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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: Odyssey 2 Ball White Putter - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review Odyssey Versa 2 Ball White Putter

Name of Manufacturer: Odyssey Golf  OdysseyGolf.com
Name of Product: Odyssey Versa 2-Ball Putter/SuperStroke 

Overview: Odyssey Golf produces a number of great putters in all shapes, weights and sizes. Their partnership with SuperStroke grips has taken their lineup to a whole new level. All of their models have unique alignment features and a face that will get the ball rolling on line quickly. The Versa 2-Ball putter we tested provides an extremely nice visual (one of the best available) of the intended line of the putt. This putter is as accurate as it gets inside 6 feet and allows you to feel confident while over the putt.
Pros: Obviously, the ease of alignment and feel of the ball coming off the face were what made this putter extremely attractive to us. All putts inside 5-6 feet felt like tap-ins. Also, the SuperStroke grip played a huge role in the feel and performance of this putter. We’re huge fans of their grips and excited to see a partnership with Odyssey.
Cons: We found that on mid-fast range greens this putter performed well on all length putts but on slower speed greens it wasn’t the best we’ve tested. The same could be said for putts more than 3 feet off the green. I believe that was due to the overall weight of the putter and personal preference.
Performance/Playability: If you have issues with putts inside 6 feet we highly recommend that you go test the Odyssey Versa 2-Ball with the SuperStroke grip. Also, our lag putts (30 feet and beyond) all ended up within 3-4 feet of the cup leaving us with the confidence that we would 2 putt everything.
Innovation: Odyssey is constantly introducing new styles of putters with various looks, weights, face material, and lengths. They are the choice of many Tour Pros and have been in the bags of numerous winners!
Technology: The new White Hot insert provides an excellent sound and feel at impact on every putt. In our opinion this has been drastically improved from previous models. It also gets the ball rolling on line even when hit slightly off the toe or heel which is a big key to why we made so many of those 6 footers!
Looks & Feel: We are huge fans of the “new” look and feel of the Versa White 2-Ball Putter. The addition of the SuperStroke Grip and soft White Hot Face makes this putter even better.
Go Time Factor: The Odyssey Versa 2-Ball Putter will quickly build your putting confidence. We would expect your putts per round to drop the very first time it’s in your bag. When you have a 6 foot putt to win a hole or card your best score this putter won’t let you down!
Summary: We were extremely happy with the test results on this putter and can’t wait to test more of Odyssey’s new putters. Now that more players are experimenting with “counter-balanced” putters we hope to test a few models from Odyssey soon. Stay Tuned!  


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