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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Orange Whip Trainer - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Orange Whip Swing Trainer Go Time Members Save $10.00

Name of Manufacture: Orange Whip Trainer   OrangeWhipTrainer.com

Name of Product: The Orange Whip Trainer
Overview: I'm sure you've seen this training aid on the practice range at several PGA events and I personally owned one several years ago until my son kindly forgot to return it to my bag. The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is the premier way to Get Ready To Play! 
I had the honor of meeting with Jim Hackenberg, the founder of Orange Whip, to get a complete education on their entire lineup of products. Jim has an enormous Passion for The Game and wants to help every golfer at every level improve their game. We introduced Jim to the team at Peter Kostis Golf Academy and immediately Jim furnished them with various Orange Whip Products to test and use at their sessions. 

They offer: 47.5"/1.75lbs, mid-size 43.5/1.70lbs, Compact 39.5/1.60lbs, Junior 38"/1.30lbs, The Orange Peel and The Orange Whip Putting Wand!
Orange Whip States: Every golfer wants to play better golf. The problem is that their athletic ability is often underutilized, affecting their power and consistency on the golf course. Orange Whip has created products that accelerate the learning process by providing swing feedback that you cannot get from your golf clubs. You have heard the golf terms rhythm, balance, tempo, and timing. Orange Whip delivers a feeling to these words, achieving our mission: to help every golfer find their best golf swing possible.
Now, it's Go Time for our review on the 47.5"/1.75lb Orange Whip Trainer.
Pros: The Orange Whip Swing Trainer can be used anywhere to build a better swing, optimize tempo, increase flexibility, improve balance and ingrain a proper swing through muscle memory. The feedback is immediate and it's simple to use! 

Cons: The 47.5" Orange Whip Trainer weighs in at 1.75lbs and may not be great for everyone due to length and weight. However, we are sure one of their other models will be excellent for you! Also, at first, extended use of The Orange Whip may cause muscle soreness the first few days!
Performance & Playability: The first few swings with The Orange Whip will make you notice it's heavy, has "whip" to it, has a grip "counter weight" and really gets you moving forward on your front foot to a full finish. The Orange Whip is a perfect way to get loose and engage all the muscles needed in a great golf swing. It will increase your shoulder turn and deliver you to a "pro" position on your follow-thru. Once warmed up the our focus moved to a balanced and in tempo swing. Orange Whip provides numerous exercises to build a better golf swing and there are many videos available as well. We found that making left handed golf swings was both challenging and fun. However, after a few days my swing was noticeably better which says a lot about the product. If a right handed golfer can produce a semi smooth swing left handed just think what this product would do for a new golfer!

Innovation: Jim and The Orange Whip Team have spent years perfecting this product! They have tested different materials, flexes, weights, grips and more. I believe that their current lineup of products are second to none!
Looks & Feel: When you first swing an Orange Whip it may feel awkward, look different and make it hard to complete a "perfect" swing. That's GREAT - it's the Swing Trainer telling you that your swing needs some help! I gave it to a higher handicap player that has an extreme problem hanging back on his right foot in his golf swing. After 15 minutes of using The Orange Whip he went back to his clubs - his balance and finish position was much better! He said "I have fought that issue for many years and can't believe that The Orange Whip taught me the feeling of transferring my weight in just 15 minutes"! 
That's The Real Feeling we are talking about!

Go Time Golf Factor: Of all the Swing Trainers I have tested the Orange Whip has stayed in my bag! I use it at home, pre-round, share it with friends and encourage you to give it a Go! You will be happy you did! It's GO TIME! Hands down one of the best training aids available! Try it - Buy it - Get Ready To Play... BETTER!
PS- be sure it's still in your bag at the end of the day especially if you're teeing it up with anyone that you let try it!

Next Review - Orange Whip's Orange Peel! Stay Tuned!

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