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Review Hot Stix Golf - Go Time Golf

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Review Sniper Brand Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Sniper Brand Golf

Products Tested: Sniper Brand Putters - Ambush and Rebel

Visit The Sniper Brand Golf at: www.TheSniperBrand.com

Current Promo: Save 20% on All Putters or 10% OFF Accessories 

Promo Code: BF20 for Putters - GOTIME10 for Accessories

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Click on any photo and go directly to Sniper Brand Golf's website!

About The Sniper Brand: Sniper Brand Golf proudly supports our military and law enforcement men and women. When their ball markers or other products are purchased, a charity is selected and will receive a percentage of the profits from each sale.

The Sniper Brand product line includes precision Putters, full Putter Grip Collection, various size Ball Markers, stylish Umbrellas, finely embroidered Hats, a full line of quality Golf Gloves including BIG BOYS GOLF GLOVES UP TO 5X SIZES! Yes up to 5X - So they have Gloves for all you Big Boys!

Sniper Brand Golf will soon be launching their line of Performance Golf Balls. The company owner, Clint has been testing numerous balls and is extremely excited with what they will have to offer in the near future. They will offer high quality Golf Balls, that will compete with other major brands at a fraction of the price!

"Make Your Mark" 

Meet the two Putters we tested: 

The AMBUSH Mallet Putter: This gorgeous putter is a milled 4 piece construction consisting of 303 stainless face and aluminum body. It is equipped with Crosshairs for Alignment and has a step-less shaft for the ultimate feel at impact. To connect you with the putter is a Sniper Brand Grip. 
It is currently only available in right-handed models.

Click on the photo for more details and additional photos.


The REBEL Face Balanced Putter: The Rebel is made from High Performance Steel and has The Sniper HOC (Hosel Over Center) with a step-less shaft for the ultimate feel at impact. And yes - a Sniper Brand Grip to connect you with the putter. The heel and toe weighting help ensure club face stability and a true roll on every putt. Face balance at it's finest! It is USGA Approved as well!
It is currently only available in right-handed models.

Click on the photo for more details and additional photos.


Go Time Golf Testing: I have been using mallet type putters for years due to my straight back and through putting style. Another reason that I use mallets is as I get older my stroke isn't as stable as it use to be. Sometimes a blade style putter waives around in my hands and I feel like Kevin Na backing off 5 times after my stroke starts. I also blame the putter when I putt poorly so I have over 30 putters in "time out" now. What I found with the Sniper Brand Putters was a sense of control on every putt. The first round of putting was on my home putting green. I started the testing with the AMBUSH and found it was extremely easy to align, rolled putts very well with minimal skid and it felt "soft" at impact. Starting with 8 - 8-10 footers I rolled all of them in. Yes 8 for 8! 
I then switched to the REBEL and only made 4 of 8 from 8 feet. I immediately wanted to go back to the security of the mallet and keep testing that but felt like I needed to give the REBEL another go! 
The REBEL is face balanced (I like that) and rolled the ball extremely well. The next set of putts I made 6 of 8 from the same position. The 3rd set 7 of 8 and then back to the AMBUSH for two more sets. The second set with it I made 5 of 8 and the third set 6 of 8. So, both putters were performing about the same percent wise from 8 feet. 

Next up the practice green at the course. We had 4 golfers test both putters on 4 footers, 10 footers, 20 footers and 40 foot lag putts. We all spent about 40 minutes with each putter. At the end of the testing I felt I putted better (not by much) with The REBEL. I believe that it was the HOC (Hosel Over Center), Face being Balanced and Heavier Feel that swayed me to it. What a blade style putter that beat a mallet by a hair? 

The other testers' results were split right down the middle - 2 testers preferred The REBEL and 2 for the AMBUSH. All testers agreed that The Sniper Brand Grips were some of the finest grips they have had their hands on. The size, feel and look made them very appealing.

We will try to send these putters out to more of our members and get additional feedback on both models then add feedback to this post.

Go Time Factor: Sniper Brand Putters are definitely worth adding to your bag. They are sold at a great price point, have tons of technology, are very forgiving on any miss-hits (we all have those toe and heel misses) and some of the profit goes to deserving charities! We highly recommend that you consider them when you're in need of a new flat stick or put yours in "Time-Out". It's Go Time!

Up Next From The Sniper Brand Golf: We will be reviewing their Hats, Golf Gloves (Yes Big Boys Gloves up to 5X), Ball Markers, Grips and their new Golf Balls!











Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Review VoxxLife Better Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: VoxxLife Better Golf

Tested: VoxxLife Better Golf Insoles and Socks

Visit Better Golf at: www.bettergolf64.voxxlife.com 

Current Promo: Enter To Win Prizes with Every Purchase

Use Promo Code: No Promo Code Needed

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com 

Overview: VoxxLife is a privately held technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance.
The company develops innovative technologies to create wellness and performance products that allow people of all walks of life to enjoy an improved quality of life and achieve their true potential.
VoxxLife’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, is proprietary, exclusive and scientifically proven in independent testing.
HPT reduces pain, increases strength, endurance, increases stability, balance as well enhances range of motion and provides for faster reaction times.
VoxxLife realizes that people of all ages and walks of life are focused on wellness and optimal performance.
Wellness consumers are looking for products that will enhance their quality of life and are asking for natural, safe solutions for more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility.
People have traditionally relied on products such as pain killers, vitamins, supplements, OTC insoles, custom orthotics and comfortable footwear and apparel to achieve these goals. Pain killers and supplements have potentially devastating side effects, vitamins are inconsistent and expensive while OTC insoles are ineffective and custom orthotics are often unaffordable.  More so, none of these products offer safe, instant and consistent results at an affordable price point.
Additionally, in the case of professional and amateur athletes, the specter of Performance Enhancing Drugs has seemingly invaded every sport at every level.  Athletes want and need safe, natural and legal alternatives to achieve maximum performance. Athletes are also consuming supplements, vitamins, protein powders, compression apparel, and high performance shoes all with the aim of improving their performance. People are investing in training and coaching to reach their peak.
Voxx HPT is the safe, natural, and instant wellness and performance solution.

Voxx Science: The development of VOXX HPT has been a 6 year journey.
We reviewed and studied decades of research in brainstem functionality and the peripheral nervous system.
We also reviewed the latest research in sensory mechano-receptor mapping, brain activity correlated to acupuncture, as well as dermatome stimulation and the different somatic pathways.  We also studied secondary and free receptors and related nervous and brain activity. Our intent was to investigate if there was an integrative correlation between the different sensory receptors, the peripheral nervous system and the functionality of the brainstem.
To understand the development and impact of VOXX HPT, one has to understand the relationship between the human peripheral nervous system and brainstem and the various nuclei therein.
The peripheral nervous system (PNS) connects the central nervous system to environmental stimuli to gather sensory input and create motor output. The PNS coordinates action and responses by sending signals from one part of the body to another (From the various receptors such as mechano-receptors and dermatomes to the brainstem). The PNS includes all other sensory neurons, clusters of neurons called ganglia, and connector neurons that attach to the brainstem and other neurons.
The brainstem connects the rest of the brain with the spinal cord. It consists of the midbrain, medulla oblongata, and the pons. The primary input into
the brainstem are through the Area Postrema (AP) and Nucleus Tractus Solitarius (NTS).  Motor and sensory neurons extend through the brainstem, allowing for the relay of signals between the brain and spinal cord. Ascending neural pathways cross in this section of the brain, allowing the left hemisphere of the cerebrum to control the right side of the body and vice versa. The brainstem coordinates motor control signals sent from the brain to the body. It also controls several important functions of the body including pain management, alertness, arousal, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, heart rate, swallowing, walking, posture, stability and sensory and motor information integration.
Additionally, decades of research into dysfunction and disorders of the brainstem and associated impact on the nervous system and body, also point to the direct and likely benefits of a brainstem not in dysfunction or disorder, or seemingly in homeostasis.
Our research has led to a number of conclusions and developments. Firstly, we have concluded that these different receptors (parts of the PNS) do have an integrative relationship between themselves and do correlate to specific nervous stimulation and signals that can be sent through General Somatic Afferent (GSA) Pathways, Special Somatic Afferent (SSA) Pathways, General Visceral Afferent (GVA) Pathways, and Special Visceral Afferent (SVA) Pathways to the brainstem.
Furthermore, we see evidence that these signals can be very specific and can help the brainstem reach homeostasis (equilibrium) and seemingly enhance the functions of the brainstem and the reticular nuclei, the monoaminergic and cholinergic nuclei as well as the parabrachial nucleus and periaqueductal gray.
This is the key to VOXX HPT.
VOXX HPT is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation on the
bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aides in the brainstem reaching homeostasis.  The VOXX HPT pattern is woven or molded into different iterations of products including hosiery and footwear accessories.

Golf Results: Using VoxxLife products proved to be valuable for Golfers in both distance and accuracy based on their in-depth testing!

