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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: 59 Belts - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: 59 Belts GoTimeGolf.com Go Time Golf Members Save 15%

Name of Manufacturer: 59 Belts www.59belts.com

Name of Product: Custom GO TIME GOLF Buckle and Standard 59 Belts and Buckles

Overview: 59 Belts is the leader in belt buckles, belts and much more for avid golfers with a passion for fashion. They offer numerous styles, colors and belt material from leather to exotic skins. 59 Belts also offer complete customization services to incorporate your initials, logos and more into any buckle.

- 59 Belts makes it easy to be on top of your fashion
- Their buckles and straps are top quality and interchangeable

- We haven’t found anything but happiness with their products.
- The only issue is picking out what products you must have because you’ll love the entire line! Most clients will just keep ordering more!

Performance/Playability: 59 Belts are extremely comfortable and allow you to swing freely. We love the way they hide the belt end and all belts are precisely measured to fit!

Innovation: They are The Leader in Custom Buckles and Belts. At 59 Belts you dream it up and they “Bring it to Life”!

Technology: 59 Belts obviously uses precision equipment to create their buckles. They were able to take our logo and turn it into a Fine piece of Art! All cuts were precise and the final product was beyond belief!

Looks & Feel: What can we say? You’ll get compliments every time you “rock” your 59 Belt! We love the interchangeable 5 & 9s in various colors as well. Their stock buckles offer many styles to choose from, but we recommend that you sport a custom buckle with an exotic strap! Either way you can’t go wrong with 59 Belts!

Go Time Golf Factor: As you might expect, the staff at Go Time Golf rates 59 Belts as a MUST have product! We will order more, our members will order them, and we look forward to 59 Fore Life!

Summary: If you’re an apparel connoisseur you must add 59 Belts to your wardrobe! If you’re an avid golfer you must add 59 Belts to your wardrobe. If you wear belts you must add 59 Belts to your wardrobe! Yes It’s GO TIME 59 BELTS!


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