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Review: Smart Ball Golf Low Point Trainer - Go Time Golf

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Review: Smart Ball Golf Low Point Trainer - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Smart Ball Golf - Low Point Trainer

Tested: Smart Ball Golf - Low Point Trainer

Visit SmartBallGolf at: https://www.smartballgolf.com

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Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Click on any photo to visit SmartBallGolf and see their video                                                                   

Overview: What the SmartBallGolf does:

A grass mat that’s a hitting surface to strike golf balls from. Horizontal sensors create a cloud just over the surface of the grass hitting area. These sensors detect where the golfer’s club impacts the ground. Then provides instant feedback to the golfer with LED lights using colors: red, yellow, and green.
    • RED means the golfer is hitting too far behind the ball
    • YELLOW is behind but getting closer to correct impact
    • GREEN is perfect impact after the ball which is the proper low-point of the swing.
  • Allows a user to detect, adjust, and maintain the low point of their golf swing
  • Allows a user to fine tune and repeat the low point of their golf swing
  • Creates muscle memory with its ability to be used with and without a golf ball
  • The Smart Ball unit is the first and only electronic training device that detects the low point of a golf swing. It uses a Red, Yellow, Green colored light pattern to display the user’s low point. The unit can identify a low point with or a without a golf ball.
  • Lots of players don’t like hitting balls off of mats because it is hard to tell how clean of a strike they actually made. A red zone swing that hits the matt before the golf ball has a much greater tendency to bounce off the surface and slide into the golf ball. It allows the player to sweep through a shot that impacts the turf before the golf ball. Our device will eliminate this worry by showing a player his low point with pinpoint accuracy.
  • High quality players can interpret their divot patterns to make changes to their golf swings. They will pay attention to the direction of the divot, depth of the divot, and location of the start and end of the divot. All of these things are impossible to detect when hitting off of an artificial surface. The SmartBall unit will allow players who are hitting off a matt to identify the low point of their swing.
  • Before the smart ball there were very limited options for training aids or drills to work on a player’s low point. There has never been a device that allows you to pinpoint the location of your low point until now.
How it can improve your game:
  • Teaches the player to hit the ball with a downward strike that impacts the turf at or in front of the golf ball.
  • Encourages the user to take divots like the pros.
  • Helps develop hands forward at impact.
  • Lighting green lights strongly encourages forward weight transfer.
Let The Testing Begin:

Go Time Golf Testing Session: When we received the SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer we first noticed the quality of the packaging and the unit itself. There were step by step instructions on everything from unpacking, charging and setting up the unit. We charged the unit overnight and couldn't wait to put it to use!

I have been losing distance with my irons (7-12 yards) over the past year or two from what I will blame on age! I have noticed that I am not compressing the ball like I use to. My biggest hope was that The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer would assist me in getting some of that distance back! More on this later when we get to the results...

Unfortunately for me I couldn't get to the range due to RAIN in Arizona so being impatient I decided to set up The SmartBallGolf unit and see what it would tell me without a ball on it! I warmed up a bit and started with a pitching wedge... The first few swings all had about the same feedback.. I was "scooping" a bit and hitting slightly behind the ball! This was actually one of the better swings in that session. Most of them had from 4-7 yellow lights to the right! If you look closely at the unit you will see an arrow on each side that indicates ball position. After a few swings I decided to add a whiffle ball which made it much easier for me to focus on. Rick, the Inventor of this unit suggested putting a dot on it where the ball should be but a whiffle ball worked just fine and I didn't want to mark up the unit! 

Next to the range: I should point out that there are two settings on the SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer - Hold Mode (lights remain on for 2 minutes unless reset) and Flash Mode (when you want to make many swings quickly). We used the unit in Hold Mode most of the time.

I started testing my skills with a 58 degree wedge (my 70-75 yard club) and noticed that I was getting 3-6 yellow lights and hitting most shots about 70 yards. I set up to a flag that was 78 yards away. After 3-5 shots I focused on getting my hands to the left more, my weight to the left more and trying to compress the ball more (hit the ball first and the my low point after the ball). Here is what my shots quickly turned into!

Now my shots were flying between 77 and 82 yards much to my delight! I could feel that the ball was coming off the club face better, I was getting the ball first and then the matt and starting to compress the ball like I use to! I should point out that this matt area is designed to provide excellent feedback and is virtually indestructible. The next few shots were more of the same and a few produced the best shots of the day with this wedge! PURED!! All 15 Green lights!

These shots averaged 80-85 yards of carry. That's more like it! It was easy to see that The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer can improve your swing quickly!
After 15-20 minutes I passed the unit on to other testers and went through my normal pre-round warm up. I noticed that the majority of my divots were now in front of the ball, I gained more distance on every iron and felt like the ball was being compressed much more. Obviously, I will continue to practice at home and on the range then update this review after 30-60 days of using The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer.

