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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Review: Major Chase Golf Glove - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review     www.GoTimeGolf.com

Name of Manufacturer: Major Chase www.MajorChase.com

Name of Product:  Major Chase 100% Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather

Tested: Major Chase Golf Glove

Overview: We were referred to Bob Rosberg (owner) of Major Chase through a member of Go Time Golf. After talking to Bob it was obvious that he has a deep passion for golf and for his products. As he stated "Major Chase is "The Glove The Players Love to Wear".
They offer 60, yes I said, 60 sizes in their Custom square or oval logo gloves. They can handle any size orders and allow clients to order an assortment of sizes. After doing some research we began our partnership. I couldn't wait to get the Go Time Golf Custom Logo 100% Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather Gloves! 
So, now it's Go Time at the course to put their product through the testing!

Looks: After sending our logo to Major Chase we couldn't wait to see the final product! When we opened the box.... we were extremely excited! The logo looked awesome, it was a great representation of our brand and we immediately sent/gave them to our members for their feedback. Major Chase Delivered!

Innovation: Major Chase spent a long time looking for the right material, right logo process, right feel, right durability, right price and much more before they made a decision to enter into the golf glove market. Bob also explained that he personally bought many gloves on the market to determine how Major Chase Gloves could be better than all! I believe they are on track to become The Custom Glove of Choice for Golfers and Companies who are looking to grow their brand with a great product!

Performance & Playability: When it comes to gloves everyone wants a great feel when your hand meets the club and Major Chase provides just that! The thickness of the glove plays an important role in how the glove feels and obviously in the durability of the glove. We found that the Major Chase glove had an excellent balance! We asked a number of members to test these gloves and the feedback was very consistent in this category.
Awesome Feel & Extremely Durable! 
Pros: Major Chase gloves fit as well as any glove that I have used. Everyone's attention will be on your glove. Their gloves are THE BEST VALUE hands down and CUSTOM!
Cons: I couldn’t find any! If I had to “stretch” it would be that you have to order via phone or email and there are restrictions on minimum orders.

Go Time Factor: If you're looking to "Show Off" your company on the course - Major Chase Gloves are an excellent choice of products! Your Custom Logo Gloves will be noticed! Everyone will love the quality, looks and feel!
If you're a weekend golfer - create a logo and you too can rock Major Chase Gloves!

Contact Bob Rosberg Now to discuss customization, quantities & pricing.

Tester Feedback: JJ Jones – 3 HDCP, Florida

     " Major Chase Golf Gloves: Not sure if I’m supposed to review these but, these gloves are awesome! Wet/dry, windy, sandy, doesn’t matter… one of the best gloves I have used. I like the simple design (no crazy palm pad, or thumb webbing gimmicks), and actually have decided I will be switching to these gloves completely. I currently use one of the Adidas models, but I can only get a little over a month of use before the seams start to break or rip. After 2 weeks of use, the Major Chase glove is holding up almost as good as it was out of the plastic, minus some rub marks from my grips. Great product!"

Tester Feedback: Craig Adolff

     "Very high quality leather, I normally start wearing the glove very fast in the palm and I have not with these yet. And I think it is very great way to advertise your product, your company and your brand. You look at your glove at least 50 plus times a round."

Tester Feedback: David Locke

"We found the golf glove was very comfortable and gripped the club nicely."

Tester Feedback: Tim Witucki Twitter @boostertim

Golf Glove: Great feel. Have played a few rounds and unlike some other gloves, this one has not stretched out on my hand. Great fit & tacky feel has kept the club from not turning or slipping in my hand when swinging. This is a glove I would buy in a heartbeat. 

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