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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: Knuth Golf High Heat Driver

Go Time Golf Review: Knuth Golf High Heat Driver
Name of Manufacturer: Knuth Golf www.KnuthGolf.com

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Name of Product: High Heat Drivers 9.5 and 10.5 degree with Fujikura Pro 63 Stiff shaft  
Overview: I'm guessing that not very many of you have heard of Knuth Golf. 
If you haven't I encourage you to visit their site and read on! 
Their products were named "Best" Driver and Metal Woods at The 2016 PGA SHOW! 
We tested the new HIGH HEAT Driver and were extremely pleased with the performance as you will see in this review. 

Here's more about Knuth Golf: Knuth Golf, Inc. was formed for the single purpose of developing outstanding high-quality golf clubs that are designed from the ground-up for the amateur in order to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game. 

Given these objectives, with Dean Knuth’s historic inventive nature and born out of his nearly 40 years of love for and commitment to amateur golf (see Dean Knuth's biography), he invented our Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies which are engineered into our 2015 High Heat driver.

Dean’s partner, Stephen Trattner, has been the USGA’s intellectual property attorney where he worked closely with Dean during his 16-year tenure at the USGA. For the past two years, Steve has been instrumental in the development and testing of Dean’s patented and patent pending technology in the High Heat driver.
As with Dean, Steve shares a deep commitment to the game of golf, which stems from his long representation of the USGA and several famous golf resorts, including among others Pebble Beach and Pinehurst.
Knuth Golf is excited to release the 2015 High Heat Driver. Additionally, using the same performance technology, we will offer matching fairway woods and hybrid clubs in 2016.
High Heat’s submission, identified as D-12 on the hosel, was marked 10.5 loft on the sole and was shafted with a Fujikura Pro 853 Stiff flex 53 gram shaft. It was tested against the Major Brands’ 10.5 lofts with their standard Stiff flex shafts. The testing was conducted against TaylorMade SLDR, Ping G30, Titleist 915 D2, Callaway Big Bertha Alpha, and Nike Covert 2.0.
Golf Labs’ test used its standard 5 point test which provides total distance and dispersion from the center line on center and four off-center hits based on hitting six balls at each of those 5 points. The four off-center hit locations are located ½” above and below the center of each driver’s face; and ¾” to the right and to left of center. Golf Labs also used new Titleist NXT golf balls.
Golf Labs’ test results showed that High Heat’s total distance on center and off-center hits toward the center line was the longest, its total dispersion was the lowest and it had the most forgiveness than any of the Major Brands with one partial exception. The only exception was Callaway’s Big Bertha Alpha total distance toward the center line on center hits was the longest but High Heat’s total distance toward the center line for off-center hits was longer than Callaway’s Big Bertha Alpha and High Heat’s total dispersion on center and off-center hits was lower than Big Bertha Alpha.

 So, let the testing begin! 

Looks & Feel: The first thing you will notice about Knuth Golf 's High Heat Driver is the metallic blue head and super polished face. It's extremely good looking at address and presents itself as an exotic looking high performance driver. The first ball I hit had the sound of a "Bombed" drive and a number of players on the range all turned around thinking: What Was That? The High Heat Driver has a sound like no other driver I have ever hit! The result of the first drive.... BOMBED, STRAIGHT and on TARGET with a baby draw. After hitting a few more drives I actually couldn't wait for the sound at impact and the reaction from other players on the range! The ball just explodes off the club face and this driver delivers a smooth but powerful feel throughout the swing. I have been a fan of Fubuki shafts for quit some time however, this Fujikura shaft has a very solid feel to it!
The High Heat Driver Scores "HIGH" on looks and feel!