Now, I will share some other results of our other testers. This tester was hitting a PW and called me over and said "I pured that shot and still got 8 Yellow Lights - Something is wrong I know my club didn't make contact way back there"! Here's the photo.....

So, When I was talking to Rick he told me a story of a Pro who said something similar and he simply put some coins on the unit and ask them to try it again... so I did the same......

The Result - Coins Gone! The tester looked at me in dis-belief! However, after 3-4 more tries (using his coins) he began feeling what its like to have the low point after the ball. Then I saw our other testers chipping with The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer with this set up...

I began to try this and have been hitting "crisp" shots around the green and my confidence has gone up drastically knowing that I am less likely to hit these shots fat or thin! Yes, just another application for this great aid!

Pros: The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer can be used at home (with or without golfballs), at your office or on the range. It provides instant feedback on where your low point is on your swing and will make you a better ball striker. The unit is filled with the latest technology (from the mat to lights), extremely well built, durable (we did have a few testers hit the plastic leaving no marks), you can see all the LEDs in bright light, the battery lasted 5 outings without a charge, comes with a nice carrying case and the list goes on!

Cons: It is only available on line so you can't pick it up at your favorite retailer yet. It is addicting so someone will ask you to please put it up! I can vouch for that!

Go Time Golf Factor: When you watch the Pros all of their divots are in front of the ball that's exactly what The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer helps you do. There may be things in your swing that will change like your arms more left at impact (right handed golfers), your weight transferred to your left side better and more extension through the ball after impact. Hopefully a "light" just went on - that's what you should be doing! I have spent a ton of time talking with Rick and he is extremely knowledgable on the golf swing. He was a teaching Pro and has helped many golfers get better. He has studied all of the Pros and understands that regardless of their swing at and after impact they all are very similar. That's what led to his invention and I am extremely excited about this product and the benefits of owning one! Yes it's Go Time for The SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer. Every teaching Pro should have one for their students to feel the elements of finding the correct low spot in their swing!

Comments from other Testers: 

Tester 1 - MB: First, I appreciate the opportunity to test this aid! Thank You! I found that it confirmed what I have been doing for a long time - hanging back on my right side. I lit more colored lights than are on my Christmas Tree with the first dozen swings. I did get to one, two or three yellows after about 20 minutes of my session time and was hitting it much better. I will invest in my game and purchase one in the very near future.

Tester 2 - JL: I keep hear Mike saying "Hit Down On It" like the song says. This test session cost me $2.78 plus whatever I owe everyone else. Yep, I am the coins behind the ball guy.... Ok, Ok, I confessed. Now I love the Smart Ball Golf aid! It is seriously an instant feedback aid that points out what you are doing wrong even though you don't believe it. Big Props to the inventor you are on to something big here and every stick I know would benefit by having one. Thanks (even though you made an example outta me) to GTG!

Tester 3 - GW: What a fabulous device. It's easy to use, fun, gives instant feedback and was the highlight of the range. If you struggle with chipping or pitching you need one! It will make you a better ball striker and improve your short game! Two thumbs up and thanks to Go Time for introducing us all to Smart Ball Golf.

Tester 4 - BT: Now I understand a bit better what it feels like to crush irons like the pros. If your swing bottoms out in front of the ball magic happens. I am a single digit handicap and enjoyed the hell out of working with this training aid. I always thought my swing was fairly good and that I compressed the ball well... now I know that there's room to improve. I also saw the results other testers who may be 15-20 handicaps got in a very short period of time. Well done Smart Ball Golf.

Tester 5 - MK: If you want to get better, hit it farther and be more consistent get one! I have my name on the list to barrow it for a week and can't wait. Thanks Go Time for this introduction. Now send it my way already! See you this weekend!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Review: Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Blue Tees Golf - Laser Rangefinder

Tested: Blue Tees Golf - Laser Rangefinder

Visit Blue Tees Golf at: https://www.blueteesgolf.com

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Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com


Premium Golf Products At An Affordable Price
Overview:  Golfers have many choices when it comes to selecting golf related products. As we all know, the major brands spend a ton of money on R&D, marketing and typically golfers end up paying more for their products. The key question golfers should ask is: Should I spend the extra money on these products or save it and play an extra round or two of golf? Read on and I think we will help you answer that question!

Blue Tees Golf States: We provide premium golf products for all golfers at an affordable price. We challenge the traditional way golf products are brought to market, and distributed to customers worldwide. Our focus is on superior craftsmanship, cutting edge technology, while using the finest materials available. We are committed to developing a more affordable, accessible market for premium golf products. Because we're here to golf, and we all deserve to hit more greens.
We all know a swoosh doesn't take 5 strokes off your handicap - more time on the course does. Real golfers are choosing the Blue Tees Golf Brand on a daily basis. For the quality, the customer care and Savings. Our hope is that you take the money you save with us and play a few more rounds!

