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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Pure Grips - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Pure Grips 
Name of Manufacturer: Pure Grips PureGrips.com
Name of Product: Pure Grips Pure Pro
Tested: Pure Pro Grips
Overview: PURE Grips want golfers to experience the feeling of hitting a perfect shot more often. That’s why they applied the latest technology to the one place where golfers connect with their clubs – The grip!
We contacted PURE Grips and they wanted to be sure that I had the opportunity to test numerous grips so they sent us a set of their DTX, P2 Wraps and my favorite PURE PROS.
Pros: PURE Grips have an excellent variety of Grips to choose from and all are available in different sizes (standard/mid-size) as well. Their color options are second to none! Most grips are available in 12 (YES TWELVE) colors and if that’s not enough go ahead and customize color and text for your next set of grips!
Cons: Decisions, decisions and decisions to choose a grip that’s perfect for you. Unfortunately, not all retailers carry PURE Grips (they should) but they make shopping easy with their on-line store.
Performance/Playability: The PURE PRO grips have an excellent firm feel, provide maximum feedback and were a great replacement for the half-cord/half-rubber grips I used in the past. These grips provide a very pleasing “TACKY” feel that last a long time due to being constructed of 100% rubber. This is a high quality player’s grip.
Innovation: PURE Grips innovative injection mold process uses their proprietary rubber to create a durable, tacky and long lasting grip. Also, PURE Grips blend of rubber is water resistant, dries faster and retains its’ tackiness in wet conditions.
Technology: PURE Grips has found a way to develop quality grips in various colors and sizes at an excellent price. We also love their installation process as it requires no adhesive tapes, solvents and grips can be replaced in much less time than conventional grips. Therefore, clubs can be used immediately after installation utilizing nothing but “air pressure” technology.
Looks & Feel: PURE Grips have an extremely classy look and the feel is as good as any grip I’ve played. If you enjoy grips in various colors you won’t be disappointed. I had a tough decision in selecting which grips to put on my sticks! The DTX (PURE Grips/Hank Haney collaboration) also has an extremely solid feel and is a perfect match for those who prefer cord grips! We recommend testing this model as well!

Go Time Golf Factor: PURE Grips is a fabulous company, producing high quality products at very fair prices. Their grips are manufactured in the USA which allows them maintain a high level of quality. I have only had my PURE Pros on for a few weeks but they are top quality, great feeling, awesome looking grips that provide maximum feedback on every shot. I am especially pleased with the “tackiness” of these grips and how secure they feel in your hands. I believe that if you were playing in a wet climate or during a rainstorm these grips would be far superior to any grips on the market. We highly recommend that you re-grip with PURE Grips and send us your feedback. We do have one of our Pros testing the P2 Wraps and will post his review next! It’s GO TIME for PURE Grips!
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