Go Time Golf Testing: When our products arrived I must say we were excited to put them through the test! The first step was to check the quality of both a collection of the Voxx Stasis Athletic Socks and the Voxx Bliss Insoles. I decided on that model insole as they were described by Jack & Judy Lapierre as the most cushioned model and excellent for foot pain relief along with all the other benefits. This was a huge factor as I have 2 bones that have hairline fractures in the base of my toes. It is extremely difficult to find golf shoes that I can wear all day on the course. We immediately noticed that all the products were built with technology, comfort and quality in mind. The first day I placed the insoles in a pair of golf shoes that were brand new but unfortunately wouldn't go 18 holes on my feet! I wore them and a pair of Stasis Athletic No Show Socks around the house from 7am to 7 pm and experienced NO PAIN. I immediately thought can this really be happening? These shoes never made it more than an hour or so on my feet around the house! The next day I got brave and wore the same setup to the course for my range session. Please note I did take another pair of shoes with me just to be safe. To my surprise I spent and hour and half on the range, an hour putting, an hour chipping, 30 minutes in the traps and another 45 minutes back on the range. Yes, you guessed it - NO PAIN - and I didn't need the back up shoes! Now, I have tried at least 20 brands of socks and 4 or 5 insoles in these shoes and still couldn't wear them. My conclusion, VoxxLife Technology is the answer. More on this later... 

On Course Testing: That weekend I decided to give the same VoxxLife setup a go on the course. I spent most of the day and No Pain just a wonderful round of golf. I am not sure how much distance and accuracy I gained but I did increase my average GIRs by two for the round. The best news was my feet, back and body felt better before, during and after the round compared to usual rounds. I am sold on the VoxxLife products tested and yes VoxxLife Better Golf is "FORE" Real! You will Play Better Golf and your body will enjoy the use of these products!

GO TIME Factor: If you experience pain in your feet, legs, back, hips or anywhere else we highly suggest you invest in VoxxLife Products Immediately. I have read others' testimonials and wondered if these products worked or if it was marketing hype. In my case, they worked better than any other products I have tried! With that said - It's Go Time for VoxxLife Better Golf Products.

Pros: The Highest Level of research, technology and testing have gone into these awesome products! 
We believe you will try them, love them, order more and tell your friends and family how great they are! 

Cons: They are only available on line - However, they ship quickly!

Final Notes: VoxxLife Better Golf 64 also has a fabulous "REP" Program. You save on products and have unlimited earning potential. Contact Them for more details at: BetterGolf64@gmail.com 
or visit their site at: BetterGolf64.voxxlife.com

Monday, October 14, 2019

Review Elite Minds - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Elite Minds

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Tested: Elite Minds Mental Playbook

Visit Elite Minds at: https://www.elitemindsllc.com

Current Promotion: Save $1000.00

Use Promo Code: GOTIME1000

NOTE: Click on any photo and go directly to Elite Minds website.

Overview: We believe that all golfers, at every level, understands that being prepared mentally is as or more important than hitting the range prior to your round. How many times have you got to the first tee after hitting that drive on the range numerous times and then hit a bad shot? It happens to us all "The First Tee Jitters". This is just one part of the Mental Game that you can eliminate from future rounds. There are many more examples like missing the 3 foot putt (that you have made thousands of time) to win a skin or a match, following up a double with another double because you weren't able to mentally rebound or simply letting your anxiety defeat your concentration. The good news all of these can be "reprogrammed" and your mind can "Perform Like a Champion". There is more on this later in the review and I will share my Self Assessment with you. 


About Elite Minds: Meet the Founder and CEO -Robert W. H. Price of Elite Minds has over 19 years of experience working in the mental health field in multiple capacities. Robert has received Master's degrees from both University of Maryland in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology and John Hopkins University in Clinical Community Counseling. Mr. Price also holds a bachelor's degree from Hampton University, where he majored in Psychology and Learning Behavior Disorders. He played college football at the University of Pittsburgh prior to transferring to Hampton University. 

Robert's Promise: If you put in the work to achieve the Champion Mindset you will take strokes off your game! My current average is 4.5 strokes after just 12 weeks of Mental Skills Coaching.

Our Journey: Each mental skill lesson can standalone however together they allow you to have and sustain the Champion Mindset! You will: each week watch, learn and interact with me! In order to achieve the mindset you will learn the ingredients necessary for change. So that you can become more self aware which will allow you to have the right expectations which means to you lower scores and more enjoyment golfing.

Your Support: You will have 3 Cord Support access to a members only Facebook Group where the weekly calls, on course strategy videos and client successes will be posted. Also you can post videos or questions in the group so you can receive community support!

Lifetime Family: Once you have received the Champion Mindset and have completed the Mental Playbook you will have access to the trainings over the lifetime and weekly calls for 12 months!