Stop paying for labels - We offer the same superior quality - at a substantially lower price.

Designed by golfers, for golfers - We're here to play golf with simply the best products on the market - ours.

High quality, low prices - No marketing, no pro golfer contracts, just high quality products, made just for you.

Golf more. Golf better. Do more of what you love, with better equipment. We're committed to providing the best products on the market, with the best prices. Don't believe us? 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee, Save your money and hit the course.

Our products include: Laser Rangefinders, Wedges, Putting Alignment Mirrors, Cobalt Putters, Golf Putting Mat Trainers, Club Groove Sharpening Tool, Golf Swing Training Grips, Laser Putting Aids, Golf Swing Trainer Aids, Hats/Visors, Tee Shirts and More! All at Great Prices!

Let the testing begin!

Go Time Golf Testing Session: When we received our package from Blue Tees Golf, the first thing we noticed was the quality of the packaging, accessories and the rangefinder were all top notch.
We started out testing on the range and decided to put Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder up against 2 other name brand rangefinders. We were able to get distances to flags, trees, top of traps and anything else we decided we wanted yardage to. In every case, with our testers, the numbers given by Blue Tees Golf laser rangefinders were identical to the ones they had in their bag. From 30 yards (or meters if you prefer) to well over 400 yards every distance requested was the same. We also really liked the way this rangefinder fit our hands, the lightness of it and how quickly it responded when a number was needed. The screen is also easy to read, align on target, crystal clear and as good as any on the market. So, I'm sure you want to know what range finders we tested against - In my bag are the Bushnell Tour V4 (Slope) and in the other tester's bag are Callaway Tour S.
So, off we go to the course and now we are letting someone in our foursome use them that typically doesn't use rangefinders they use phone apps, cart GPS or the wrist version GPS units. I actually paired up with three golfers, one that uses each of the above, so I could get their feedback. I let one person use the Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder against their device on the course for additional feedback. They played with both devices for 6 holes and then passed it on to the next person.

On Course Testing: The first tester typically uses cart GPS units (when available) and on his first shot into the green he says "I have a 9 yard difference between cart and BTG Rangefinders". Obviously, he used and trusted rangefinders. The yardage he continued to compare varied through the next five holes. Some over some under and very few were the same. He didn't want to give them to the next person in our group when his six holes were up. More on this later.

Our second tester typically uses a phone app when playing. He started comparing the app distance to a trap verses the BTG rangefinder distance. said he had a 4-5 yard variance. Then we played a par 3 where pin position was middle and app said 176 to middle, he then shot the flag stick at 168, trusted 168 yardage and stuck his shot about 8 feet. He later said that almost every yardage comparison was off by anywhere from 3 yards to his biggest of 19 yards. More on this later.

Our 3rd tester typically uses a watch GPS unit. His comparisons were very similar to the phone app GPS variances. On a par 5 his watch showed 71 yards on 3rd shot where the Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders showed 89 yards. He said there's NO WAY thats 89 yards and hit his lob wedge about 20 yards short and went on to 3 putt the green. However, after he hit his shot I asked if he would like to hit another shot (doesn't count) with his 89 yard club. He did and was about 12 feet away with his sand wedge. More on this later.

My comparison for the 18 holes showed that whenever I compared a distance that the other testers received from Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders they were identical or within a yard from my Bushnells. With that said all the claims that Blue Tees Golf make are 100% True!

Pros: There are a ton of pros compared to the big name brand rangefinders. Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders function as well as any brand, they are less expensive as "name" brands, they are as light as any rangefinder, they are as easy or easier to us as any rangefinder, they are as accurate as any rangefinders we compared the to and there is a Great Company behind this Brand!
Now, if you are not using rangefinders and are using phone apps, cart GPS units or a watch or handheld GPS unit just read the above comments and decide if you should have a Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder in your bag!

Cons: Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinders are only available on line. However, with their 60 Day Guarantee there is no risk in ordering a set today. Also, as I mentioned earlier my rangefinders have slope adjustment (not legal in tournament play but fine for Sunday Skins game). It's my understanding that a similar version will be available soon from Blue Tees Golf so stay tuned!

Go Time Golf Factor: It's absolutely GO TIME! Get yours ordered today and Play More Golf from the Savings!! Stay tuned for future reviews on more of Blue Tees Golf's products.

Comments from other Testers:

Tester 1 GW: This rangefinder is awesome, extremely accurate, easy to use and far better than any cart GPS as I found out! My score for the first six holes was one of my best ever on this course and I owe it to better club selection based on accurate yardages. Thanks to GTG and Blue Tees Golf for the opportunity to test. I will add one to my bag!

Tester 2 BT: I am excited that I had a chance to test this rangefinder. I have been using a phone app forever but have decided that it is time to change. It's clear to see that you can score better, have more fun and win some skins with spot on distances. I have also seen that these work as well as the expensive rangefinders so why spend more which was my issue before. Great Product = More Birdies.

