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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: Xenon Putter - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Go Time Golf Members Save 15% 
Name of Manufacturer: Xenon Golf Custom Putters www.xenongolf.com
Name of Product: Copper Skinny Kutlas Blade
Overview: Thanks to Xenon Golf from Nashville, TN for sending us this CUSTOM ONE-OFF putter! This beauty is hand made with xeroded finish with a sterling silver site bead, Mokume C-Plow neck and leather grip. The one we tested was built to 36”.
- Custom made
- Soft-Soft-Soft feel
- Awesome looking and a putter that will help you lower your putts per round
- You may want to place it in a glass vault and stare at it everyday instead of putting it in your bag!
- This putter may lack some technology that helps poor putters.
Performance/Playability: This putter is as special as any I have ever rolled. The milled face gets the ball rolling (on line) and we experienced consistent distance control on every putt we attempted.
Innovation: Xenon Golf has taken their Custom Putters to a whole new level. They blend various metals, head designs, shaft lengths, milling process, and more to provide you with a custom putter that really performs!
Technology: Based on the putter Go Time Golf reviewed, it was difficult to score the real technology behind this beauty. Xenon Golf doesn’t spend a ton of money on R&D but this putter performed very well!
Look & Feel: You’ll turn heads on the green when you pull one of Xenon Golf’s masterpieces out of your bag. Sometimes you sacrifice performance for looks – NOT with this putter!
Go Time Golf Factor: I happen to be a putter collector and this is one of my favorites in the collection. I’ll order more putters and will have a Go Time Golf Contest for our members to win one! It’s definitely GO TIME with Xenon Golf Custom Putters!

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a custom putter with a unique design, a putter that performs as well as it looks, or a gift for a putter collector that folks will drool over then contact Xenon Golf Now!!

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