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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: SuperStroke Putter Grip - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: SuperStroke Grips
Name of Manufacturer:   SuperStroke Putter Grips "Play Better Grips"
Name of Product: SuperStroke Putter Grip www.SuperStrokeUSA.com
Tested: SuperStroke Belly 17" & 21" Putter Grips

Overview: SuperStroke Putter Grips is hands down the BEST Putter Grip Company in the world. SuperStroke Grips are the top choice of many Pros on all Tours. They produce a variety of grips in various sizes, weights, designs and colors. Their offerings include the Slim Series, Ultra Slim, Mid Slim, Fatso Series, Flatso Series, The Claw Series, Alternative Grips, MidNight Series and more! Tour Pros using SuperStroke Putter Grips have won over $100 Million on Tour since 2009, produced 16 Wins Worldwide in 2013, and are The Grip of Choice by Jason Dufner, Jordan Spieth and more!
Our test was to find the perfect SuperStroke Grip for a new Scotty Cameron Futura X counterbalanced putter. So will it be the 17" or 21" Belly Grip?

Pros: SuperStroke offers Putter Grips for whatever type of stroke or putting style you have. Their grips are designed to improve your putting ability and build confidence on every stroke. They DO have a grip for your game!
Cons: Based on the large number of grips that SuperStroke offers it may take some experimenting on your end. However, once you find the perfect combination you’ll be a SuperStroke user for life.
Performance/Playability: As you would expect SuperStroke Putter Grips exceeded our expectations on both performance and playability. If you mishit a putt with most grips it may be miles off line. However, with a SuperStroke your hands become a part of the putter and allow you to minimize any errors in your stroke regardless of how you grip the putter.
Innovation: SuperStroke Putter Grips continue to be the industry leaders in putting grips. They listen to their Tour Pros and clients to continuously improve their products then release new grips that will take your game to a new level!
Technology: Where do you start with the Technology that goes into SuperStroke Putter Grips? Their Parallel Design allows even pressure in both hands which eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms. CrossTraction technology for improved feel and tackiness. And then there’s Flat-Top design which increases shoulder rotation while decreasing wrist activity.
Looks & Feel: SuperStroke Putter Grips feel amazing and that’s one reason why we immediately change to their grips after we get putters in for reviews. When it comes to feel you have to decide what style grip is best for you! We guarantee that they make a grip that you’ll love while taking strokes off your score! They’ve partnered with many putter manufactures and we hope that many more will follow.
Go Time Golf Factor: SuperStroke Putter Grips can take your putting to a new level. They’re almost a training aid for your putter. They reduce wrist action and promote shoulder rotation while helping you sink more putts! We found that on our Scotty Cameron Futura X Counterbalanced putter the weight of the 21” Belly Grip matched the weight of the stock grip a little better. When we put the 17” Belly Grip on it performed extremely well but gave the feel that the putter head was much heavier. So, the 21” SuperStroke is on the Futura X for good. We also like the fact that you can vary the head weight feel by positioning your hands in different locations on the grip. This is extremely important if you have a lightning fast down hill putt! Overall, We can’t thank SuperStroke enough for giving us the opportunity to test some of their grips! We hope that as we test other putters they continue to help us find the best combination of putter and grip!

Summary: Go Get a SuperStroke Putter Grip that fits your taste and lower your putts per round immediately. We guarantee that you’ll putt better and make more putts!

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