Tester 3 MK: Well, well, well..... Anyone want to buy a Garmin Approach Wrist GPS? Cheap?
What a difference the CORRECT distance makes. It cost me 10 bucks on that hole! Now I wonder over the past year how much it cost me? Could have bought a ton of stuff! Big props to Blue Tees Golf for developing a rangefinder with quality for low cost as #1 priority. Thanks to Go Time too.

Tester 4 JL: Ok - I happen to be the tester who has the Callaway rangefinders - I saw no difference in accuracy, speed of getting number, clearness of lens, the internal viewing of yardages or anything else. There are three areas I did see a difference in - first the overall weight (Callaway a bit heavier),
next I liked the way the Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder fit my rather large hand a little better and yes..
the price of the Blue Tees Rangefinder is far less than the Callaway. Unfortunately I didn't know about these when I made a decision to buy but will refer Blue Tees Golf to players I know. Again, thanks to GTG for bringing them for us to test!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Review Sniper Brand Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Sniper Brand Golf

Products Tested: Sniper Brand Putters - Ambush and Rebel

Visit The Sniper Brand Golf at: www.TheSniperBrand.com

Current Promo: Save 20% on All Putters or 10% OFF Accessories 

Promo Code: BF20 for Putters - GOTIME10 for Accessories

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Click on any photo and go directly to Sniper Brand Golf's website!

About The Sniper Brand: Sniper Brand Golf proudly supports our military and law enforcement men and women. When their ball markers or other products are purchased, a charity is selected and will receive a percentage of the profits from each sale.

The Sniper Brand product line includes precision Putters, full Putter Grip Collection, various size Ball Markers, stylish Umbrellas, finely embroidered Hats, a full line of quality Golf Gloves including BIG BOYS GOLF GLOVES UP TO 5X SIZES! Yes up to 5X - So they have Gloves for all you Big Boys!

Sniper Brand Golf will soon be launching their line of Performance Golf Balls. The company owner, Clint has been testing numerous balls and is extremely excited with what they will have to offer in the near future. They will offer high quality Golf Balls, that will compete with other major brands at a fraction of the price!

"Make Your Mark" 

Meet the two Putters we tested: 

The AMBUSH Mallet Putter: This gorgeous putter is a milled 4 piece construction consisting of 303 stainless face and aluminum body. It is equipped with Crosshairs for Alignment and has a step-less shaft for the ultimate feel at impact. To connect you with the putter is a Sniper Brand Grip. 
It is currently only available in right-handed models.

Click on the photo for more details and additional photos.


The REBEL Face Balanced Putter: The Rebel is made from High Performance Steel and has The Sniper HOC (Hosel Over Center) with a step-less shaft for the ultimate feel at impact. And yes - a Sniper Brand Grip to connect you with the putter. The heel and toe weighting help ensure club face stability and a true roll on every putt. Face balance at it's finest! It is USGA Approved as well!
It is currently only available in right-handed models.

Click on the photo for more details and additional photos.


Go Time Golf Testing: I have been using mallet type putters for years due to my straight back and through putting style. Another reason that I use mallets is as I get older my stroke isn't as stable as it use to be. Sometimes a blade style putter waives around in my hands and I feel like Kevin Na backing off 5 times after my stroke starts. I also blame the putter when I putt poorly so I have over 30 putters in "time out" now. What I found with the Sniper Brand Putters was a sense of control on every putt. The first round of putting was on my home putting green. I started the testing with the AMBUSH and found it was extremely easy to align, rolled putts very well with minimal skid and it felt "soft" at impact. Starting with 8 - 8-10 footers I rolled all of them in. Yes 8 for 8! 
I then switched to the REBEL and only made 4 of 8 from 8 feet. I immediately wanted to go back to the security of the mallet and keep testing that but felt like I needed to give the REBEL another go! 
The REBEL is face balanced (I like that) and rolled the ball extremely well. The next set of putts I made 6 of 8 from the same position. The 3rd set 7 of 8 and then back to the AMBUSH for two more sets. The second set with it I made 5 of 8 and the third set 6 of 8. So, both putters were performing about the same percent wise from 8 feet. 

Next up the practice green at the course. We had 4 golfers test both putters on 4 footers, 10 footers, 20 footers and 40 foot lag putts. We all spent about 40 minutes with each putter. At the end of the testing I felt I putted better (not by much) with The REBEL. I believe that it was the HOC (Hosel Over Center), Face being Balanced and Heavier Feel that swayed me to it. What a blade style putter that beat a mallet by a hair? 

The other testers' results were split right down the middle - 2 testers preferred The REBEL and 2 for the AMBUSH. All testers agreed that The Sniper Brand Grips were some of the finest grips they have had their hands on. The size, feel and look made them very appealing.

