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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Jugz Eyewear - Go Time Golf

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Review: Jugz Eyewear  www.JugzStore.com

Name of Manufacturer: Jugz Eyewear “Because Everyone Loves a Nice Pair”!
Name of Product: Sun Glasses - various styles & lens
Overview: Jugz Eyewear is rising in popularity. They are expanding into the Golf market and will soon be a force to be reckoned with. The pairs I tested were made in Italy and the quality was visible. We gave their eyewear a go on the golf course and were rather impressed with the results!
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Glare Free
  • Trendy Appearance
  • Numerous Styles to choose from
  • Excellent for reading Greens
Cons: While we were impressed with Jugz Eyewear we can’t wait to see more Golf style frames and lenses
Performance/Playability: The Jugz Eyewear we tested performed extremely well! Their products cut all glare (Polarized), protected the eyes, were very comfortable, assisted in reading greens, and others in my group were intrigued with the style/brand.
Innovation: I’m sure that Jugz Eyewear has a limited budget for R&D but Mark (owner/founder) has done his homework. Jugz products are quality built and contain as good of a lens as you can find for a very reasonable price.
Technology: Jugz is not as technically advanced as some of the well-known brands of eyewear but our testing proved that they compete with any brand!
Looks & Feel: While testing I had 14 folks ask me about Jugz Eyewear and that was 1 day on the course. I love the look and feel of this product and now own a number of pairs!

Go Time Summary: If you're seeking trendy, comfortable, quality, and great eyewear for on and off the course – look no further and give Jugz Eyewear a go! You won’t be disappointed!

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