Performance/Playability: I feel it's important to point out that in my bag is a 10.5* M1 driver with a Fubuki a60 shaft (46.5") stiff. I had the opportunity to test both 9.5* and 10.5* High Heat Drivers to see what the better fit for me would be. I quickly gravitated to the 10.5* driver due to it's ball flight, launch angle and believe it or not the additional roll I got out of every shot. Overall, the High Heat  averaged 5-10 yards longer  (occasionally more) than my current driver on every drive. I also found that this driver was virtually impossible to "over cook" left which is my typical miss. Obviously  I am wondering what would happen if I had my shaft in the High Heat Driver or do I even need to go there?  Overall, I was surprised how well the High Heat Driver performed and couldn't wait to test it on the course. So, Next up on the 1st Tee it's The High Heat Driver! The results: Drive after drive I heard "Nice Drive". I hit 12/14 fairways with 7 drives being at least 1-2 clubs closer to the green than ever before. The 2 fairways missed were in the first cut of the rough. Overall, a very solid performing driver with results to match!

Innovation: It's obvious that Knuth Golf set out to design and develop top quality clubs that would deliver incredible results to amateur golfers. Their products are designed to be longer, straighter and more forgiving for amateurs with lower swing speed than the Tour Pros. That profile covers most of you who are reading this review and anyone looking to improve their game. 
Again, LONGER, STRAIGHTER & MORE FORGIVING! All of which I found to be 100% TRUE!

Technology: There's no doubt the Knuth Golf High Heat Driver is driven by Patent Pending Technology! It has a deeper and lower Center Of Gravity and a higher MOI than most major brands. Dean Knuth invented the Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies which are engineered into their 2015 High Heat driver. I believe that the Fire Face Technology is what gives The HIGH HEAT DRIVER it's unique drive crushing sound of power! Their products are full of Game Changing Technology to improve your game! We can't wait to test their 3 Woods and Hybrids in the near future!
Pros: If you want a Longer, Straighter, More Forgiving Driver you need to contact Knuth Golf and order your HIGH HEAT Driver. They have a very thorough fitting process and offer one of the best guarantees in the industry! We believe that it will drastically improve your game and lower your scores. 

Cons: You won't find Knuth Golf's High Heat drivers at your local golf retailer - Yet! However, we expect to see them there in the future! 

Go Time Golf Factor: IT'S GO TIME! We highly recommend The High Heat Driver and are confident that you will fall in love with the performance of this driver. As I mentioned earlier a number of golfers wanted to know what/who was making that " BOMBED DRIVE" sound on the range. We asked if anyone would like to take The HIGH HEAT for a test drive... Here are their comments:

PING G Driver Owner: The High Heat is awesome. All drives were 20 Yards farther and much straighter (no slices) than what I am playing. Would definitely consider buying this driver.

Taylormade SLDR Diver Owner: Even though it doesn't have the adjustability of my driver it is by far longer and more forgiving. I will check out their site.

Adams Driver Owner: I Love this driver. I may need a senior shaft and more loft but even this set up is much longer than my Adams. 
Callaway Driver Owner: WOW awesome performance, very forgiving and the sound has me sold! I will visit their site when I get done with my vacation. I should get one sooner as I have 16 more rounds to play before I get home!

Please Stay tuned for our Testers to add their Review Comments!!!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: SteadiHead Putting Laser Training Aid

Go Time Golf Review: SteadiHead Laser Putting Aid  GoTimeGolf.com

Name of Manufacturer: SteadiHead Putting   SteadiHeadPutting.com
Name of Product:  SteadiHead Putting The Latest Laser Technology in a sleek wearable putting aid

Overview: We have all had those 4 foot putts to win some skins, post our best score or avoid the dreaded 3 putt and miss them! What should be the most consistent part of our game seems to go south under pressure. So, we decide to put that putter in "time out" and try another in our collection or head to the putting green for hours. I do it all the time! Maybe, it's time to understand why you are missing putts that you should have made and get instant feedback through laser technology! 

We were introduced to The SteadiHead Putting Aid by it's inventor Bobbi Salmon (pictured below). Bobbi is a veteran of women's professional golf, has been an LPGA member, PGA of America member for many years and currently is one of the most sought after teachers in the U.S.

If you want to putt better.... Read On!