We will try to send these putters out to more of our members and get additional feedback on both models then add feedback to this post.

Go Time Factor: Sniper Brand Putters are definitely worth adding to your bag. They are sold at a great price point, have tons of technology, are very forgiving on any miss-hits (we all have those toe and heel misses) and some of the profit goes to deserving charities! We highly recommend that you consider them when you're in need of a new flat stick or put yours in "Time-Out". It's Go Time!

Up Next From The Sniper Brand Golf: We will be reviewing their Hats, Golf Gloves (Yes Big Boys Gloves up to 5X), Ball Markers, Grips and their new Golf Balls!











Monday, December 2, 2019

Review Lucky Wedges Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Lucky Wedges Golf

Products Tested: Lucky Wedges - Black Series 52, 56, 60 degree and 60 degree Gold Series

Visit Lucky Wedges at: www.LuckyWedges.com

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Current Promo: SAVE: 10% Off Entire Order with Free U.S. Shipping

Use Promo Code: GOTIMEGOLF


NOTE: Click on any photo and go directly to Lucky Wedges' Site!

About Lucky Wedges Golf: Founded by ex Nike golf designers, our mission has always been to provide high quality forged wedges with a sense of good style and fun.

Our Guarantee: We are so sure you will love your Lucky Wedge that we guarantee your satisfaction for life. If you're not 100% convinced it's the best wedge you've ever owned, you can send it back for a full refund and we will pay the return shipping as well. We want there to be zero reason why you won't give our wedge a chance so buy one TODAY and try it and know that if you don't like it you can send it back in the same package it came in.. EASY. Vokey gives you 14 days, Cleveland gives you 30 days. We have the best return policy in the industry hands down.

Wedge Specs: Our wedge heads are forged from 1020 soft carbon steel and have a CNC milled face. The bounce on the 56 is 12 degrees, the 50 is 8 degrees and the 60 is 10 degrees. Both the black and gold finishes are done using an electroplating process adhering the colored metal to the stock silver metal head.

The Shaft: The shaft is a stepless rifle shaft and not a standard stepped shaft. Its regular flex with a middle kick point and weighs around 120 grams. Shaft lengths are 35" for the 60, 35.25" for the 50 and 35.125" for the 56. The shafts are finished in silver on our black wedges and gold on our gold series. For details on other lofts please visit our site.

The Grip: The green grips are custom rubber grips and mimic a Tour Velvet style grip. It is a high quality rubber and lends to a nice tacky feel. We feel it's a great addition to our wedges regardless of the finish you choose.

Shipping: We ship everything out either same day or next day. Free shipping includes ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. Expedited shipping is available for purchase as well.

Our Goal: At Lucky Wedges Golf we strive to create unique and highly styled golf wedges that stand out in your bag. Coming from a passion for the short game, Lucky Wedges are crafted with high performance materials and designed to set you apart from the average looking golfer. Our wedges embody a lifestyle that goes beyond just golf clubs and spin rate. A lifestyle where fun is paramount and where we acknowledge "it's better to be lucky than good".
Get Lucky Today.



So Let The Testing Begin: We were extremely excited to put Lucky Wedges through the test.
Unfortunately, it was pouring when we received them so our testing was slightly delayed. Immediately after opening the nice packaging we quickly found that these wedges are built with quality front and center. Our Test Package included - Black Series Bundle with 52, 56 & 60 degree wedges and a 60 degree Gold Series Wedge. The first thing we noticed was the precision milling on the face of the wedges, then the incredible look when addressing a ball with the face square or open and last but not least - the step-less "rifle" style shaft finished off with the tacky green grip. These wedges screamed performance, good looks and a FRESH style we haven't seen in the wedge market. Now we are waiting for the torrential rain to stop so we can hit the range and course with them.




Off To The Range: I feel it's important to state that I have been a long time user of Vokey wedges and feel that the wedges in my bag are scoring weapons that shave strokes off my score. However, these Lucky Wedges have an awesome look and feel about them and now it's time to put them through the test! First up some 72 yard shots with the 60 degree wedge. I quickly notice that the forged face provides a buttery smooth feel on all the shots I hit from this distance. Even shots slightly towards the toe (my miss) felt the same as ones dead center of the sweet spot. The milled face provided a one hop and stop action on normal shots which is exactly what I try to play. My distance was spot on throughout this portion of my testing. The "rifle" like shaft gave me a slightly lower trajectory under normal ball position but it was more than acceptable from this distance. The feel was a bit different than the stepped shafts in my current wedges but after a few shots the shafts were rather pleasing feel wise. My clubs are set up with Golf Pride MCC Grips but the stock grips on the Lucky Wedges performed fine especially since I rarely wear a golf glove. They were soft, tacky and extremely good looking. Now, time to move on to some touch shots... aka Flop Time.


