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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review: Ping Anser Milled Putter - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: PING Answer Milled Putter
Name of Manufacturer: PING Golf
Name of Product: PING Anser Milled Putter 


Overview: The Ping Anser Milled 1 Putter is machined using 303 stainless steel, has one of the best satin nickel finishes we have seen, and is a proven winner on Tour along with all of the other great putters Ping has produced. Ping offers a custom fit putter for everyone with their comprehensive fitting system. The putter we tested was 35” and all standard loft and lie angles.
Pros: This Ping Anser Milled putter screams success and better yet - delivers confidence on every stroke. Every golfer can find a putter to improve their game with Ping’s unique fitting system. How many Ping putters are in their vault? What’s in your bag?

Cons: If we really stretch to find something it might be that the stock grip was a bit on the thin side – but come on, who doesn’t re-grip?
Innovation: Ping is a leader in Innovation and that’s the reason why they are The Kings of club fitting – yes putters too - various hosel designs to fit various putting strokes.
Technology: We believe that Ping’s R&D Team has done everything possible to produce a series of putters that will make any level golfer a better one. From subtle milling on heel and toe to reduce glare to various lengths from heel to toe – Ping has it covered.
Looks & Feel: The “Classic” design of the Ping Anser Milled is second to none. I’m sure that’s why all other putter companies try to somewhat duplicate the look! As far as feel goes… It’s 303 stainless steel milled which equates to a perfect feel and roll on every putt.
Go Time Golf Factor: The Ping Anser Milled Putter got 5 stars on the first five putts and never looked back. Ping offers so much with their Anser Milled Series at a price point that is more than fair. It’s GO TIME!

Summary: After 45 minutes on the putting green this Ping Anser Milled 1 Putter made it into my bag! Again, What’s in your Bag??

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