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Friday, February 1, 2019

Go Time Golf - Review: Swing Wizzard

Go Time Golf Review: Swing Wizzard

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Tested: Swing Wizzard GREAT GOLF. SIMPLIFIED.

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Take a minute and watch this Video by Jim McLean

Overview: The Swing Wizzard by Wizard Golf is an extremely effect training aid that all golfers need to own. The Swing Wizzard is endorsed by Mr. Jim McLean and offers golfers numerous benefits without even hitting a golf ball. We believe that any time you can groove your swing at the office, your home or in your backyard it's a winning combination for golfers. The Swing Wizzard was created by a golfer (Keith Rogers - Inventor) for golfers. Regardless of your handicap, gender, size or unique swing, The Swing Wizzard will help you find your Optimum Swing Plane! 

It's important to note that the Swing Wizzard was selected by GolfDigest as one of The Top Cool Products at The 2016 PGA Show!

Here's a quick video from Keith on why he invented The Swing Wizzard.

Swing Wizzard States: The Swing Wizzard™ golf swing training aid identifies your golf swing plane, swing path, club face position and encourages proper hands-forward position at impact. You'll receive instant feedback on the most common and critical elements of YOUR golf swing.

Jim McLean teaches that the most important part of the swing is the IMPACT ZONE. The golf impact zone is from halfway back to halfway through. The Swing Wizzard™ golf swing training aid can help the golfer practice to achieve a square clubhead face at impact - an absolute MUST for consistency and distance. 
When the golfer takes the Swing Wizzard™ back into the halfway mark, he or she can look down and see if the bottom clubface is square along the target line (using the aim sticks for alignment).

By swinging through the halfway marks and watching the clubface at the impact position, you will start to see and feel the correct swing plane. After adjusting, and swinging over and over, the golfer can override the old muscle memory and instill the new, proper movements. This drill will also improve timing and tempo, balance and weight transfer.

After swinging slowly from halfway back to halfway through, the golfer can start swinging a little faster, then eventually taking the Swing Wizzard™ all the way back to feel the proper wrist hinge at the top of the backswing.

Use the Swing Wizzard™ to improve:

• Set-up Position - Club face should be square at set-up

• Proper Shoulder Rotatation, Take Away - Eliminate swaying, instill a "one-piece" 
take away using shoulder rotation instead of wrists and arms. 

• Swing Plane Eliminates casting or coming over the top
(which most often will result in a slice.)

• Swing Path - Cure that over-the-top move forever.

• Proper Wrist Hinge - Promotes straight or flat left wrist for right-handed golfers, 
right wrist for left-handed golfers (left-handed version coming soon!)
• Club Face PositionBy indentifying the correct club face position throughout the 
backswing, downswing and through impact, you will improve distance and consistency.

• Impact Position - Sets body in the proper impact position.

• Hands-Forward Position at Impact - Any other improper position is impossible with the Swing Wizzard™.

• Timing and Tempo - Develop a smooth swing tempo - "The most critical element of the swing," according to golf legend, Jack Nicklaus.

• Balance and Weight Transfer - You will better understand how the correct weight transfer makes your swing more powerful.

In addition The Swing Wizzard;

• builds muscle memory allowing more consistency and accuracy;

• increases flexibility through the backswing;

• provides instant feedback for immediate correction. 

Go Time Golf States: We have tested a lot of Swing Trainers but The Swing Wizzard is the ONLY one we have tested that focuses on The Optimal Swing Plane. We believe that a golfer's swing plane is drastically over looked and it's difficult for a golfer to understand the various points of the golf swing and recognizing if they are on plane at all those points. The Swing Wizzard takes the guess work completely out of an on plane swing. It's also extremely important to point out that if a golf swing is not on plane..... well you can expect bad results from the shot! I have an issue with starting the club head back too far inside. The VERY FIRST backswing with The Swing Wizzard showed me that when the shaft was parallel to the ground it was not aligned with my target line. The one club head (rear) was inside of my target line while the front club head was pointed right of my target line.
If a golf swing is off by this much at that point of your swing it would really need to be manipulated to deliver a shot that's on target. The other thing that all of our testers loved was the impact position. The Swing Wizzard puts you in a position to compress the ball! Your hands are slightly forward at impact which leads to pure contact when you put your club back in your hands! 

Pros: The Swing Wizzard is easy to use, can be used anywhere and will help you find Your Optimal Swing Plane. You will learn and understand where the club needs to be from address to after impact.
After a few minutes of using The Swing Wizzard you will see how quickly it transfers to hitting shots on the range or the course. If Mr. McLean endorsed this product, with no strings attached, you should feel comfortable that Keith created a Training Aid that is superior to others! The Swing Wizzard is a must have for all golfers and is available at an awesome price! If you are a Teaching Pro you need a Swing Wizzard!

Cons: You can't hit balls with it. However, all of our testers were fine with that! Also, it's only available on line at this time but we hope to see it in retail outlets soon!

Go Time Golf Factor: It's Go Time! Get yours ordered today!

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Tester Feedback: 

Brady: The Swing Wizzard has filled the void for Swing Plane Training Aids. I identified numerous flaws in my swing in a matter of minutes. Kudos to the inventor and Thank You!

Pat W.: This may be the simplest most but effect tool I have ever had in my hands. If my teacher had this all of his students would be playing better after 1 lesson. That may be why they don't have The Swing Wizzard now that I think about it. Great product!

Carl: I'm off to Oz with my swing plane thanks to the Swing Wizzard. All joking aside this is a fabulous invention and an aid that every golfer will find effective. This will show you, train you and ingrain an on plane swing. Two 7 irons up!