Workability: These wedges are as good as any wedges on the market for "Around The Green" Shots.
The sole design and milled face allow you to hit any type of shot you need off any lie you may encounter on the course. We were able to hit flop shots, bump and runs, pitch shots and more from the rough, fairway and tight lies around the green. 
Now on to the sand. As I mentioned we had a ton of rain in AZ so the sand was rather on the firm side. However, we used our Caddie (or Caddy) skills to create various lies from firm to fluffy in the sand. The Lucky 60 degree Wedge handled them all very well. We even created a few fried egg lies and got them out with ease. The sole and bounce with an open to square club face let you play any type of shot as needed. 
The results of the 56 and 52 degree wedges produced the same shot making response as the 60 degree did. Hit them high, hit them low, check the shots up or add a little spin - Lucky Wedges did it all!
At our testing session we had 4 other players ranging from scratch to a 14 try Lucky Wedges and everyone said they were as good or better than the current wedges in their bag. The choice in finish (Black vs Gold) was equally split as some preferred the traditional less glare black while others loved the disruptive in the bag look of the gold finish! This is why Lucky Wedges has quickly become the Go To Wedge Company for golfers at all levels. 


Go Time Factor: If you are in the market for new wedges we highly recommend giving Lucky Wedges a Go! You won't be disappointed! They performed as well or in most cases better than any wedges on the market or any wedges our testers have in their bag. Your short game can shave strokes off of your score and Lucky Wedges will deliver shots that you need to get up and down!
It's Go Time!

Pros: Lucky Wedges are Top Quality, High Performance and Great Looking Wedges with the Best Guarantee on the market. You will be extremely happy with these wedges and they will improve your game while becoming a center-piece in your bag!

Cons: Lucky Wedges are only available on line at this time. However, if you try them and for any reason they are not for you - simply return them. We highly doubt this will happen!

Comments from other testers:

Chris - These wedges are the business. I am almost ready to replace my SM7s and will be adding a set of Lucky Wedges to my bag. So pure feeling and easy to spin. Awesome wedges.

Don - I know I will soon be winning more skins on Sundays - Lucky Wedges are Up & Down Machines. They will pay for themselves. Thanks for the testing opportunity of a great product.

Randy - Pure Gold and exactly what I am going to order! Time to ditch my old Callaways. 

Mark - These wedges were the biggest surprise of the year. I went from not sure to - got to get them in 30 minutes of testing. Smooth as silk... spins like a top... must add to my bag... time to shop...

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Review VoxxLife Better Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: VoxxLife Better Golf

Tested: VoxxLife Better Golf Insoles and Socks

Visit Better Golf at: www.bettergolf64.voxxlife.com 

Current Promo: Enter To Win Prizes with Every Purchase

Use Promo Code: No Promo Code Needed

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com 

Overview: VoxxLife is a privately held technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance.
The company develops innovative technologies to create wellness and performance products that allow people of all walks of life to enjoy an improved quality of life and achieve their true potential.
VoxxLife’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, is proprietary, exclusive and scientifically proven in independent testing.
HPT reduces pain, increases strength, endurance, increases stability, balance as well enhances range of motion and provides for faster reaction times.
VoxxLife realizes that people of all ages and walks of life are focused on wellness and optimal performance.
Wellness consumers are looking for products that will enhance their quality of life and are asking for natural, safe solutions for more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility.
People have traditionally relied on products such as pain killers, vitamins, supplements, OTC insoles, custom orthotics and comfortable footwear and apparel to achieve these goals. Pain killers and supplements have potentially devastating side effects, vitamins are inconsistent and expensive while OTC insoles are ineffective and custom orthotics are often unaffordable.  More so, none of these products offer safe, instant and consistent results at an affordable price point.
Additionally, in the case of professional and amateur athletes, the specter of Performance Enhancing Drugs has seemingly invaded every sport at every level.  Athletes want and need safe, natural and legal alternatives to achieve maximum performance. Athletes are also consuming supplements, vitamins, protein powders, compression apparel, and high performance shoes all with the aim of improving their performance. People are investing in training and coaching to reach their peak.
Voxx HPT is the safe, natural, and instant wellness and performance solution.

