryder Cup!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: SQRDUP

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Tested: SQRDUP Pro Unit (4 beam) Laser Alignment System

Visit SQRDUP at: www.sqrdup.com

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Overview: SQRDUP Corporation has developed a unique 4 beam laser training alignment aid to help golfers with numerous parts of their game. The Pro Unit quickly assists golfers with their ball position, stance square to target,  distance from the ball, getting the club face square at address and much more. The SQRDUP PRO doesn't stop there! You can easily see from the divots if you're contacting the ball first then the ground and compressing the ball. Are your divots right, left or directly at your target? The Laser Technology provides instant answers!
Now, lets move to the putting green. The lasers can be pointed either on your target line (breaking putts) or directly at the hole on straight putts. By finding breaking putts and aligning lasers on your starting path it actually makes you a better green reader. Next, when you address a putt you can either check to see if your putter is square or if you're aligned with the center of the putter (see photo below). I am a straight back - straight through putter so I utilized the SQRDUP PRO to be sure I was on line back and through! 

SQRDUO Corporation States: SQRDUP is a green laser alignment aid which provides the golfer with exact alignment beams for every club & shot in the bag. 
Putter - Driver provides the golfer with precise alignment every time for every shot ?
Whether you are using SQRDUP on the driving range to check Ball PlacementTarget LineClub Face PositionHand PositionFeet Position or on the putting green providing you with a Fixed Putting Line which can easily be changed we guarantee you will not find a better Golf Alignment Aid for every club & shot in the bag.

The "PRO" is the original idea, created to provide golfers precision alignment.  
Green Laser Beams which quickly shows alignment for Target, Ball Placement, Club Face, Feet, Hands, Divot, etc.
The "PRO" is also great on the putting green, allowing the golfer to practice four (4) different putts with one quick setup.      

PRE-ORDERS will ship upon completion of first production run.  Buyer will received update notifications.

Pros: The SQRDUP Pro 4 Beam Laser Aid has many applications as stated earlier. We had a number of folks testing it on both the driving range and putting green. Many of those testers found other ways to use this device. One golfer actually put it in a sand trap with the laser 2-3 inches behind the ball to show where he wanted the club to enter the sand. Result - excellent bunker shots!

Cons: SQRDUP Corporation is taking pre-orders at this time so there will be a slight wait to add this to your golf accessory collection. However, It will be worth the wait!

Go Time Golf Factor:  We were extremely pleased with the performance, battery life, applications to all parts of your golf game and the quality of The SQRDUP PRO. We believe it will change the way you practice golf by adding laser technology to your practice sessions! Pre-Order yours today!