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Review: The Set Up Stick - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review The Set Up Stick   GoTimeGolf.com

Name of Manufacturer: The Set Up Stick   TheSetUpStick.com
Name of Product: The Set Up Stick "Start Improving Your Game One Swing At A Time"

Overview: A consistent golf swing begins with excellent alignment (square to the target), proper ball position (throughout the bag) and an athletic stance with ideal width for every club. If you struggle with shots off target, mis-hits (fat/thin) on any club and want to take the guess work out of what you are doing wrong The Set Up Stick needs to go in your bag! Also, if you are struggling with a slice or wish to learn how to hit a draw - I believe we have a solution for you! Read on....

The Set Up Stick States: The Set Up Stick is the only complete tool offering the golfer simple and immediate visual feedback to ensure proper body and ball position. Using The Set Up Stick, the golfer can determine their individual stance width and ball position using simple colors and numbers. The Set Up Stick creates the ideal starting position for every golfer.

I developed The Set Up Stick so amateurs and professionals alike could share in the value of perfect set up. Professionals have always paid precise attention to the things they do before they swing, such as ball position, stance width, and perfect balance. The Set Up Stick allows every golfer the ability to adjust their set up so they too can set up like the professionals

Finally, you take the guess work out of your swing! The Set Up Stick is the only complete tool giving the golfer simple and immediate visual feedback needed to ensure proper body and ball position every time. Current solutions only offer general direction and the golfer has to use many aides/clubs to be able to have both ball position and set-up capabilities. With The Set Up Stick, golf instructors and amateurs can easily determine the individual stance width for students by using simple colors, and create a balanced ball set up and body position every time. It also trains the mind and eyes to always know what proper set up looks and feels like. The Set Up Stick fits right into your golf bag and is the perfect tool for ALL skill levels. You will improve almost immediately guaranteed! 

Pros: The Set Up Stick is extremely easy to use. It immediately provides instant instruction on proper ball position for every club, square alignment to target and perfect stance width. The Set Up Stick takes all the guess work out of a great start to better ball striking. It's the perfect aid for golfers of all levels.  

Cons: The Set Up Stick has all clubs covered except the putter. We did use it by aligning it on the path we wished to start putts on. I am a straight back - straight through putter so it was excellent to practice with. We would like to see a putting addition to the back side of The Set Up Stick in future versions.

Performance/Playability: Here's what we found as we put The Set Up Stick through the test. We love the immediate visual feedback on all three areas - Alignment, Ball Position & Stance width. There is also an area for "specialty shots" (back of your stance) that shouldn't be over-looked! We hit some chips and pitches utilizing this feature - the result: CRISP ball contact and pure shots! I'm sure that any golfer struggling with their short game would improve it quickly! The Set Up Stick can also be used to hit draws and fades. While I was on the range a golfer inquired about The Set Up Stick and I immediately gave him a quick rundown on it. He has struggled for years with slicing the ball. I asked him to pick a target, lineup and hit a shot on his own. I could see his stance was WAY open, ball position TOO far forward and obviously this was going to be a slice - It was! Next, we used The Set Up Stick - Aligned it at his target, teed up a ball in driver zone and had him take his stance using "feet" markers. I immediately noticed his stance was again "Open" and had him check it by keeping both feet the same distance from stick. His response was I feel like I am aimed way right and the ball is way back in my stance. After 4-5 shots, this first time user was hitting the ball straight to a 5 yard fade! Next, I had him close his stance slightly.... WHAT a DRAW?? He couldn't believe it! 

The Set Up Stick is The Real Deal!


Innovation: The Set Up Stick was developed to help all golfers. There are other alignment aids but none that create a square alignment, perfect ball position and proper stance width. Yes, it's a simple to use and is an all in one training aid! That's why it received the award for "BEST NEW PRODUCT" at the 2012 PGA EXPO! 
The other great thing - it's available in for both Right & Left handed Golfers!

Go Time Golf Factor: We highly recommend that you give The Set Up Stick a Go! It will immediately put you in a great position to hit accurate shots. For me, I tend to play my hybrid too far forward and The Set Up Stick puts you in a perfect position to FLUSH it every time! It will also assist you in hitting draws and fades by simply opening and closing your stance slightly. Another thing I liked was the ability to see the shaft lean (forward at address with hands) to ensure "trapping" the ball a little better. I'm not sure that The Set Up Sick thought of this but it is easy to see after you use it for a while. If you want to get more creative with it and hit low or high shots simply take your normal stance but move the ball to a different "marked" ball position. We hit 7 irons for lower trajectory in the 8 iron position (a touch farther back in stance) and it brought the ball flight down. 
Overall, I'm sure you guessed it - IT'S GO TIME for The Set Up Stick!

We will be looking for Testers for this products and their reviews/comments will be added soon!

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Tester Feedback: 
JJ Jones – 3 HDCP, Florida

     " This product was a good range tool, and I think would be particularly effective for people who have inconsistent set up routines. It gave me some ideas about tinkering with ball position, and was a solid line up tool (instead of the normal alignment rods). When used along with alignment rods, you can easily build a solid base for anyone to set up properly. I was concerned at first of the flimsy design, but the flexibility actually makes it conform to the ground. I was able to use this on flat ground and even a few slopes without the stick sliding out of position. Good concept, simple design, and very effectively does what it is intended for."

Tester Feedback: Craig Adolff

     "The Setup stick--- This product is a great beginner/ intermediate golfer. The shots that you can practice on this stick plus the ability to actually be aligned to your target. The only drawn back that I could see is for the taller player that has a wide stance. Other than that this product is great."

Tester Feedback: David Locke

"Set-Up Stick, this product is great for perfecting ball position the more we used it the better our ball position got."

Tester Feedback: Tim Witucki Twitter @boostertim 

Setup Stick: this took some getting used to. I found it to be more useful with my irons than my driver & fairway woods. By watching the online video and trying different stances and can almost hit a consistent fade shot when I want. Really a cool tool to have and use with the patience and commitment to understand it.