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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Go Time Golf - Review: HoleOut PerfecTowel

Go Time Golf Review: HoleOut Golf PerfecTowel

Company Site: www.holeout.com

Product Tested: The PerfecTowel

Overview: I believe that the majority of golfers have a towel on their bag and use it every time they hit the range or tee it up! Towels come in numerous shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Some towels have outstanding looks, others clean your equipment well (and show it on towel) and some are used to wipe the sweat off you face and hands on those hot days. I think we have found the most functional towel on the market in the PerfecTowel. Time to read on...

Pros: This has to be one of the "MOST FUCTIONAL" Towels on the market. You simply snap it on your putter shaft (hard to lose that way), it has 3 wet (retains water very well) and 3 dry sides, the middle has a stitched membrane in it for cleaning those clubs/grips (see picture below) that you give a workout to on the range. The PerfecTowel is the perfect size (won't drag or get caught in cart wheels), made of high quality materials and solves the issue of carrying multiple towels to cover all your needs. It's a brilliant invention and has earned the name The PerfecTowel!

Cons: You will have to order all of HoleOut's Golf products on line. They are starting the process of adding retailers as we write this review. We would encourage all retailers and pro shops to consider carrying their entire line of products.

Performance/Playability: The HoleOut PerfecTowel performed extremely well. I typically clean my clubs after every shot. This was easy because the towel was attached to my putter in my bag. I simply cleaned the club and at times the grips and returned them to my bag. On the green I would go through my normal routine, remove the PerfecTowel from my putter, clean the ball and loop The PerfecTowel to my center rear belt loop. After I putted out I returned the towel to my putter. There was no looking for my towel, leaving it behind (I have lost a number of other towels) and it was ready for it's next use on my putter! I did wash the towel after 36 holes and it maintained it's look and the stitched in membrane was exactly as it was prior to washing. A Winning Towel!

Go Time Golf Factor: You know it - It's Go Time! Stay tuned for our review on their other products:
- AntiSway  - HoleOut Pro   - PerfecTee

KRISTY WRIGHT: The towel was easy to use. You can. Carry on yourself or putter. I loved the wet and dry side and the ability to clean clubs on the inside as to not dirty up where I wipe my hands. I used this towel in muggy conditions and wiped everything on it and worked great. The material is very durable and I will be carrying this towel for quite awhile. 

Thank you for allowing me to test these. They were all great and easy to use. Great products. 
We sent a number of The PerfecTowels out to members and their reviews/comments will be added soon!

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