3 Cord Support: Weekly Coaching Sessions with Robert
Each week there will be an hour video conference where we will go in depth, celebrate milestones and support one another's journey to Mastering the Champions Mindset! One person will fail, with Two we can hold each other up like the 3 Cords of a Rope.. 3 will support the success that is coming.

Click on Robert's photo to learn more about him.


Robert is currently working with some amazing talent in a wide variety of sports. He is helping athletes excel at the highest level ranging from Juniors to Professionals and looks forward to teaming up with you. 
Here's just a few organizations he is deeply involved with.

Go Time Golf States: We all are aware that Pro Golfers work with swing coaches, short game experts, fitness coaches, nutritionists and yes Mental Game Psychologists. After numerous discussions with Robert it's obvious that he wants to help everyone and teach them how to be mentally prepared to handle life. When it comes to golf and other sports Robert has spent his time developing "The Mental Playbook". The Mental Playbook is designed to unlock the "Tour Players Champion Mindset" and deliver it to you! His goal is to prepare you for your next round more effectively and enhance your mindset during every round of golf you play. Once you enroll in this course you will be evaluated on "key" areas to improve the mental side of your game which effects 90% of a golfers success. Here's a quick snapshot of the results of my Mental Skills Pre-Assessment.
Current State: As you can see, I need to learn how to mentally handle anxiety, recognize emotions, increase concentration during my rounds with self talk and imagery. While I typically have a good attitude under stress (those bad shots and 3 putts) everything changes. Once I learn to control emotions and anxiety I will play better, enjoy the round more and SCORE BETTER! Yes - Unlock The Tour Players Champion Mindset! 

I am in the process of completing all the modules, working with Robert to create my new champion mindset and once done I will update this review and share my Post-Assessment results. I will also detail specific times during a round that I faced difficult situations, how I handled them and what the outcome was. So please stay tuned.....

Pros: Improving your mindset will help you in golf, in life, in your relationship, at work, with your friends and many other situations. Controlling your anxiety and emotions while increasing your concentration is much needed in a round of golf. Robert will help your game!

Cons: It's not going to happen over-night. As your hear many Tour Pros say "It's a Process" however, your mind is easier to change than your golf swing is and that's a proven fact. 

Go Time Factor: If you want to improve in more ways than one, acquire a mindset that will last a Lifetime, Play better golf and have more fun doing it - The Mental Playbook should be your next investment. We know you will find Elite Minds and Robert above and beyond your expectations. 

Stay Tuned: We will update this review as I enter into The Champion Mindset Zone........ I want to see my scores improve by 4 or more per round!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Review High Heat 257+ Driver By Knuth Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Knuth Golf High Heat Driver 257+ Technology
Name of Manufacturer: Knuth Golf www.KnuthGolf.com

SAVE:   $125.00 on Drivers  - $66.00 on Fairway Woods  - $51.00 on Hybrids
Select:  GoTimeGolf.com when asked how you heard about High Heat Prior to Checkout!
Name of Product: High Heat 257+ Drivers with Premium Fujikura Shafts 
Overview:  We tested the Original High Heat Drivers in 2016 and that review can be found on our blog. Since that time the team at Knuth Golf  has been very busy trying to improve on what may have been the best driver on the market. Could they do it? Please keep reading and we are sure you will find out!

Here's more about Knuth Golf: Knuth Golf, Inc. was formed for the single purpose of developing outstanding high-quality golf clubs that are designed from the ground-up for the amateurs who have significantly different swing speeds and performance needs compared to Tour Pros in order to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game. 

Given these objectives, with Dean Knuth’s historic inventive nature and born out of his nearly 40 years of love for and commitment to amateur golf (see Dean Knuth's biography), he invented the Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies which were engineered into the 2015 High Heat driver named "best" for amateurs by several media, including Sports Illustrated, and by us.  Dean was named "The Top Innovator Of Golf In The Industry" by Golf, Inc. Magazine for his new Technologies.

Dean’s partner, Stephen Trattner, had been the USGA’s intellectual property attorney where he worked closely with Dean during his 16-year tenure at the USGA. Since then, Steve has been instrumental in the development and testing of Dean’s patented and patent pending technology in the High Heat driver.

As with Dean, Steve shares a deep commitment to the game of golf, which stems from his long representation of the USGA and several famous golf resorts, including among others Pebble Beach and Pinehurst.

When co-founder Dean Knuth invented the USGA Course and Slope Rating Systems, he learned amateurs would reduce their scores the most with increased greens in regulation (“GIRs”). But to accomplish this goal required clubs designed for them instead of Tour pros and such clubs had to be far more forgiving than any of the major brands. He decided to design such clubs.

