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Friday, March 1, 2019

Go Time Golf - Review: Focus Zone by Amino Vital

Go Time Golf Review: Focus Zone by: Amino Vital

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Tested: Amino Vital FOCUS ZONE

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Overview: There are tons of energy type drinks on the market that all claim to provide a unique edge for athletes and golfers. However, most golfers want a very specific type of energy. They prefer not to get "amped up" which causes jitters and then get a big crash in energy somewhere during their round. I am not a golfer who can play well after a Red Bull, Monster or any other of those types of drinks. My golf routine speeds up, my tempo gets faster and higher than normal scores get posted. I prefer an even, almost relaxed type of energy, with no highs or lows, that allows me to stay focused on golf not on how I am feeling hole to hole. I believe you can have energy to play 36 holes without feeling wound up inside and that's exactly what Amino Vital Focus Zone provides. It's an extremely clean, relaxed and yes.... In The Zone Energy.  I'm sure that's why Amino Vital Focus Zone is so popular with Professional Golfers worldwide. 

Amino Vital States: Amino acids make up 20% of your body – you can’t live without them. They are protein in its purest form and vital for muscle, brain and blood functions. Supplementing your diet with the right combinations of amino acids gives your body the fuel it needs to feel great and perform your best.

Our products are a unique combination of five key amino acids - leucine, isoleucine, valine, arginine and glutamine - and only the purest ingredients. Clean simple formulations allow your body to absorb these macronutrients easily and quickly.

Whether you are cramming for a test, need a pre-workout boost, looking for laser focus on the back 9, or need recovery after an intense training session, amino acids are critical. Because they are naturally occurring in your body, you can’t overtake them. They are all natural, and we source the purest amino acids on the planet. Amino VITAL® products give you sustained energy, focus, endurance and muscle recovery with no jitter or crash!

Focus Zone provides healthy hydration during any activity. Amino acid/electrolyte blend for muscle energy and mental clarity to maintain focus and intensity.

Focus Zone Focus Mix boosts your energy and helps you stay focused. 2,400 mg of fast-absorbing formula made from BCAAs, Glutamine, Arginine and electrolytes helps you maintain the constant focus you need during training and competition. Take this during competition to sustain your energy and focus.

Other Amino Vital Products Include:

Fast Charge sets the stage for a quick shot of sustained natural energy with no crash. Essential amino acid blend proactively counteracts muscle breakdown and fights fatigue. 

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PRO-E is a fast-acting performance fuel for lasting strength, extra endurance and hydration. Replenishes energy for more demanding physical activities.

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PRO-R recovery formulation delivers extra key amino acids plus vitamins and electrolytes to accelerate muscle tissue repair, and helps reduce next-day soreness. 

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Go Time Golf Testing Session: We decided to do a large group testing on Amino Vital Focus Zone so we invited our Saturday and Sunday Groups to participate. We had 8 total players each day that put Focus Zone through the test. We tee'd up our Focus Zone on the range an hour or so prior to our tee times. 
To get started simply take one "stick" pack of Focus Zone and mix it with 16-20 ounces of cold water.    Focus Zone comes in two awesome flavors: Grape Sensation or Lemon Splash. I believe that most of the players were a bit nervous that they may get shaky and jittery so a few of them decided to pull out of our Skins Game. That was a mistake as you will see later in our review. As we started our round everyone was wondering what was going to happen and how they would feel. After 2-3 holes it appeared that everyone in both groups were extremely focused on their golf game and most of the scores reflected that. There was a sense of calmness, focus and two extremely relaxed foursomes. Not one player felt any jitters, amped up feeling or any energy drops through the first nine. At the turn, everyone took their second round of Focus Zone without hesitation and all tried their second flavor. I did notice on the back that I had as much "Clean/Pure" energy as when I arrived at the course. A number of players typically experience fatigue on the back nine every time they play. The fatigue leads to many swing changes, lack of focus and higher scores. The players both days were all impressed with their play on the back nine. We had a number of players that felt so good that they wanted to play another 18 holes. Overall, every player's experience was a great one and Focus Zone is a product they will use in the future!

Pros: Amino Vital Focus Zone is all natural, caffeine free, there are no added sugars, contains 5 quality amino acids, is infused with electrolytes and delivers clean energy with extreme focus. 
Obviously, there is a reason so many PGA Pros utilize Focus Zone and all the other products that Amino Vital produces! THEY WORK! We can't wait to try their other products!

Cons: We wish that more beverage carts, retail outlets and pro shops carried Focus Zone. They are missing out on a huge opportunity and one that would help every golfer who tees it up!

Go Time Golf Factor: 
It's time you Get In The Zone & Stay In The Zone with Amino Vital Focus Zone!

Testers Wanted: Contact Go Time Golf - We will add your comments as we get them in.

Tester Feedback:

Mario: I don't like to change my golf routine or what I eat/drink prior to or during my round. I'm glad that I was included in this test. Focus Zone delivered an energy and focus that is difficult to describe but the results were phenomenal. I was one of the players that opted out of the skins game but would have won big on the back 9 as I birdied 3 of the last 5 holes. Love this product!

Gary: Thanks for allowing me to test Focus Zone. This is a great product that increased my stamina, focus and I also noticed less muscle stiffness after my round. I wanted to play another 18 holes!

Dan: I was skeptical.... now, I am a believer in Focus Zone. If you haven't tried this product I encourage you to order some now and test it for yourself! You won't be disappointed. Thanks to Go Time for sharing!

Peter: Winner, Winner Focus Zone with my Dinner! Thanks to all the golfers who handed over their skins money! Thanks to the ones who opted out of skins game because you were nervous of what Focus Zone may do to your game. You should have stayed in! I can't wait to tee it up with my new partner - Focus Zone!

Billy: This is a product you want to test. I predict that it will be part of every round of golf you play going forward. Thanks to Amino Vital and Go Time for including me in this test.

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