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Monday, August 1, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: HoleOut PerfecTee

Go Time Golf Review: HoleOut Golf PerfecTee

Visit HoleOutGolf at:  www.HoleOut.com

Overview: Most golfers utilize the basic wood tees on the range and the course. Why? Our guess is they have for years and just don't realize that there are tees that have incorporated technology into one of the most used items in golf. Some companies have used new materials (ditched the wood) to build a longer lasting tee. Other companies have altered the head of the tee for numerous purposes including better ball flight, anti-hook/slice and many more reasons. HoleOut Golf has created a tee that won't catch a dimple on the ball, impart any unwanted spin on the ball and appears to last forever!

HoleOut Golf States: With its patented Diamond Shape Shaft, the ball launches like a dream while the tee slices beautifully through the turf. It's like "Hitting Off Air."

Ergonomically designed, it feels 'positive' while teeing it up. And PerfecTee™ won't catch a dimple, won't impart any unwanted spin.  And on top of all that:
This tee will last round after round. You'll likely lose it before you break it, as it's made from a unique super-tuff polymer. Which also makes it very environmentally friendly (besides pocket-friendly.)
Hey, it's called PerfecTee™ for a reason:
  • USGA Conforming.
  • Front supports can't engage dimples for unwanted side-spin. Other tees can grab dimples.
  • Virtually friction-free launch with a stable platform for easy teeing.
  • Ergonomically designed, it feels great in the hand when teeing up that drive.
  • Diamond shaft cuts through the turf, doesn't easily bend through impact.
  • Driver Impact Pad takes the abuse drive after drive.
  • Environmentally friendly, 1 tee can outlast an entire bag of wood tees.

Go Time Golf States: This is our first test involving a tee and yes I am one of those golfers that has used wood tees all my life. I do buy the variety pack full of colors though! You never know when you might want to match. I am also one of those golfers who may go through 5-10 tees per round depending on the hardness of the turf I am teeing it up on or the tees that get launched to the only place near the tee box where they just can't be found! My loss someone else's gain. I hope they like the Go Time Green ones! 
So let the testing begin! First, I will point out that I typically use a 3 1/4" tee and currently The PerfecTee comes in 2 3/4" only but HoleOut is working on a second length tee. I always use the logo on the ball to point at the intended line I wish to hit the shot on. I found that at first it was tricky to get things lined up because the "shaft" of the tee isn't round. After just a few Drivers on the range this was an easy fix. I also quickly noticed that because the tee isn't round it doesn't fly all over the place! I typically found it within a foot of where the shot was hit from. I also shared The PerfecTee with my playing partners and their feedback was very similar! Now, Off to the course!

Go Time Testing Session: I will start by saying that our entire foursome was using The PerfecTee for 2 days of 18 each day. As far as teeing it up the ground penetrating tip works like a charm and the diamond shape shaft makes it extremely easy to tee up even in firm conditions. I also believe that the shape of the shaft is what reduces the PerfecTee from launching into another time zone. The next thing you will notice is that there is very little contact between the ball and the tee. This drastically reduces the amount of spin on the ball. One of our testers had a fair amount of left to right in his ball flight and The PerfecTee cut it in half. Can a tee really do that? It did for him 2 days in a row and probably saved him 6-8 shots over the 2 rounds. I found The PerfecTee INDESTRUCTIBLE! Just for the record I played 36 holes of golf all with the same tee as did all but 1 of my playing partners who lost one while in the golf cart! 

Pros: The PerfecTee is a tee filled with technology, reduces unwanted spin, will last forever and may take shots off of your score. I'm not sure you could ask for more out of a tee! If so, please let us and HoleOut Golf know!

Cons: There are mainly available on-line now so you won't find them at Golf Courses or Retail Outlets just yet. Be sure to ask your local merchant and pro shop to start carrying all HoleOut Products, if they're not already, because they work! Also, they only come in 2 3/4" at this time but a longer tee is in the works so stay tuned!

Go Time Factor: I always thought a tee was a tee until The PerfecTee. You really need to try this tee and see for yourself. Hell, one box (8) may last you a lifetime! One of our Testers actually gave a "used" tee away! 
As we have seen HoleOut Golf has designed, created and brought some Fabulous Products to The Golf World!
Next up for our testing is The HoleOut Golf HoleOut Pro and HoleOut Method which may be the best way to Read Greens... PERIOD!

We thank HoleOut Golf for their Partnership and encourage all golfers to check out all of their fantastic products!

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We will be adding our Tester's Feedback as they come in!
If you are interested in becoming a tester for future products Join Go Time Golf and get your name on our list!
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Kristy Wright: I tested the tee today and it was great. 1 tee ,the entire round and did not break or bend. It went into the ground with ease and I had no trouble with it. This tee could save anyone money with its durability and usability. I would definitely recommend to anyone. My drives went straight and far and I was impressed with how easy it was to use. I will be using this tee myself and hopefully get some for my kids as well. 

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