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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: Pill Golf Training Ball - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review The Pill Training Ball

Name of Manufacturer: The Pill Golf   ThePillGolf.com

Name of Product: The Pill Training Ball

Overview: We’ve seen this training aid on the practice greens at several PGA events and it really sparked our interest. At first we thought, is it possible to put a good roll on a ball that the ends have been chopped off? Is this a gimmick? So we contacted The Pill Golf and put it through the test! Read on!

Pros: The Pill Ball gives you instant feedback on how “pure” you rolled a putt. You can also give 2 Pill Balls a roll and identify what the face of the putter is doing at impact. It may be used on the greens or at home on your floor. Wait there’s more… you can hit chips, pitches, bunker shots and full shots too!

Cons: If you take it to the course EVERYONE on the putting green will ask you to try it! Also, if you’re warming up before a round, allow a little extra time to line up every putt – more on that later.

Performance & Playability: It’s incredible! I started with putts and the feedback was instant. I’m a “straight back straight through putter” and if I pushed, pulled, had putter face open or closed, I could instantly see the results in the way The Pill Ball rolled. After “perfecting” The Pill on the green I began chipping and pitching The Pill Balls. Wow! What an experience and fabulous feedback. Then I gave some sand shots a go. Lay it flat or upright to identify various ways to improve your bunker play.

Innovation: OK, so we have a ball that the ends were cut off. Right? True. However, The Pill Balls are a 2-piece design with a Surlyn cover (extremely durable) and a soft compression core. Most of all it WORKS!

Technology: The Pill Balls have full-range capabilities. They’re built with the same materials used in the majority of golf balls that are currently on the market. From putting to full shots, The Pill Ball will handle them all and retain their performance.

Looks & Feel: Obviously looking down at The Pill Ball takes some time to get used to, but it feels like the same ball that you’ll putt with on the first green.

Go Time Golf Factor: Earlier, I said if you’re warming up with The Pill Ball allow for some extra time in your routine. Routine… that’s another key to this training aid! The Pill Ball forces you to find the line on your putts, align the ball exactly where it needs to start, align the putter square to the ball/line, and focus on making a great stroke! The Pill Ball is more than a putting aid – it’s a routine builder that breeds confidence.

Summary: Originally we were going to give The Pill Warm-up Set (supplied for review) away – now we’re having second thoughts! They may need to send us more! When I tested The Pill Ball at least 20 golfers were extremely curious and asked to try it. First they set it up and hit their putts. Next, I could see their focus change and they set the line, squared putter face, and attempted to put a smooth stroke on every putt. All of which are key to becoming a great putter. Currently there are many Pros using The Pill Ball and I would expect as the company adds marketing dollars that number will grow quickly. I would highly suggest that you give this product a go and if I were a Golf Instructor at any level I would add The Pill to my list of Training Aids immediately! IT’s GO TIME for The Pill that improves your game! Stay tuned for some giveaways even if we have to purchase them!

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