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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Review: GolfP90X - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: GolfP90X 

Name of Manufacturer:  P90X  GolfP90X

Name of Product: Shakeology

Overview: Our team has been looking for an energy enhancement product that maintains and even energy level from pre-round through the 18th green. Here’s how Golf P90X Shakeology performed.

- Excellent stable energy without any jitters
- Tastes great. Able to customize to your taste buds
- No dips or spikes in energy level
- Healthy for you!

- Only con is when someone else in your group is using it too!

Performance: Golf P90X is hands down the healthiest, best tasting and longest lasting energy provider we have ever used. We believe all golfers would benefit from this product and may even utilize it as a daily meal replacement.

Taste: Shakeology actually tastes great. You can blend with almond milk, coconut milk, add fruit…make you own recipes!

Bottom Line: If you want to enhance your golf game with a healthy, long-lasting and even keel energy and take your focus to a whole new level, give Shakeology a go! We are now full time users of this product! Would rate this a 10 if ratings went that high! Can’t wait to test more of the P90X products. Be sure to use their HIGH PERFORMANCE BARS mid-round for even better Golf Fuel!

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