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Review Hot Stix Golf - Go Time Golf

Friday, July 10, 2020

Review Golf Gum - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Golf Gum

Tested: Golf Gum

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Overview: Why Golf Gum?

Golf Gum’s Liquid Core™ delivery system rapidly releases the full benefits of specially-sourced natural caffeine and B-vitamins. Although the spearmint flavor can last for hours, you don’t have to chew it for more than a few minutes to experience the results of a pure, compact formula that provides smooth energy.

What Else Has Been Said By Reputable Sources:

“Chewing gum [is] associated with enhanced productivity and reduced cognitive errors”
The National Center for Biotechnology Information 

“A moderate dose of caffeine consumed before and during a round of golf improves golf-specific measures of performance and reduces fatigue.”
 The National Institutes of Health

“A moderate dose of caffeine could shave two strokes off your score.”
 Golf Digest


“A moderate dose of caffeine could shave two strokes off your score.”
– Golf Dig
“A moderate dose of caffeine could shave two strokes off your score.”
– Golf Digest(NCBI)
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What Go Time Golf Has To Say: So, gum has entered the golf industry full force and there are plenty of good reasons why! Going back a few years (ok more than that - like 1999 to be exact) I remember Payne Stewart winning The US Open Championship at Pinehurst and..... he was chewing on some gum all week. He remained calm, focused and energized right through that special moment putt on the 72nd hole! Did he know something back then? Some will say it was his way to stop smoking on the course.. whatever the reason - Gum and Golf have been around for a while.

Fast forward to recently, Tiger, Phil and a number of others have started chewing gum. They are chewing to reduce stress, help their concentration, gain some clean energy, stay more focused and probably to have fresh breathe around their playing partners and when interviewed. Yes, gum is now a big part of golf and in a ton of golfers' bags. It's here to stay!

Let The Testing Begin: We decided to bring Golf Gum samples to our weekend skins game to get feedback from some players in our group.

Please note - I typically would not take any caffeine products on the course as I don't want the Jitters!

Each Tester was given two pieces Golf Gum (individually wrapped) and asked to take one just before teeing off and the second on the turn prior to the 10th tee. I obviously joined in!

The first thing you will notice is that this Golf Gum has a rather quick cooling spearmint taste that is extremely pleasant and better than any gum I have ever had..

Golf Gum has a liquid center that tastes instantly gives your mouth a super clean feeling.

There was no crazy jolt of energy from the caffeine just a nice smooth and level amount of energy on the entire front 9. The gum held it's flavor and texture for the entire 9. Impressive!

It appeared that I had a heightened sense of focus especially on some tricky shots around the greens and while putting. At times I seemed to tune out all distractions around me and stay focused on the shot I was about to hit. I love this "In The Zone" feeling!

At the turn I tossed the first piece of Golf Gum (which still had plenty of taste left) and took my Back 9 piece. I do usually lose some energy near the end of my round so I was interested if the Golf Gum would help!

As I approached the 15th tee I noticed that my energy level remained solid, my focus was still awesome and felt that Golf Gum was the primary reason. I actually ended my round par, par and BIRDIE on 18 to capture some skins by sinking a 15 footer. What? Didn't Payne do that? It must be The Golf Gum!

Go Time Factor: Golf Gum is great tasting, Jitter Free, Sugar Free gum that delivers 18 holes of Focus, Clean Energy and needs to be in your bag. We were very impressed and now understand why so many golfers are chewing gum. It's Go Time for Golf Gum!

Golf Gum offers an assortment of packaging including Single pack, 2 Sleeve, 5 Sleeve or 15 Sleeve tray!

We would encourage you to give Golf Gum a Go Now!

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Pros: Great Spearmint Taste, Clean Energy with No Jitters, Enhanced Focus and last a long time!
If you want to play better Golf Gum will help! Also, give it a try off the course for all of the reasons we pointed out!

Cons: It is only available on line but they deliver it quickly! We encourage all Pro Shops and Golf Retailers to try Golf Gum as we know you will add it to you shelves!

What Our Testers Say:

DD - I was totally impressed with Golf Gum and the energy it delivered. I felt at times like I was in a "Focused Trance" as I "Tuned Out" my obnoxious playing partner's banter and hit great shots! A huge TY to GTG and Golf Gum for including me in the test! Will order this and you should too.

SJ - Love Golf Gum, love the energy, love the taste and love the way I played! I am now a big Gum fan! I appreciate the opportunity to test this great product!

MP - I chew gum more than other testers and found Golf Gum to be my new favorite. This does more than your off the shelf gum and you can feel it on the course. It is the Gum of gums and I encourage you to give it a try! You will be glad you did! GTG and Golf Gum Rock!

AH - Golf Gum surprised the hell out of me! I had such great focus and energy through all 18. Can gum really so this? I now know it can! Thanks for letting me test it! I will order mine with the skins money I won! 

Note: As we have more tester feedback we will post their comments.