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Review Hot Stix Golf - Go Time Golf

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Review Sniper Brand Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Sniper Brand Golf

Products Tested: Sniper Brand Putters - Ambush and Rebel

Visit The Sniper Brand Golf at: www.TheSniperBrand.com

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Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

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About The Sniper Brand: Sniper Brand Golf proudly supports our military and law enforcement men and women. When their ball markers or other products are purchased, a charity is selected and will receive a percentage of the profits from each sale.

The Sniper Brand product line includes precision Putters, full Putter Grip Collection, various size Ball Markers, stylish Umbrellas, finely embroidered Hats, a full line of quality Golf Gloves including BIG BOYS GOLF GLOVES UP TO 5X SIZES! Yes up to 5X - So they have Gloves for all you Big Boys!

Sniper Brand Golf will soon be launching their line of Performance Golf Balls. The company owner, Clint has been testing numerous balls and is extremely excited with what they will have to offer in the near future. They will offer high quality Golf Balls, that will compete with other major brands at a fraction of the price!

"Make Your Mark" 

Meet the two Putters we tested: 

The AMBUSH Mallet Putter: This gorgeous putter is a milled 4 piece construction consisting of 303 stainless face and aluminum body. It is equipped with Crosshairs for Alignment and has a step-less shaft for the ultimate feel at impact. To connect you with the putter is a Sniper Brand Grip. 
It is currently only available in right-handed models.

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The REBEL Face Balanced Putter: The Rebel is made from High Performance Steel and has The Sniper HOC (Hosel Over Center) with a step-less shaft for the ultimate feel at impact. And yes - a Sniper Brand Grip to connect you with the putter. The heel and toe weighting help ensure club face stability and a true roll on every putt. Face balance at it's finest! It is USGA Approved as well!
It is currently only available in right-handed models.

Click on the photo for more details and additional photos.


Go Time Golf Testing: I have been using mallet type putters for years due to my straight back and through putting style. Another reason that I use mallets is as I get older my stroke isn't as stable as it use to be. Sometimes a blade style putter waives around in my hands and I feel like Kevin Na backing off 5 times after my stroke starts. I also blame the putter when I putt poorly so I have over 30 putters in "time out" now. What I found with the Sniper Brand Putters was a sense of control on every putt. The first round of putting was on my home putting green. I started the testing with the AMBUSH and found it was extremely easy to align, rolled putts very well with minimal skid and it felt "soft" at impact. Starting with 8 - 8-10 footers I rolled all of them in. Yes 8 for 8! 
I then switched to the REBEL and only made 4 of 8 from 8 feet. I immediately wanted to go back to the security of the mallet and keep testing that but felt like I needed to give the REBEL another go! 
The REBEL is face balanced (I like that) and rolled the ball extremely well. The next set of putts I made 6 of 8 from the same position. The 3rd set 7 of 8 and then back to the AMBUSH for two more sets. The second set with it I made 5 of 8 and the third set 6 of 8. So, both putters were performing about the same percent wise from 8 feet. 

Next up the practice green at the course. We had 4 golfers test both putters on 4 footers, 10 footers, 20 footers and 40 foot lag putts. We all spent about 40 minutes with each putter. At the end of the testing I felt I putted better (not by much) with The REBEL. I believe that it was the HOC (Hosel Over Center), Face being Balanced and Heavier Feel that swayed me to it. What a blade style putter that beat a mallet by a hair? 

The other testers' results were split right down the middle - 2 testers preferred The REBEL and 2 for the AMBUSH. All testers agreed that The Sniper Brand Grips were some of the finest grips they have had their hands on. The size, feel and look made them very appealing.

We will try to send these putters out to more of our members and get additional feedback on both models then add feedback to this post.

Go Time Factor: Sniper Brand Putters are definitely worth adding to your bag. They are sold at a great price point, have tons of technology, are very forgiving on any miss-hits (we all have those toe and heel misses) and some of the profit goes to deserving charities! We highly recommend that you consider them when you're in need of a new flat stick or put yours in "Time-Out". It's Go Time!

Up Next From The Sniper Brand Golf: We will be reviewing their Hats, Golf Gloves (Yes Big Boys Gloves up to 5X), Ball Markers, Grips and their new Golf Balls!