Voxx Science: The development of VOXX HPT has been a 6 year journey.
We reviewed and studied decades of research in brainstem functionality and the peripheral nervous system.
We also reviewed the latest research in sensory mechano-receptor mapping, brain activity correlated to acupuncture, as well as dermatome stimulation and the different somatic pathways.  We also studied secondary and free receptors and related nervous and brain activity. Our intent was to investigate if there was an integrative correlation between the different sensory receptors, the peripheral nervous system and the functionality of the brainstem.
To understand the development and impact of VOXX HPT, one has to understand the relationship between the human peripheral nervous system and brainstem and the various nuclei therein.
The peripheral nervous system (PNS) connects the central nervous system to environmental stimuli to gather sensory input and create motor output. The PNS coordinates action and responses by sending signals from one part of the body to another (From the various receptors such as mechano-receptors and dermatomes to the brainstem). The PNS includes all other sensory neurons, clusters of neurons called ganglia, and connector neurons that attach to the brainstem and other neurons.
The brainstem connects the rest of the brain with the spinal cord. It consists of the midbrain, medulla oblongata, and the pons. The primary input into
the brainstem are through the Area Postrema (AP) and Nucleus Tractus Solitarius (NTS).  Motor and sensory neurons extend through the brainstem, allowing for the relay of signals between the brain and spinal cord. Ascending neural pathways cross in this section of the brain, allowing the left hemisphere of the cerebrum to control the right side of the body and vice versa. The brainstem coordinates motor control signals sent from the brain to the body. It also controls several important functions of the body including pain management, alertness, arousal, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, heart rate, swallowing, walking, posture, stability and sensory and motor information integration.
Additionally, decades of research into dysfunction and disorders of the brainstem and associated impact on the nervous system and body, also point to the direct and likely benefits of a brainstem not in dysfunction or disorder, or seemingly in homeostasis.
Our research has led to a number of conclusions and developments. Firstly, we have concluded that these different receptors (parts of the PNS) do have an integrative relationship between themselves and do correlate to specific nervous stimulation and signals that can be sent through General Somatic Afferent (GSA) Pathways, Special Somatic Afferent (SSA) Pathways, General Visceral Afferent (GVA) Pathways, and Special Visceral Afferent (SVA) Pathways to the brainstem.
Furthermore, we see evidence that these signals can be very specific and can help the brainstem reach homeostasis (equilibrium) and seemingly enhance the functions of the brainstem and the reticular nuclei, the monoaminergic and cholinergic nuclei as well as the parabrachial nucleus and periaqueductal gray.
This is the key to VOXX HPT.
VOXX HPT is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation on the
bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aides in the brainstem reaching homeostasis.  The VOXX HPT pattern is woven or molded into different iterations of products including hosiery and footwear accessories.

Golf Results: Using VoxxLife products proved to be valuable for Golfers in both distance and accuracy based on their in-depth testing!

Go Time Golf Testing: When our products arrived I must say we were excited to put them through the test! The first step was to check the quality of both a collection of the Voxx Stasis Athletic Socks and the Voxx Bliss Insoles. I decided on that model insole as they were described by Jack & Judy Lapierre as the most cushioned model and excellent for foot pain relief along with all the other benefits. This was a huge factor as I have 2 bones that have hairline fractures in the base of my toes. It is extremely difficult to find golf shoes that I can wear all day on the course. We immediately noticed that all the products were built with technology, comfort and quality in mind. The first day I placed the insoles in a pair of golf shoes that were brand new but unfortunately wouldn't go 18 holes on my feet! I wore them and a pair of Stasis Athletic No Show Socks around the house from 7am to 7 pm and experienced NO PAIN. I immediately thought can this really be happening? These shoes never made it more than an hour or so on my feet around the house! The next day I got brave and wore the same setup to the course for my range session. Please note I did take another pair of shoes with me just to be safe. To my surprise I spent and hour and half on the range, an hour putting, an hour chipping, 30 minutes in the traps and another 45 minutes back on the range. Yes, you guessed it - NO PAIN - and I didn't need the back up shoes! Now, I have tried at least 20 brands of socks and 4 or 5 insoles in these shoes and still couldn't wear them. My conclusion, VoxxLife Technology is the answer. More on this later... 

On Course Testing: That weekend I decided to give the same VoxxLife setup a go on the course. I spent most of the day and No Pain just a wonderful round of golf. I am not sure how much distance and accuracy I gained but I did increase my average GIRs by two for the round. The best news was my feet, back and body felt better before, during and after the round compared to usual rounds. I am sold on the VoxxLife products tested and yes VoxxLife Better Golf is "FORE" Real! You will Play Better Golf and your body will enjoy the use of these products!

GO TIME Factor: If you experience pain in your feet, legs, back, hips or anywhere else we highly suggest you invest in VoxxLife Products Immediately. I have read others' testimonials and wondered if these products worked or if it was marketing hype. In my case, they worked better than any other products I have tried! With that said - It's Go Time for VoxxLife Better Golf Products.

Pros: The Highest Level of research, technology and testing have gone into these awesome products! 
We believe you will try them, love them, order more and tell your friends and family how great they are! 

Cons: They are only available on line - However, they ship quickly!

