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Review Hot Stix Golf - Go Time Golf

Monday, June 29, 2020

Review Synapse Gum - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: SYNAPSE Gum

Tested: SYNAPSE Liquid Center CBD Gum

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Overview: What SYNAPSE is all about: SYNAPSE has been carefully researched and developed for the simple reason of giving people a way to be calm and enjoy living in the moment. This revolutionary gum contains high-quality ingredients that may have many health benefits. 

SYNAPSE is here to help you enjoy doing the things you love the most!

SYNAPSE is a portable, water-soluble CBD supplement delivery system that has been developed to help you be calm, live healthy. Anytime. Anywhere.

SYNAPSE is on a mission to creating and nurturing a community that is focused on being calm and living in the present moment so that you can enjoy doing the things you love the most. 

Be the first to support the #becalm revolution.

It is important to note that each piece of SYNAPSE Gum contains:
- 15mg of CBD
- More Xylitol than any chewing gum
- Zero Sugar
- Zero Aspartame

What is CBD? To Learn More Please Click On The Link Below:

What Go Time Golf Has To Say: We are sure that you are aware many PGA Pros, Champions Tour Pros and Amateur Golfers have tried and/are utilizing CBD products to improve their on-course focus, calmness as well as their desire to reduce pain while playing. A large number of Pros are utilizing gum as the preferred method to gain the benefits of non-THC CBD. The Pros that we have spotted chewing gum while playing include Tiger, Phil, Billy Herschel and others, Bubba is sponsored by a CBD company and Pros like Scotty McCarron have been extremely vocal about the benefits of CBD for golfers. CBD is here to stay and the list of CBD golfers is growing.

Please note that I have personally tried numerous CBD Products with this being the first time to use a CBD Gum. Many of our members, testers, vendors and weekend skins game participants also utilize CBD products to help their game and health!

Let The Testing Begin: We decided to bring SYNAPSE samples, along with one other gum sample (more on this in another review) to our weekend skins game to get feedback from a group of
current CBD users (5 total). Each player was given SYNAPSE and their feedback is posted later in this review.

Each Tester was given two pieces and asked to take one just before teeing off and the second on the turn prior to the 10th tee. I obviously joined in!

I should also point out that on the day of testing I was running a bit late to the course, my typical pre-round warm up went from 45-50 minutes down to 20-25 minutes so my stress level was "higher than usual". I started chewing SYNAPSE on the putting green prior to heading over to the 1st Tee.

The first thing you will notice is that this gum is delivered in a unique tin and has a very pleasant spearmint aroma that can be smelled from a distance before even opening the package.
SYNAPSE has a liquid center that tastes great and is refreshing as soon as it hits your mouth. All of our testers reported very similar comments.

After hitting my tee shot in the left rough and not starting the round with my typical down the center tee shot I noticed a sense of calming verses stress that I had a few minutes ago. Now, some of you may say.. "That's All In Your Head" and honestly maybe it was but Who Cares!

As the front 9 continued I did notice a higher level of calmness, more focus on my shots, less anxiety on any fairways or greens missed and a desire to stay in the moment. As I spoke to other testers on the front they all agreed the SYNAPSE does calm you even under the pressure of making a putt for skins or dealing with a tough lie. After finishing 9, I noticed the gum had a pretty good workout but still maintained a bit of it's flavor. Time for my back 9 treat!

Typically on the back 9 I start to lose focus around 14 and have to force myself to stay with it. I believe that part of this is caused by my body getting a bit stiff and not swinging loose and free. I couldn't wait to see if SYNAPSE had an impact on this.

So, as I approached the 16th tee I noticed that I my tempo and freeness in my swing was still there and I actually had a very nice back 9 going at +1 through 15. A few of the guys in my group actually said that my tempo was the best they had ever seen it late in the round. Thanks SYNAPSE!

Go Time Factor: As we stated CBD is helping golfers at all levels perform better, eliminate those golf aches/pains, stay focused, remain calm and the list goes on. All of this equates to more enjoyable, focused rounds of golf with better scores. All of our testers loved SYNAPSE and 3 of them had their best Skins results of the year. I highly suggest that you give SYNAPSE a try and benefit from this product. It's Go Time for SYNAPSE!

SYNAPSE offers an assortment of packaging including Single pack, 2 pack, 6 pack or 15 pack tray!

We would encourage you to test SYNAPSE Now!

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Pros: Great Tasting, Long Lasting, Calming, Increased Focus, Delivers Energy in a Calm Way, Healthy and the list goes on. It will help your Golf Game and Health On and Off of The Course!

Cons: It is only available on line but they deliver it quickly! We encourage all Pro Shops and Golf Retailers to try SYNAPSE as we know you will add it to you shelves!

What Our Testers Say:

VG - I currently use an array of CBD products daily. SYNAPSE Gum is the real deal! It tastes very good, last longer than expected and gave me the right amount of CBD on the course. I would probably use 3-4 pieces per round but two were ok to test. I suggest you give it a try. I appreciate the opportunity to test this product.

JL - SYNAPSE = more calmness, more focus, smoother swings, less bad shots and in my case 
MORE SKINS WON! Now it's time to oder more!! Thanks to GTG for sharing!! Have any more??

ND - WOW I really enjoyed this gum! I chew regular gum frequently as I am a smoker... I know I need to quit! This not only helped my golf game but cut my urge to smoke while playing. I really didn't notice that until I was done with my round and saw that I only had 3 cigarettes during the round compared to my usual 8-9. This is really a fantastic product and thanks for allowing me to test it! Everyone should give SYNAPSE a try!

BT - The power of CBD in gum - the Pros use it - CBD is popular with many - Played better - scored better - felt better - stayed calmer than usual especially after a bad shot or missed putt - really enjoyed the round more & won some Skins! I would recommend SYNAPSE to friends and family for golf or everyday! 
"Chew The Stress Away & Enjoy The Way You Play"! Thanks GTG!

Note: As we have more tester feedback we will post their comments.