That is why:
  • The original High Heat driver’s center of gravity was 25% deeper and 18% lower than any of the major brands for greater forgiveness resulting in more fairways, distance, and GIRs;
  • Their Optimal Center of Gravity Technology was named the “best of any new technology of any club” because you “do not need a physics degree to know how much this will help amateur golfers compared to the major brands,” wrote Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated;
  • Their original metal woods which they introduced in 2016-17 had titanium faces which provided much more distance and forgiveness for more GIRs and lower scores compared to any of the major brands which used steel faces. Steel faces have very little trampoline effect on off-center hits resulting in a significant loss of distance and is often the sole reason why amateurs' metal approach shots fall short of the green approximately 50% of the time, and unlike the Tour Pros end up with bogies or worse 80-90% of the time.
  • High Heat's original driver which we tested and loved and original metal woods were named every year the “best” by multiple media, and their customers raved about landing in more fairways, more distance, more GIRs and lower scores.
  • High Heat's  original technology was engineered into their High Heat 257+ drivers and metal woods which are now even much better for amateurs than major brands. That’s because they are the only clubs with a higher trampoline effect outside the center of the face, compared to the center of the face which is permitted by a 2016 USGA Equipment Rule Change.

  •  Knuth Golf's novel 3 Trampoline Technology creates additional distance on all shots outside the center of the face. So much so that it results in the ultimate forgiveness for the same distance across the face for increased driving and metal woods distances for far more GIRs. If you keep track of your scoring you know, like Dean found, more GIRs  result is much lower scores.
  • This novel 3-Trampoline Face Technology was called “the most significant new technology since the introduction of titanium faces almost 25 years ago,” by Tony Leodora of NBC Sports TV and ESPN radio. So, these clubs accomplished what others thought was impossible having more trampoline effect for more ball speed outside the center of the face compared to the center of the face. Independent media launch monitor tests and rave reviews by media, teaching pros and customers confirm the benefits of the award winning technologies.

  • Ultimate forgiveness for consistent distance across the face for each club;
  • “Average” distances coming close to your “best” distances unaided by wind;
  • Much more off-center driving distance so less need to lay up and having shorter approach shots to the green;
  • Increased accuracy for more fairways;
  • Consistently getting the ball up high in the air on your metal wood approach shots;
  • Increased metal wood distances and accuracy for more greens in regulation;
  • Approach shots that land softly on greens and do not roll off for more greens in regulation;
  • Line Up Mark to assist in hitting in the center of the face;
  • More confidence with these clubs;
  • More confidence in the rest of your game;
  • Lower scores;
  • Reduced handicap; and 
  • Much more fun.


Looks & Feel:  
The Look of The High Heat 257+ is very close to the model we tested a few years back.  With that said, it has a very appealing look, sets up to the ball as good as any in the industry and the "mirror" face is noticed by all. The black metallic head and white alignment guide are different than most but scream confidence when you are ready to tee off. Next, my first drive produced a sound like none other! A sound that says "You hit that one well" and everyone on the range took a look!  The sound remains the same on center struck drives and those out towards toe or heel. The Sound, The Sound, THE SOUND! - Everyone who tested this driver Loved The Sound almost as much as the driver. More on that in a bit!

Performance & Playability: Before you read on ask yourself (be Honest as I know you will) How Often do you hit the sweet spot on your current driver? If you hit more towards the toe or heel how much distance does that cost you? If you hit it a bit low on club face what happens? How many fairways do you hit per round on perfect sweet spot strikes? How many fairways do you miss? How much distance do you lose on mis-hit drives

So... Here's what all -- that's right ALL our testers found with this driver.

Hitting a ball low on the face had ZERO loss (some had gains) in distance. Hitting a ball on the toe or heel produced much straighter shots than their current driver with approximately the same great distance across the face. Flushed shots flew farther than their current driver with anywhere from 5-20 yards in distance gain because they are the only brand that has taken advantage of the new USGA rule. Kudos to them for designing a driver that will produce excellent results for the amateur golfer!

Innovation: It's obvious that Knuth Golf set out to design and develop top quality clubs that would deliver incredible results to amateur golfers. Their products are designed to be longer, straighter and more forgiving for amateurs with lower swing speed than the Tour Pros. That profile covers most of you who are reading this review and anyone looking to improve their game. 

Again, LONGER, STRAIGHTER & MORE FORGIVING! All of which I found to be 100% TRUE!

Technology: We are sure that you now understand that Technology is "The Driver Behind This Driver"!

