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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Go Time Golf - Review KBS C-Taper Lite Limited Edition Black Shafts

Go Time Golf Review: KBS C-Taper Lite Limited Edition Black Shafts

Tested: C-Taper Lite Limited Edition Black Shafts

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Overview: I am a huge fan of KBS Shafts and have played their TOUR Series, TOUR 90s, HI-REV Wedge shafts and C-Taper Lites in the past. As my game changed (due to age and lack of playing), I found that the proper fitment and having the right shaft allowed me to gain distance, increase accuracy and improve my scores quickly. I recently received a set of Titleist AP3s Limited Edition Black Set of irons. They came stock with True Temper AMT (Ascending Mass Technology) Black Shafts. These shafts are not for me! I struggled with distance, accuracy and feel so they really didn't last long! Two rounds to be exact! I really wanted black shafts and began the search. My first stop was  KBS as I had C-Taper Lites in a set of Titleist I previously had in the bag and loved them! When I saw that they had them available in a "Limited Edition Black" I immediately placed the order! Now the waiting game to get them and then have them installed by the team at Hot Stix...

From KBS: The C-Taper Lite shaft incorporates proven KBS performance benefits in a lighter weight design. Featuring a constant taper design and proportionate increase in wall thickness, the KBS C-Taper Lite optimizes energy transfer for maximum distance.

KBS Shafts are made for every kind of golfer, from amateurs to professionals. Find your fit on our site or by any of our fitting partners to see which KBS shaft fits your game.

Have you heard of the KBS Golf Shafts Golf Experience in Carlsbad, CA? It's a new way to look at fitting: any head, any brand, shafted with KBS shafts that work for you. They have more shaft options than you could imagine. 

"At the core of KBS is a dedication to shaft fitting. We offer a product for every level of golfer from juniors to Tour professionals."


1. Choose your shaft
2. Choose you colors
3. Choose your finish
4. Choose you sticker
5. Review your shaft
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Review by Go Time Golf:

Looks: Let's start with the "stealth" look of the "Limited Edition Black" C-Taper Lite Shafts. They scream custom, minimize any glare in the sunny Arizona climate and are the center of attention when you pull a club out of the bag. I had mine finished off with a set of Golf Pride MCC (New Decade MultiCompound) white and black grips of course! A Huge Thank You to the team at Hot Stix for setting these up to perfection - spined, soft stepped once, tipped to add a little stiffness, 1/4 inch longer and labels down. Let's see what the results are - after everything is dry!

Feel: The first wedge shot told me these were far superior shafts (for me) compared to what I removed from the AP3s. They have an extremely "smooth" feel all the way through the swing. I can feel the shaft releasing energy through impact and for me the weight is spot on for my swing. As I continue to hit all my irons I notice much of the same feel from my wedge to 4 iron. These shafts are very consistent regardless of what club is in your hand. If you miss one off the toe or heel they tell you in a subtle way verses sending a tremor through your body. While I'm in love with them - you may prefer a shaft that's heavier, has more/less spin, higher/lower trajectory or a different feel that's why KBS has many others to choose from!

Performance/Playability: I prefer a little higher ball flight and really wanted a bit more distance throughout the bag. The KBS C-Taper Lites delivered both! I added 6-8 yards per club (from stock shafts) and I was at my desired trajectory with every iron. These shafts are very accurate/consistant and my little draw was going where I wanted it to. While the range was fun I couldn't wait to hit the course to see what they do under pressure in a skins game! I specifically keep track of what club I hit into greens when I play. I had my 4-GW fit with these shafts and I hit 11 of 13 greens in round one! In round two much of the same hitting 12 of 14 greens with the same clubs. This is a one to three greens in regulation improvement from prior shafts. Overall after just two rounds I am extremely impressed and happy with the performance of the KBS C-Taper Lite Shafts. I will be swapping out my other wedges next to KBS Shafts.

In our opinion KBS is The Leader in golf shaft innovation and technology and has been for a Long Time. Their shafts have wins on every Professional Golf Tour and continue to win Tournaments! They have shafts to suit everyone's game with various weights, trajectories, spin rates and more. KBS constantly introduces new shafts to the public that provide the latest technology and materials. Whether it's irons, wedges, putters, graphite or limited edition shafts you are looking for - KBS Golf Shafts has you covered! 

VERY SIMPLE - PLAYER DRIVEN. TOUR PROVEN. KBS Golf Shafts has a shaft that will improve your game. They are available at most fitting facilities (if not visit theirs), most club manufactures offer them as a stock or custom option and for you CUSTOM freaks like me they have you covered!

Cons: NONE - I repeat NONE!

Go Time Factor: It's Go Time! Hit More Greens, Dial in your Trajectory & Spin, find the Perfect Shaft Weight, Gain some Distance, Improve your Accuracy, Customize your Shafts and Lower Your Scores with KBS Golf Shafts!

CONTACT US AT: Theteam@gotimegolf.com

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