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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Go Time Golf Review: SwingClick Golf Swing Trainer

Go Time Golf Review SwingClick   GoTimeGolf.com

Name of Manufacturer: SwingClick Golf   SwingClickGolf.com
Name of Product: The SwingClick Trainer Improve Consistency, Timing, Rhythm & Tempo!

Overview: We all want to improve our rhythm and have a "silky smooth swing" like the Pros. The building of an effortless powerful swing is the key to consistent ball striking, increased distance, pin-point accuracy, better distance control and a swing that will last a lifetime. The SwingClick Swing Trainer will help you build that swing! If that's what you're looking for we suggest that you read on!

SwingClick States: The SWINGCLICK is a device which is strapped to the golfers forearm. It’s small enough to carry in your golf bag, so EVERYONE can have one.

The device makes a clicking sound as soon as the forearm is in the correct position at the top of the backswing, at impact and finish. By practicing with a SWINGCLICK, you can train your brain to wait for the click at the top of your backswing. The process trains you to be in the same position at the top of your backswing every time, resulting in you hitting the ball consistently to the same place. It also trains you to slow down your swing, thereby allowing the club more time to generate club head speed, resulting in the ball going further and your shot being more accurate.

Instead of hitting the ball with all your strength, you learn to SWING the club. When you make a smooth downward swing, you will hear the second ‘click’ at impact, thereby allowing you to square the club face up with the right swing tempo. The third ‘click’ is heard when you are in a finish position, thereby allowing you to consistently finish your swing in a balanced position.


Pros: SwingClick Golf has developed a Training Aid that gives you INSTANT feedback through 3 clicks during your golf swing. One click happens when you have finished your backswing (top), one at impact and one when you complete a full finish of your swing! These "clicks" put you in a perfect position at all 3 locations. You will soon feel what a smooth (not rushed) in tempo golf swing feels like!  

Performance/Playability: The SwingClick is extremely easy to use. Simply strap it on the top of your forearm (left arm for right handed golfers), align it and begin with some practice swings. The device should be parallel with your forearm for full shots! It can also be utilized for 1/2 and 3/4 shots by twisting the device one click clockwise at a time to find the perfect position for those "touch" shots.

We recommend that you pay attention to the impact click especially if you have a tendency of casting the club from the top! When done correctly (click right at impact) you will begin to "pure" shots off whatever club you are hitting! The SwingClick teaches you how to create "LAG" in your golf swing! This obviously leads to longer and more consistent shots with every club in your bag! 

Next, is the finish position - if you tend to not shift your weight forward and have a very "short" finish - SwingClick will fix that! The SwingClick will promote a full (Pro Type) finish to your golf swing! More on this in a bit. Must Have!
Innovation: There are numerous ways to teach golfers how to improve their golf swing. The SwingClick is the only Swing Trainer that utilizes sound to teach the 3 key positions of a golf swing! Top, Impact and Finish! SwingClick has created a Swing Trainer that helps golfers of all levels - Amateurs to Pros! 
If you master these 3 positions - your golf swing has to improve! We let a few folks on the range try the SwingClick and saw instant improvement in all of them. One golfer's typical swing had most of his weight on his back foot at finish. Within 5 minutes his "finish" was completely changed and his weight was on his front foot - a full finish! He was making better contact and hitting solid shots in minutes! 
He wouldn't give us back his SwingClick! 

Go Time Golf Factor: We are extremely impressed with The SwingClick and believe you will be too! It gives you immediate feedback, improves your Tempo, Timing, Rhythm and builds a Consistent Golf Swing! That's everything it that it's suppose to do! 
So, if you need help in any of those categories The SwingClick needs to be in your bag!
It's a reasonably priced Swing Trainer that performs!

It's GO TIME for SWINGCLICK! Visit their site Now and Order Yours!

We will be looking for Testers for this products and their reviews/comments will be added soon!

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Tester Feedback: Tom Guthrie

 Swing Click Review
        "Swing tempo is so critical to good ball striking that whenever I see a new training aid that       claims to help, I want to try it.  Swing Click uses audible feedback on a super simple device to provide golfers with feedback on their tempo.  The setup is super intuitive and the device is usable regardless of the type of golf clothing you are wearing. The results were the same for short sleeves, long sleeves and even with a windshirt.  On first use, I was focused on “trying” to make the device click but found that the real secret was to just strap it on and swing a few times. This device depends on centrifugal force, friction and gravity all of which work the same for every golfer. You will know immediately if you are not pausing at the top of your backswing because there is no "click".  If you start your downswing too quickly centrifugal force keeps the "clicker" in the same position it was in throughout your backswing so no click at the end of your back swing also means no click on your downswing.   I was nervous that I was going to have to make an unnatural pause at the top of my backswing but that is not the case at all. This device promotes even tempo so the swing click works for players with a quick tempo just as it does for players with a slower tempo.  I found that as long as there was a momentary pause at the top, gravity rapidly overcame friction and I got the “click”.  The click which happens on the downswing lets you know if you are casting because the click happens too early. The device really made me want to drop my hands in the downswing to really get a nice sharp “click” as the club got to the hitting area. The "click" at the end of the follow through is a nice reminder to finish the swing which get the Swing Click in a position where gravity pulls the metal cylinder down to create the final "click".  Swing Click is easy to use and gave great, instant feedback on the tempo of my swing."

Tester Feedback: JJ Jones – 3 HDCP, Florida

      "This was the product I was most intrigued by. I actually played 5 holes on course with this on. It is a very solid tempo tool, but only effective during full shots. I hit some ¾ swing wedges that didn’t achieve the “click” at the top of the swing. However, on the range, this tool was extremely effective. The “click, click” feedback is very easy to make adjustments with. You can easily tell if you are pulling it down quickly from the top, or even not getting to that point. My only comment to the manufacturer would be to explore other options for the arm band. After my use, I had a few other people with different size arms try it out… and we had some instances where it came undone, or even slid down a few arms. Perhaps something other than Velcro? Or even a non textured fabric so that it doesn’t slide as easily in contact with skin. Overall, I was impressed by the simplicity and durability. Probably one of the best “game repair” tools I have tried."

Tester Feedback: Craig Adolff

      "Swing Click--- Very quick feedback training aid. This is a great indoor/ outdoor aid for a year round training. Takes about five to ten minutes a day swing with Swing click on your arm and you will begin to shape a great swing."

Tester Feedback: David Locke

       "Swing Click, this product we found is very consistent, it clicks in all 3 areas back swing , impact zone and follow through. We found that if you use it for 10 swings without a ball then hit 10 with the muscle memory is much improved . "

Tester Feedback: Tim Witucki Twitter: @boostertim

Swing-Click: I was actually able to practice with this during the snowy months indoor. I always thought I had full range in my back swing, but until I attached this little baby to my arm and DIDN’T hear the click, I thought wrong. By constant practice with this and getting and hearing the click, I was able to get a muscle memory and I really think I’m hitting the ball further this year. My swing almost feels easier.