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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: Tupper Golf Putter Grip - Go Time Golf

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Tupper Golf Putter Grip Review 

Name of Product: Oversized Putter Grip

Overview: I was introduced to Tupper Golf Grips by one of our pro members who raved about them. I was told that they would assist me in draining more putts and would improve my scores. Obviously, that sparked my interest. After speaking with David (the man behind the grips) we agreed to put their grips through the test! David explained the company background, unique features and the benefits of their grips for any golfer. He also shared that this grip has been well received by golfers at every level. It was a long few days of anticipation waiting to get the grips. Immediately (before it was ever loaded on the Scotty) I noticed a few unique features of this grip, an awesome feel and couldn’t wait to get the grip on. While at the local Golf Shop the club repair tech inquired about the Tupper Grip and asked where he could get one. I had an extra one to give him and he was thrilled!
So, let the “Testing” begin!

Pros: The Tupper Putter Grip has a very soft texture, gives a unique/confident feeling when you grip it, immediately allows your hands and arms to be in a natural/comfortable position while addressing a putt and most of all works!

Cons: Currently, Tupper Golf only offers one size grip and are available in four color combinations. They do have some new grips in the works so stay tuned!

Performance/Playability: The Tupper Putter Grip performed extremely well due to the position it puts your hands and arms in at address. I use a slight forward press (many instructors have tried to break me of this habit) but with this grip I didn’t feel the need to use it. I started with some straight 5 footers and wasn’t disappointed. I made 16 of 20 from this distance, which is 2-3 more than I normally make. I found that this grip kept my hands VERY quiet and my stroke felt extremely repeatable. Next, I moved to the 12-15 foot range (with about 6 inches of break) where I sank 8 of 20. This is about average for me or maybe 1 better than my average depending on the day. On 25 - 30 footers (2 foot of break) I made 2 of 20 putts and had no 3 putts. Again this is average for me. Please remember this is the first time using this grip!

Innovation: Tupper Golf has created a Putter Grip like no other. Period. The Deep Rounded V Shape Fits in the hands perfectly for reduced grip pressure and improved comfort resulting in better distance control. This grip is now patented in the U.S and 29 other countries!

Technology: Tupper Golf has gone above and beyond utilizing technology. Let’s start with their Grip Forward Technology that has revolutionized the design of putter grips, placing more grip material above the shaft. Then add the grip’s Maximum Taper Design that keeps the trailing hand in line with putter shaft, helping make the arms and putter a single unit. All of this technology places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter to create a more balanced and consistent stroke.

Looks/Feel: The Look of The Tupper Putter grip is unique. The feel is incredible! Tupper states: Their Superior Grip Texture employs a raised chevron pattern for unmatched traction and control. I found this grip to feel like no other grip I have ever used. It was tacky, comfortable, fit in my hands extremely well, felt very natural compared to other grips I’ve tried and overall is a winner.

Go Time Golf Factor: Tupper Golf is definitely on to something here. Their grips are like no other grips. They will be a force in the putter grip market and I believe that anyone who tries one will keep it on their putter. Why? Results! You will make more putts, lower your score and be confident standing over that tough 6 footer to win some skins.
As I mentioned earlier my club repair tech asked to try one. His feedback: The Tupper Grip has an awesome feel in my hands, connects me with my putter, allows me to put a great roll on every putt and is on my Odyssey 2 Ball to stay!
We also asked 2 Teaching Professionals to give us their feedback and it was extremely positive as well. One currently has the grip on his Scotty and the other one is very interested in the new grips that Tupper Golf will announce soon!
Go Time Member Bill Ranson’s quote  “Played 2 rounds with this grip and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!”
We highly recommend that you give a Tupper Golf Putter Grip a try. We are confident that you too will love the feel, gain confidence and most of all make more putts!

IT’S GO TIME! Make More Putts Now!

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