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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review: Antigua Golf Apparel - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Name of Manufacturer: Antigua Performance Apparel www.Antigua.com

Name of Product:  Antigua Men’s Outerwear

Tested: Haze Half-Zip Long Sleeve

Overview: We have been waiting for Antigua to announce their 2015 Lineup and receive some samples of their new Men’s Golf Outerwear to test. The wait is over!  Antigua sent us a variety of products and most with the Go Time Golf logo on them. 
Here’s what Antigua stated in their recent press release.

The Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand – has introduced its Antigua Spring 2015 Men’s Golf Outerwear Collection that builds on previous successes in the category. 
“The Spring 2015 Men’s Golf Outerwear Collection is the focal point of Antigua’s ever-expanding lightweight golf outerwear,” says Ron McPherson, President and CEO of Antigua. “Technology advancements have included new lightweight functional fabrics, making the design potential limitless. And golf outerwear has been crossing over to daily wear use, which has helped grow the category.”
For 2015, half-zip pullovers like Asset are available in a range of deep-yet-colorful heather shades complemented with brighter tonal sleeve taping and contrasting placket zippers. It can easily become a cool weather everyday wear garment, given its wide range of color options.
Our Testing: Our test took place in Scottsdale, AZ where the temperature was high 40s when I arrived at the course, low 50s when I teed off and low 60s when my round was complete. The wind ranged from 5-15 mph and it was an extremely overcast day. Cold for Arizona standards!

Pros: The Antigua Men’s Golf Outerwear (HAZE) I tested performed so well that it quickly moved to the top of my list. The fit, style, warmth, look and performance throughout the golf swing are all reasons why Antigua is the apparel of choice for many PGA Pros. 

Cons: I just couldn’t find any! If I had to “stretch” it would be that all retailers may not carry Antigua Golf Apparel but everything is available on line.

Performance & Playability: When it comes to outerwear I am an extremely picky person. I am a huge fan of half - zip products and prefer them versus full zip products. All Outerwear should allow you to be flexible based on the temperature that you’re teeing it up in. So, if you want a thermo shirt, polo, tee shirt or nothing as a base layer your Outerwear should accommodate all. Antigua is by far the best in this category. They provide comfort and warmth with all. Next, I demand that my outerwear allows me to make my normal golf swing without any restrictions from address to follow through. Antigua performed extremely well in this area and convinced me that outerwear can keep you comfortable in the cold and allow you to execute a complete golf swing without restricting your movement!

Innovation: Antigua Apparel is constantly looking for ways to improve all of their products while maintaining the necessary elements that Golfers find important. Their 2015 “line-up” has delivered products that all golfers will find value, style and performance in. I am extremely interested in testing the Skill their new half-sleeve wind shirt!

Technology: Antigua Apparel is dedicated to providing the highest quality, lightweight, fashionable, technologically advanced, performance outerwear available for Golfers worldwide. They are constantly testing new materials that provide golfers optimal performance/protection based on the conditions they face in any weather. This is what you would expect from a company that is committed to bringing the best apparel to the game of golf!

Looks & Feel: We Thank Antigua for taking the time to add our logo to the Haze Outerwear they sent us. They perfectly matched our logo to with the accents colors (side band & stitching) that were on the shirt. I received numerous compliments that day and they continue whenever I have it on! When it comes to feel this product has it all! I absolutely love the feel, warmth, performance and style of Antigua’s creation. Well Done Team Antigua – Well Done!

Go Time Golf Factor: This one is easy! If you are looking for all-around great outerwear products look no further – it’s time to try Antigua Golf Apparel! I look forward to testing more of their products and we will post another review on Women’s Outerwear as soon as Michelle completes her testing! Please stay tuned for contests that will include a variety of Antigua Golf’s products! It’s GO TIME!


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