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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Go Time Golf Review: Tee Square Training Aid

Go Time Golf Review Tee Square Training Aid 

Name of Manufacturer: Golf Innovations, Inc   GolfInnovations.com
Name of Product: The Tee Square "Improve your balance and ball striking" 

Overview: For those of you who are inconsistent ball strikers, have an unbalanced swing, out of sync tempo or other issues you are fighting in your golf swing - You need to try The Tee Square! For the price of a sleeve of balls this training aid is a much better investment! Please read on and see why The Tee Square is a must have addition to your practice schedule. Also, Tommy Armour III endorses The Tee Square and continues to use it on a regular basis! Please check out The Tee Square video on the link above!


Improve Your Balance and Ball Striking!
When you're set up over the ball, the disk of the Tee Square® ~ Swing Training Aid will be hidden by your ball.  If you sway to one side or the other or aren't squarely positioned over the ball, the disk will be visible.

Instantly Alerts You To Movement During Your Swing!
During your swing, unwanted movement results in a loss of distance and decreased accuracy.  If you maintain a steady form, the disk will remain hidden throughout your swing.  If the disk becomes visible, your body is swaying during your swing.

Develop A Balanced And Repeatable Golf Swing!
Regular use of the Tee Square® ~ Swing Training Aid can help you hone your skills and improve your game.  Even experienced golfers can benefit by the clear, consistent enhancement of the game's most basic - and important - elements.

Tee Square® is designed so that the disc beneath the ball will be hidden from view while you are set up over the ball, keeping your head square over the ball and in turn keeping your upper body from swaying back or forward out of square.  A common result of swaying off the ball may result in lack of balance throughout the swing which will result in lost yardage and errant shot making.

Go Time Golf States: we happen to have a few "Swayers" so this training aid will be put through the test! I can't tell you how many Instructors have held my head still, asked me to firm up my right leg on the back swing, put a club against the right side of my head during the swing and a bunch of other "triggers" to get the sway out of my swing. It is something I am aware of in my swing but for some reason have had a difficult time getting rid of! I feel that I need to get behind the ball and that starts the sway! Bad Habit!

We all know that swaying in your golf swing:
- causes poor contact at impact
- robs you of added distance potential
- leads to an off balance swing
- increases shot dispersion (loss of accuracy)
- can lead to a swing with inconsistent tempo
- I'm sure there are many more results of swaying!

Let's get to what we found with The Tee Square!

Pros: The Tee Square is an inexpensive, simple, but extremely effect training aid. The Tee Square will help you eliminate your swaying by utilizing your sight to relay a swing with sway or without sway. I am a visual person and The Tee Square immediately let me know if I was swaying. In fact a number of times I stopped my back swing because I could see I started swaying. I believe that The Tee Square can stop swaying on any golfer who uses it and I'm guessing there are a ton of golfers who sway! Please remember that swaying is the cause of many other elements in a golf swing - fix the sway and many good things happen to your swing!

Cons: We are hard pressed to find anything with The Tee Square that's a negative. If we had to dig it may be that the disc gets in the way on certain clubs at impact. However, that has nothing to do with stopping you from swaying.

Performance/Playability: The Tee Square is simple to set up and use! Choose the club you wish to hit, pick the appropriate Tee Square, tee up the ball, and swing away. When the ball is teed up you shouldn't see much (if any) of the disc under the ball. As you start your back-swing your visual should remain the same. If you start seeing the disc or lines you have started to sway! It's that simple! We teed up long irons, hybrids, 3 woods and Drivers using the various Tee Squares included in the package!

Innovation: The Tee Square was invented to solve a very common problem that golfers at all levels have - SWAYING. The product does exactly that and more. It's gives you immediate feedback, fixes a swing fault that leads to other swing inefficiencies and produces a better overall swing and ball contact. 

Go Time Golf Factor: We recommend that you give The Tee Square a Go. I'm sure that it will minimize your swaying, fine tune your tempo, improve your ball striking and lower your scores! We will add all of our member reviews who have signed up to test this product as they become available!
If you happen to practice on artificial grass mats we recommend that you also order a set of Tee Claws as The Tee Square fits perfectly inside of them!

Remember Go Time Golf Members Save on their orders with The Tee Square!

Tester Feedback: JJ Jones – 3 HDCP, Florida

     "I actually struggled with this one. Using them as directed was pretty easy, but I didn’t get much out of them. I even tried to sway a bit, or set up improperly, where I was able to see the orange portion of the base. I have little head movement, so I could see where this would help for people who “slide” backwards during the backswing, or even those who have improper set up lean to one side or the other. On the positive side, the orange color is very easy to see. So it contrasts very well with the base grass and the ball. In that regard it is a simple solution for being square over the ball. I did snap the tee part off of the driver model, 3 swings in, so that was a little disappointing. I have a pretty high swing speed, and since I frequently bend/break plastic tees, I kind of assumed this would happen. Could be an effective product for beginners, as it is easy to work with."

Tester Feedback: Tom Guthrie

Tee Square Review
"Two common swing flaws among amateur golfers are the “sway” and the “slide”. We are taught, from the beginning, to turn our shoulders behind the ball during the backswing.  Try as we might, the tendency to either sway or slide our hips as we attempt to get behind the ball is almost overwhelming. The problem is that you have to slide or sway back into position to hit the ball and as a result you lose power and may even top the ball or hit it fat.  You know from your mediocre ball striking that something is wrong but there is no way to know exactly what the problem is without some help. The Tee Square from Golf Innovations, Inc. uses the power of visual clues to help identify the problem and lets you know when you’ve got it right. The bright orange, almost luminescent color of the Tee Square is impossible to miss if it peeks out from behind the ball as you swing back.  If you are turning your shoulders, no orange is visible behind the ball.  A side benefit of the bright color is that you can tell if you are keeping your eye on the golf ball through impact because you can see the Tee Square tee right after the hit. Regular tees tend to blend into the background but not these babies! If you are watching the clubface strike the ball, you can really see the Tee Square after the ball is gone.  Another perk is that if the Tee Square pops out of the ground, it is super easy to find. The shorter Tee Square tee, which is designed for fairway woods also worked just fine with a hybrid club. I really noticed an improvement in my ball flight after using the Tee Square for just a few minutes. I could feel my arms swinging past the ball and that high draw I have been working on was finally a reality. The Tee Square is an easy to use product that produces immediate results, just like the advertising!"

Tester Feedback: Craig Adolff

"Tee Square—This product is a great training aid for the Stack and tilt swing types. The instant feedback of this product is great. As soon as you see the disc. You stop and try to make the correct swing without swaying. A very simple way to improve your swing."

Tester Feedback: David Locke

"Tee-Square, simple this is a good product for helping you keep your head behind the ball during back swing and follow through like its suppose to be." 

Tester Feedback: Tim Wituki Twitter @boostertim

Tee Square: Neat item, did notice that on some of my take aways I would lean back to far and notice the off center portion of the tee. I did have some issues with breaking them.