Pros: There's finally a driver available for the amateur golfers that will allow you to hit more fairways with extra distance which means you should hit more greens and score better! Your mis-hits will go farther and straighter than your current driver - GUARANTEED! YES GUARANTEED! 

CONS: Only available on line - who cares you probably do the majority of shopping on line and it comes with a Full 30 Day Guarantee.

Go Time Golf Factor:  This one is simple - GET IT NOW and watch your game improve and your scores come down! We can't wait to test the 3 wood and hybrid! It's Go Time!

Tester Feedback:

Thomas (56) - This Driver out performs my current driver by a bunch. Gained about 10 yards on good hits, 20+ on all my mis-hits and kept the ball on the grid with all shots. Oh and the sound - I LOVE IT!

Marc (48) - I heard this driver being hit on range and had to see what was making that distinct sound of power. I was amazed at shots not in the center of the club face - you think you pured one until you look at where it was on the face. I hit a few bad drives but was surprised and happy with the results.

Garrett (31) - The High Heat 257+ launches the ball and is as forgiving as they get. Mis-hit? what mis-hit? If one of the major brands created this they would charge $850.00 for it. 
Worth its weight in Gold.

Ben (Won't Tell) - We all want distance.... We all want accuracy.... We all want more fairways...
Now, we all want High Heat! Does Nolan Ryan know about this driver?

Pat (51) - My driver is over 10 years old. I have tried many at golf stores and left my trusty TM in bag. Time to bury old trusty and step up to HH 257+. One Great Driver!

Kenny (42) - Love it, Love it, Love it! Now have to hide some cash from wife and get it!

Matt - (49) - If you want to improve you shots off the tee check this bad boy out ASAP. Great performing driver, looks awesome and delivers excellent results.

Stay Tuned as we add more tester feedback on the High Heat 257+ metal woods!!


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Go Time Golf - Review KBS C-Taper Lite Limited Edition Black Shafts

Go Time Golf Review: KBS C-Taper Lite Limited Edition Black Shafts

Tested: C-Taper Lite Limited Edition Black Shafts

Visit KBS GOLF SHAFTS at: https://kbsgolfshafts.com


Use Promo Code: COMING SOON

NOTE: Click on any photo and go directly to KBS's Site!

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Overview: I am a huge fan of KBS Shafts and have played their TOUR Series, TOUR 90s, HI-REV Wedge shafts and C-Taper Lites in the past. As my game changed (due to age and lack of playing), I found that the proper fitment and having the right shaft allowed me to gain distance, increase accuracy and improve my scores quickly. I recently received a set of Titleist AP3s Limited Edition Black Set of irons. They came stock with True Temper AMT (Ascending Mass Technology) Black Shafts. These shafts are not for me! I struggled with distance, accuracy and feel so they really didn't last long! Two rounds to be exact! I really wanted black shafts and began the search. My first stop was  KBS as I had C-Taper Lites in a set of Titleist I previously had in the bag and loved them! When I saw that they had them available in a "Limited Edition Black" I immediately placed the order! Now the waiting game to get them and then have them installed by the team at Hot Stix...

From KBS: The C-Taper Lite shaft incorporates proven KBS performance benefits in a lighter weight design. Featuring a constant taper design and proportionate increase in wall thickness, the KBS C-Taper Lite optimizes energy transfer for maximum distance.

KBS Shafts are made for every kind of golfer, from amateurs to professionals. Find your fit on our site or by any of our fitting partners to see which KBS shaft fits your game.

Have you heard of the KBS Golf Shafts Golf Experience in Carlsbad, CA? It's a new way to look at fitting: any head, any brand, shafted with KBS shafts that work for you. They have more shaft options than you could imagine. 

"At the core of KBS is a dedication to shaft fitting. We offer a product for every level of golfer from juniors to Tour professionals."


1. Choose your shaft
2. Choose you colors
3. Choose your finish
4. Choose you sticker
5. Review your shaft
6. Select Flex
7. Select quantity
8. Purchase
Click below to get started!

Review by Go Time Golf:

Looks: Let's start with the "stealth" look of the "Limited Edition Black" C-Taper Lite Shafts. They scream custom, minimize any glare in the sunny Arizona climate and are the center of attention when you pull a club out of the bag. I had mine finished off with a set of Golf Pride MCC (New Decade MultiCompound) white and black grips of course! A Huge Thank You to the team at Hot Stix for setting these up to perfection - spined, soft stepped once, tipped to add a little stiffness, 1/4 inch longer and labels down. Let's see what the results are - after everything is dry!

