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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review: Players Towel - Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Players Towel  Go Time Golf Members Save 20%

Name of Manufacturer: Players Towel www.PlayersTowel.com
Name of Product: Go Time Golf Players Towel

Overview: Players Towel is the towel of choice by Pro Golfers and Caddies worldwide. We understand why!

- Excellent size and all towels can be customized with company logo or names
- Material retains water well if you choose to dampen an end or corner
- Cleans grooves on clubs quickly
- They don't make beach towels!

Performance/Playability: Our testers absolutely love this towel – it’s performance, style, size, material and everything else about it. Hands down a “must add” accessory!

Looks & Feel: Looks awesome, great size, has a soft feel and can be customized to fit your game with logos or names.
Go Time Golf Factor: This is a MUST-HAVE product! It’s on our bags how about yours?

Bottom Line - Summary: It’s simple – Players Towel is the best in the business! “Play Well”! 
We have formed a partnership with Players Towel and now give all our new members a Customized Towel when they join our site. We also refer all our vendors to them for all their towel needs! This is one of the best companies in the golf industry! 

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