SteadiHead Putting States: Using the SteadiHead™ one will be amazed to find their eyes aligning and looking straight down a projected laser beam exactly in the direction of the desired roll of the ball.  One will find their head “leaning over” creating a visual view that is caused by the head rotating on a plane rather parallel to the ground, as opposed to one’s normal, upright, “comfortable” (but, misleading) angled view from the eyes to the ball. 

The SteadiHead is one of the simplest yet most powerful putting training  aids out on the market today.

The sleek design fits like a pair of glasses and go over existing eyewear.

One very important safety feature occurs when you look up while wearing your SteadiHead......the laser automatically turns off and reactivates when you look back down.

The housing flips forward and removal of the small cap exposes the battery compartment.

There is a simple on/off switch on the top of the laser housing shifting to the left turns the SteadiHead on.

Your SteadiHead comes packaged in a stylish and durable case that can be clipped to you golf bag.

Welcome To The Latest In Patent Pending Laser Technology 
Incorporated In A Sleek Wearable Putting Training Aid!

Pros: The SteadiHead Putting Aid is simple to use, provides "visual" feedback immediately and can improve your putting instantly! It promotes getting your eyes over the ball, "seeing" the intended line of your putt and keeping your head still throughout the stroke! Obviously, that all leads to a consistent set-up on every putt, becoming a confident putter and best of all making more putts!

Cons: When first using the SteadiHead I noticed that I was over focused on keeping my head still instead of being relaxed. I found it to be extremely tricky to get the laser on the ball and keep it there! The last thing you want is more tension while putting. I quickly turned that around by taking one deep breath prior to my set up. 
Also, if you want to add a SteadiHead to your training aid collection you must purchase it on line. We hope to see them in retail outlets soon!

Performance/Playability: Let the testing begin! I started by setting up with an 8 foot putt that had about a ball of left to right break in it. Next, I took my stance with the SteadiHead in place as any normal pair of sunglasses would be. Then, I set my eyes over the ball and adjusted the laser in the correct position. Note: prior to testing the Steadihead part of my routine would be to drop a ball (while in my stance and over the ball) from between my eyes to verify if I was truly over the ball. This wasn't the best method but the only way I could "see" if I was close to over the ball with my eyes. Now with Laser Technology it's easy to see quickly where your eyes are! 
Once the laser was set (see photo below) I would look down my intended line, follow laser back to center of ball and roll my putt focused on keeping my head still. The first few putts it was easy to see that my head was moving back on the take away and through as I struck the putts. Also, I noticed if my eyes (laser) moved forward to the inside I would miss my putts left and if laser went to the outside they were missed to the right. I then decided to re-group and make some strokes with no ball and focus on a steady head! We highly recommend doing this on a green, at home or anywhere you can make putting strokes! 
Now, this was my trick - I poked a small tee hole in the green and placed my ball on the hole. Then once the putt was rolling I could tell (photo below) that my head remained steady and in place! From then on I would just listen for that awesome sound of the putts going in the cup. I began taking one deep breath prior to setting my eyes and striking the ball. The putts just kept going in!


Innovation: Kudos to Bobbi Salmon for designing and developing what is one of the best Putting Training Aids on the market. It's simple to use, promotes a much needed steady head while putting, can be used anywhere, is a well made quality product, gives you immediate feedback and WILL make you a much better putter! While on the putting green we had 4 other golfers test The SteadiHead and every one of them loved it and quickly started making more putts! One of them took a photo of the carrying case (photo below) and said they will definitely order it after their round! 

GO TIME GOLF Factor: If you want to make more putts it starts with a solid set up and your eyes over the ball. Then the key is keeping your head steady throughout the stroke. The SteadiHead Putting Aid was designed by a Pro to teach everyone how to become a better putter. If you're looking to lower your putts per round, make more of those 4-5 foot putts and lower your scores we suggest you order yours today!

It's GO TIME for The SteadiHead Putting Training Aid - Visit their site Now and Order Yours!
Note: Go Time Golf Members SAVE 10% on their orders. Get your code at GoTimeGolf.com

As our testers complete their reviews we will add them to this review!