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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Review High Heat 257+ Driver By Knuth Golf - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Knuth Golf High Heat Driver 257+ Technology
Name of Manufacturer: Knuth Golf www.KnuthGolf.com

SAVE:   $125.00 on Drivers  - $66.00 on Fairway Woods  - $51.00 on Hybrids
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Name of Product: High Heat 257+ Drivers with Premium Fujikura Shafts 
Overview:  We tested the Original High Heat Drivers in 2016 and that review can be found on our blog. Since that time the team at Knuth Golf  has been very busy trying to improve on what may have been the best driver on the market. Could they do it? Please keep reading and we are sure you will find out!

Here's more about Knuth Golf: Knuth Golf, Inc. was formed for the single purpose of developing outstanding high-quality golf clubs that are designed from the ground-up for the amateurs who have significantly different swing speeds and performance needs compared to Tour Pros in order to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game. 

Given these objectives, with Dean Knuth’s historic inventive nature and born out of his nearly 40 years of love for and commitment to amateur golf (see Dean Knuth's biography), he invented the Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies which were engineered into the 2015 High Heat driver named "best" for amateurs by several media, including Sports Illustrated, and by us.  Dean was named "The Top Innovator Of Golf In The Industry" by Golf, Inc. Magazine for his new Technologies.

Dean’s partner, Stephen Trattner, had been the USGA’s intellectual property attorney where he worked closely with Dean during his 16-year tenure at the USGA. Since then, Steve has been instrumental in the development and testing of Dean’s patented and patent pending technology in the High Heat driver.

As with Dean, Steve shares a deep commitment to the game of golf, which stems from his long representation of the USGA and several famous golf resorts, including among others Pebble Beach and Pinehurst.

When co-founder Dean Knuth invented the USGA Course and Slope Rating Systems, he learned amateurs would reduce their scores the most with increased greens in regulation (“GIRs”). But to accomplish this goal required clubs designed for them instead of Tour pros and such clubs had to be far more forgiving than any of the major brands. He decided to design such clubs.

That is why:
  • The original High Heat driver’s center of gravity was 25% deeper and 18% lower than any of the major brands for greater forgiveness resulting in more fairways, distance, and GIRs;
  • Their Optimal Center of Gravity Technology was named the “best of any new technology of any club” because you “do not need a physics degree to know how much this will help amateur golfers compared to the major brands,” wrote Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated;
  • Their original metal woods which they introduced in 2016-17 had titanium faces which provided much more distance and forgiveness for more GIRs and lower scores compared to any of the major brands which used steel faces. Steel faces have very little trampoline effect on off-center hits resulting in a significant loss of distance and is often the sole reason why amateurs' metal approach shots fall short of the green approximately 50% of the time, and unlike the Tour Pros end up with bogies or worse 80-90% of the time.
  • High Heat's original driver which we tested and loved and original metal woods were named every year the “best” by multiple media, and their customers raved about landing in more fairways, more distance, more GIRs and lower scores.
  • High Heat's  original technology was engineered into their High Heat 257+ drivers and metal woods which are now even much better for amateurs than major brands. That’s because they are the only clubs with a higher trampoline effect outside the center of the face, compared to the center of the face which is permitted by a 2016 USGA Equipment Rule Change.

  •  Knuth Golf's novel 3 Trampoline Technology creates additional distance on all shots outside the center of the face. So much so that it results in the ultimate forgiveness for the same distance across the face for increased driving and metal woods distances for far more GIRs. If you keep track of your scoring you know, like Dean found, more GIRs  result is much lower scores.
  • This novel 3-Trampoline Face Technology was called “the most significant new technology since the introduction of titanium faces almost 25 years ago,” by Tony Leodora of NBC Sports TV and ESPN radio. So, these clubs accomplished what others thought was impossible having more trampoline effect for more ball speed outside the center of the face compared to the center of the face. Independent media launch monitor tests and rave reviews by media, teaching pros and customers confirm the benefits of the award winning technologies.