Feel: The first wedge shot told me these were far superior shafts (for me) compared to what I removed from the AP3s. They have an extremely "smooth" feel all the way through the swing. I can feel the shaft releasing energy through impact and for me the weight is spot on for my swing. As I continue to hit all my irons I notice much of the same feel from my wedge to 4 iron. These shafts are very consistent regardless of what club is in your hand. If you miss one off the toe or heel they tell you in a subtle way verses sending a tremor through your body. While I'm in love with them - you may prefer a shaft that's heavier, has more/less spin, higher/lower trajectory or a different feel that's why KBS has many others to choose from!

Performance/Playability: I prefer a little higher ball flight and really wanted a bit more distance throughout the bag. The KBS C-Taper Lites delivered both! I added 6-8 yards per club (from stock shafts) and I was at my desired trajectory with every iron. These shafts are very accurate/consistant and my little draw was going where I wanted it to. While the range was fun I couldn't wait to hit the course to see what they do under pressure in a skins game! I specifically keep track of what club I hit into greens when I play. I had my 4-GW fit with these shafts and I hit 11 of 13 greens in round one! In round two much of the same hitting 12 of 14 greens with the same clubs. This is a one to three greens in regulation improvement from prior shafts. Overall after just two rounds I am extremely impressed and happy with the performance of the KBS C-Taper Lite Shafts. I will be swapping out my other wedges next to KBS Shafts.

In our opinion KBS is The Leader in golf shaft innovation and technology and has been for a Long Time. Their shafts have wins on every Professional Golf Tour and continue to win Tournaments! They have shafts to suit everyone's game with various weights, trajectories, spin rates and more. KBS constantly introduces new shafts to the public that provide the latest technology and materials. Whether it's irons, wedges, putters, graphite or limited edition shafts you are looking for - KBS Golf Shafts has you covered! 

VERY SIMPLE - PLAYER DRIVEN. TOUR PROVEN. KBS Golf Shafts has a shaft that will improve your game. They are available at most fitting facilities (if not visit theirs), most club manufactures offer them as a stock or custom option and for you CUSTOM freaks like me they have you covered!

Cons: NONE - I repeat NONE!

Go Time Factor: It's Go Time! Hit More Greens, Dial in your Trajectory & Spin, find the Perfect Shaft Weight, Gain some Distance, Improve your Accuracy, Customize your Shafts and Lower Your Scores with KBS Golf Shafts!

CONTACT US AT: Theteam@gotimegolf.com

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Review MLA Golf XDream Putter - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: MLA Golf Tour XDream Putter

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Tested: Tour XDream Putter - 36" Counter Balanced with SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 CounterCore

Visit MLA Golf at: www.mla.golf

Current Promo: SAVE 10% On ALL SERIES PUTTERS & Add Any Accessory with 10% OFF!

Use Promo Code: GOTIMEGOLF10PC  (Valid through November 30, 2016)

Overview: We were invited to test a MLA Putter and chose the Tour XDream in 36 inch with a SuperStroke CounterCore grip. When we received the putter we were extremely impressed with the look and quality. MLA which stands for Multiple Line-detector Activation is a new patented technology that goes into all of their putters. We were intrigued with this technology and could't wait to roll some putts. The XDream comes with changeable weights (5/10/15 grams) to dial in the exact head weight that you prefer. We set our's up with 15 grams in the toe and heal to provide a stable heavier feel to go with the 50 gram CounterCore that goes with the SuperStroke grip. I have always been a straight back straight through putter and this set-up provided exactly what I was looking for!
I felt confident standing over this MLA Putter before I rolled any putts with it! That's a great feeling and I was hoping the results of my test would would be great as well. MLA Golf has a number of Pros using their equipment including Barry Lane, Phillip Golding, Jean-Luc Burnier, Clara Pietri, Seth Trolia and more coming soon! Read On.......

MLA Golf States: About Us: MLA Golf is fast establishing itself as a global player in high-performance golf clubs and equipment, with a strong reputation for innovation and quality.
From its headquarters in Switzerland – a country renowned for precision engineering – MLA Golf is planning an expansion into the U.S. in 2016. And with world-class products that can compete in most market, preparations to enter Japan and China in the coming years are firmly underway.
With its pioneering Multiple Line-detector Activation alignment technology, MLA Golf Putters and Irons are designed in Sweden using leading academic research. Whatever your playing level, you now have everything you need to reach success on even the most demanding courses. MLA Golf never compromises on quality, prioritizing genuine improvements to your game ahead of beautiful design – your clubs will not just look great, but give you the edge for years to come.

