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Monday, July 18, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: HoleOut Golf AntiSway Pro

Go Time Golf Review: HoleOut Golf

Product: AntiSway Pro

Visit HoleOut Golf at: www.HoleOut.com

OVERVIEW: Many golfers struggle with swaying on their back swing which leads to loss of power, inaccurate golf shots, sore backs and the inability to build a consistent/repeatable golf swing. One of the first things an instructor looks for in a golf swing is turning against a solid right leg (right handed golfers). They like to see your left shoulder turn and be over your right leg at the top of your swing. aka: a solid coil! This is difficult to accomplish if a golfer sways. HoleOut Golf's AntiSway Pro is here to help all you swayers! Read on if you wish to coil instead of sway!

HoleOut Golf States: If you're the #1 golfer in the world, it might not be for you. But for everyone else, AntiSway Pro could be the best lesson you ever take..
Pros don't sway (unless your name is Bubba), but amateurs do. Sway might be the most common cause of mis-hits and less than perfect ball contact.
  • AntiSway Pro is simple and instantly effective.
  • Get the foundation of every great player in history.
  • Hitting balls is not required.
  • Works in the living room.
  • Warm up every time with AntiSway Pro and you will play better.
  • Doesn't alter your stance while providing feedback.
  • Adjusts to every golfer and every stance.
  • Fits easily in your golf bag

Go Time Golf States: HoleOut Golf's AntiSway Pro is a product that gives you instant feedback on what your back leg is doing during the golf swing. It can quickly be assembled for a right or left handed golfer, will fit you regardless of your size and is extremely easy to adjust to another golfer if need be. This is because the owner of HoleOut Golf has an extensive background in engineering. We have noticed that all the products we tested are well constructed, easy to use and are filled with technology to last and improve your golf game! All of their products come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. 

Our Testing Session: The first time I utilized the AntiSway Pro was actually in my office. I was swinging my Orange Whip Swing Trainer (as I do daily) and noticed I was swaying a bit. This is most likely due to the weight of the Orange Whip. So, I put the AntiSway Pro and immediately felt that I was coiling more and if I started to sway there was instant feedback from the AntiSway Pro! We recommend that if you are using any swing trainers, weighted clubs or just swinging a club at home to use your AntiSway Pro! Golf is based on muscle memory and the AntiSway Pro gives you the feedback you need to STOP SWAYING! Another thing I really like about this product is when you put your foot in it, your foot is slightly weighted (see above photo) on the inside. This is an excellent position for your rear foot to be in on your back swing!
Next it was off to the range. We don't recommend hitting balls with the AntiAway Pro but we felt that it was important to go through your "Loosen Up Session" with it. I did hit a number of easy wedges with it on and the results were extremely favorable. We did have one player (right handed) who tends to "hang back" on his right side. We actually adjusted the AntiSway Pro, put it on his left foot and had him make some practice swings. Within a few swings he was transferring his weight to his left foot like a pro! The player told us that he can feel the "arms" on the outside of his left foot and knows he isn't hang back! He went on to shoot the best score ever (by 4 strokes) on the track we played! I'm not sure that HoleOut Golf thought of this when they developed the AntiSway Pro but it is another application for this great device!

Pros: The AntiSway Pro is easy to assemble, fits in your bag, is fully adjustable to fit any size golfer and either foot. It gives instant feedback on if you are swaying or coiling over your back leg. It allows you to make swings anywhere and with almost any swing training device. The AntiSway Pro is priced well and will help everyone's golf game. STOP SWAYING NOW!

Cons: This HoleOut Golf product is only available on line. HoleOut Golf is working on getting their products into retailers as we write this review. Stay Tuned!

Go Time Factor: It's Go Time for the AntiSway Pro! We also highly recommend all of their other products that we have tested!


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Visit Go Time Golf at: GoTimeGolf.com

We have a number of testers using all of their products and will post their comments soon!

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