  • Ultimate forgiveness for consistent distance across the face for each club;
  • “Average” distances coming close to your “best” distances unaided by wind;
  • Much more off-center driving distance so less need to lay up and having shorter approach shots to the green;
  • Increased accuracy for more fairways;
  • Consistently getting the ball up high in the air on your metal wood approach shots;
  • Increased metal wood distances and accuracy for more greens in regulation;
  • Approach shots that land softly on greens and do not roll off for more greens in regulation;
  • Line Up Mark to assist in hitting in the center of the face;
  • More confidence with these clubs;
  • More confidence in the rest of your game;
  • Lower scores;
  • Reduced handicap; and 
  • Much more fun.


Looks & Feel:  
The Look of The High Heat 257+ is very close to the model we tested a few years back.  With that said, it has a very appealing look, sets up to the ball as good as any in the industry and the "mirror" face is noticed by all. The black metallic head and white alignment guide are different than most but scream confidence when you are ready to tee off. Next, my first drive produced a sound like none other! A sound that says "You hit that one well" and everyone on the range took a look!  The sound remains the same on center struck drives and those out towards toe or heel. The Sound, The Sound, THE SOUND! - Everyone who tested this driver Loved The Sound almost as much as the driver. More on that in a bit!

Performance & Playability: Before you read on ask yourself (be Honest as I know you will) How Often do you hit the sweet spot on your current driver? If you hit more towards the toe or heel how much distance does that cost you? If you hit it a bit low on club face what happens? How many fairways do you hit per round on perfect sweet spot strikes? How many fairways do you miss? How much distance do you lose on mis-hit drives

So... Here's what all -- that's right ALL our testers found with this driver.

Hitting a ball low on the face had ZERO loss (some had gains) in distance. Hitting a ball on the toe or heel produced much straighter shots than their current driver with approximately the same great distance across the face. Flushed shots flew farther than their current driver with anywhere from 5-20 yards in distance gain because they are the only brand that has taken advantage of the new USGA rule. Kudos to them for designing a driver that will produce excellent results for the amateur golfer!

Innovation: It's obvious that Knuth Golf set out to design and develop top quality clubs that would deliver incredible results to amateur golfers. Their products are designed to be longer, straighter and more forgiving for amateurs with lower swing speed than the Tour Pros. That profile covers most of you who are reading this review and anyone looking to improve their game. 

Again, LONGER, STRAIGHTER & MORE FORGIVING! All of which I found to be 100% TRUE!

Technology: We are sure that you now understand that Technology is "The Driver Behind This Driver"!

Pros: There's finally a driver available for the amateur golfers that will allow you to hit more fairways with extra distance which means you should hit more greens and score better! Your mis-hits will go farther and straighter than your current driver - GUARANTEED! YES GUARANTEED! 

CONS: Only available on line - who cares you probably do the majority of shopping on line and it comes with a Full 30 Day Guarantee.

Go Time Golf Factor:  This one is simple - GET IT NOW and watch your game improve and your scores come down! We can't wait to test the 3 wood and hybrid! It's Go Time!

Tester Feedback:

Thomas (56) - This Driver out performs my current driver by a bunch. Gained about 10 yards on good hits, 20+ on all my mis-hits and kept the ball on the grid with all shots. Oh and the sound - I LOVE IT!

Marc (48) - I heard this driver being hit on range and had to see what was making that distinct sound of power. I was amazed at shots not in the center of the club face - you think you pured one until you look at where it was on the face. I hit a few bad drives but was surprised and happy with the results.

Garrett (31) - The High Heat 257+ launches the ball and is as forgiving as they get. Mis-hit? what mis-hit? If one of the major brands created this they would charge $850.00 for it. 
Worth its weight in Gold.

Ben (Won't Tell) - We all want distance.... We all want accuracy.... We all want more fairways...
Now, we all want High Heat! Does Nolan Ryan know about this driver?

Pat (51) - My driver is over 10 years old. I have tried many at golf stores and left my trusty TM in bag. Time to bury old trusty and step up to HH 257+. One Great Driver!

Kenny (42) - Love it, Love it, Love it! Now have to hide some cash from wife and get it!

Matt - (49) - If you want to improve you shots off the tee check this bad boy out ASAP. Great performing driver, looks awesome and delivers excellent results.

Stay Tuned as we add more tester feedback on the High Heat 257+ metal woods!!


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