The breakthrough MLA Aim Technology, and the research that goes into our clubs, make the green more accessible with every swing and every putt. It’s no wonder that more and more acclaimed golfers across the world are switching to MLA Golf and feeling the difference for themselves.
Now it’s your turn.

The MLA Concept: 

MLA (Multiple Line-detector Activation) is the new patented alignment technology that will revolutionize your putting. This is how it works…

We all have internal guides to compare and analyze sensory information that control pace and direction of putts. The MLA putters are designed to take advantage of these guides. MLA Putters worked with Dr. Lennart Högman, Ph.D. Dr. Högman has studied the perceptual process for more than 20 years and has performed studies that have revised the science between the human’s perceptions and the human being’s motor skills.
He says: “An alignment system that acts upon multiple line detectors is a key to obtain veridical motion perception and a perfect in-line stroke surface.”
The brain consists of 100,000 line detectors that are divided into a number of groups that help us decide what is straight. A simple line, for example, activates a group of detectors. When several groups of detectors are activated, these help the brain to make correct judgments.
However, the more line detectors that are stimulated will not automatically lead to a better line judgment. On the contrary, this can create a “competition” between the line detectors that will lead to different degrees of (so called) optical illusions, as shown in the illustrations below (front and perspective views). MLA is developed to activate the maximum number of coordinated detectors for optimal aiming judgment. 
All of this leads to a putter that delivers results!

Go Time Golf Testing Session: Again, I will state that The MLA XDream Putter exudes confidence before rolling any putts! MLA Golf has done a phenomenal job with every aspect of their products. We were impressed with the looks, finish, paint fill, shaft, head, grip, alignment system and everything else. This putter is face balanced to perfection and the adjustable weight system allows even further personal preference customization. I purposely left my Scotty Cameron Futura X Counter Balanced putter at home. I wanted to be sure that the MLA XDream had my undivided attention for this session. I spent the first 10 minutes rolling putts to various holes to get a better feel for this putter. Honestly, after about 5 putts I felt like this was going to be a great session! The XDream felt incredibly comfortable in my hands, it produced straight back straight through stroke stable stroke and aligning it was easier than any putter I have ever used! My testing included 10 putts each from 4, 8, 15, 30 and 50 feet. 
So let the testing begin! I found a very straight 4 foot putt and used 3 balls at a time going through my entire routine prior to each putt. I will say that from this distance I am typically automatic. I wasn't surprised when I made 10 of 10 from this distance with The MLA XDream putter.
Now on to an 8 foot putt that once again was a straight putt. From this distance the results were a very impressive 9 out of 10 putts made. The putt I missed was a ball short tracking at the center of the cup! I knew as soon as I hit it that I decelerated a bit but it actually went farther than I thought it would. 
Next I moved on to a 15 foot putt that had about a cup and a half of left to right break in it according to the read I got using The HoleOut Method. The MLA XDream continued to impress me as I made 7 out of 10 putts from this distance which is well above my average. No 3 putts yet either!
It's time for some 30 footers with about 18 inches of right to left break. This may be where the MLA XDream separated itself from other putters in a big way. The distance control and line was incredible. I drained 3 of 10 putts from this distance, lipped out 2 and the worse putt was 2.5 feet from the hole. NO 3 putts!
As I moved on to a 50 footer with 3-4 feet of right to left break (depending on speed) I didn't want to put this putter down! This putt was flat for the first 30 feet and then went down hill with the break in the last 6 feet of the putt. Again thanks to the HoleOut Method for the awesome read! From this distance I made 1 of 10 and lipped one out with No 3 putts. I did have 2 run by the hole a bit but made the come backers from 4-5 feet. I would say that anything from that distance is a "That's Good" in my mind. I then decided to see what my results would be out of 50 putts mainly because I was in Love with the MLA Dream putter! Out of the 50 - 50 footers I made 4, lipped 9 and had ZERO 3 putts. Stellar Results!
I decided to test how heal and toe putts roll off the face of this putting machine. Every putt came off the face with the same roll as a center struck putt. Even when I missed the "Sweet Spot" by a ball either way the putt maintained it's line and distance! That's Impressive! 

Pros: MLA Golf has changed the future of putter technology. The XDream is one of the most forgiving and accurate hi-tech putters I have ever rolled. MLA Putters are extremely high quality and are sold at a very fair price. I believe that their technology will make any level golfer a better putter!

Cons: MLA Golf Putters are available mainly on line as they partner with retailers world wide. We hope to see them everywhere soon!

Go Time Factor: The MLA Golf XDream is in my bag and my Scotty is out! It' GO TIME! We look forward to testing their other putters, irons, apparel, bags and accessories soon!

Tester Reviews: Coming Soon!