Final Notes: VoxxLife Better Golf 64 also has a fabulous "REP" Program. You save on products and have unlimited earning potential. Contact Them for more details at: BetterGolf64@gmail.com 
or visit their site at: BetterGolf64.voxxlife.com

Friday, November 8, 2019

Review SQRDUP - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: SQRDUP

Tested: SQRDUP Instructional Golf Laser Training Aid

Visit SQRDUP at: www.SQRDUP.com

Current Promo: SAVE $50.00 Total Which Includes Free Shipping

Use Promo Code: GOTIMEGOLF

Visit Go Time Golf at: www.GoTimeGolf.com

Overview: We would like to remind everyone that we actually tested the SQRDUP "Prototype" a few years back and loved the product. Our feedback for improvement to the SQRDUP Team was:
- The tripod was a bit tricky to get set quickly - They addressed this and greatly improved it!
- The lasers were somewhat "dull" in bright light - Huge improvement on this final version!
We are extremely excited to put this multi-functional Laser Alignment Aid through the test!
More on this in a minute.


SQRDUP States: This Instructional Golf Laser Improves Alignment, Accuracy and Ball Position Memory Instantly. SQRDUP will assist you in becoming a Better Golfer. From putter to irons to driver,  SQRDUP is the ONLY golf alignment aid which teaches precision using lasers to help create the perfect lines. SQRDUP is especially effective on the putting green, where it provides a fixed putting line which can be easily tracked by your eyes and understood by golfers at all levels. SQRDUP works on any putt, anywhere and anytime! Putting is just the beginning though. 
To see SQRDUP in action on the range click on this video link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4XRBVKXOhY


What We want you to know about SQRDUP: SQRDUP is being used worldwide by teaching pros, Professional golfers at all levels and amateur golfers in numerous ways. SQRDUP took all the feedback from the "Prototype" and delivered a product based on what everyone said. The "Go To Market" product is in our opinion as close to flawless as it gets. We are ready to reveal our uses of SQRDUP and why everyone should put one in their bag! First, we applaud SQRDUP for receiving GOLF DIGEST's Editors' Choice Award for Best Golf Training Aid in 2019.


Go Time Golf Testing Session: We started our testing on the putting green. We found a 10 foot putt with a cup of right to left break in it. We then aligned the laser on the exact path that the putt needed to start on and hit 10 putts. I am a straight back and through putter so if my putter didn't stay on the laser it provided instant feedback. I did stop my putting stroke a few times because the laser told me it was not a good takeaway. I rolled in 9 of the 10 putts and saw the extreme value of SQRDUP!
Next we picked a "random" golfer on the putting green who wanted to know what we were doing. This golfer hit a few practice putts and then took our "10 putt challenge". He made all 10 of his 10 foot putts after just a few minutes of practice time. One of the findings was I thought I was lined up "square" to the ball while putting but found that when I looked at laser line and my feet I was actually closed to the target line of the putt. After hitting a number of putts a "square" stance became routine and felt normal. There are just so many benefits to SQRDUP on the putting green.


SQRDUP on The Range: Well, well, well more great alignment feedback from SQRDUP. First up some 75 yard wedges. We aligned SQRDUP at the flag, then put a ball on the laser line, aligned our stance to be square with the target, and found the proper ball placement for a "normal" trajectory shot. 
Wow, birdie after birdie opportunities with that 58 degree wedge! However, I did notice that my divots were NOT in front of the laser line that the ball was on. I made a few minor adjustments with my swing and focused on getting that divot in front of the line. Next thing I notice I am compressing the ball much better and gained about 6-8 yards with this wedge. Lets test this out with mid irons now! Much to my surprise more of the same except a few more yards gained with my 5-7 irons. I saw gains of 8-12 yards with them. We found a ton of other benefits of SQRDUP during our testing. Want to hit a draw or fade? Simply open or close you stance slightly to the perfect laser lines from SQRDUP. I typically use set up sticks for this but must say that SQRDUP takes ALL the guess work out of alignment perfection. Also it is extremely easy to see changes in ball position for a high, mid or low shot with SQRDUP. We believe that the uses of SQRDUP may be endless as we just kept finding more applications with it! 
One of our testers took it to hit pitch shots from a hill over a bunker. He set it up so the laser hit a spot on the green where he wanted to land the ball. His feedback was the tripod allowed him to set the laser quickly and held it's awkward position very well resulting in dialing in the perfect pitch to where he needed the ball to land. 
Then he stepped in the trap with it and set the laser 1-2" inches behind the ball, had the club enter on laser line and started hitting some very creative bunker shots immediately. SQRDUP does it again!


Pros: SQRDUP is the #1 Laser Alignment Aid in our opinion. Whether you use it for putting, chipping,  bunker shots, iron play, driver practice or the many other applications you discover with it, SQRDUP needs to be in your bag. A great value for the price - even better with current promo they are running!

Cons: Only available on line currently. It will take a few days to get it - but there is free shipping with their current promo.

Go Time Factor: This is rather obvious - It's Go Time for SQRDUP. Get yours ordered today, save and start taking your game to a new level using SQRDUP's Laser Alignment Aid!