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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Go Time Golf: Review Chute Trainer

Go Time Golf Review: Chute Trainer

Name of Manufacturer: Chute Trainer www.ChuteTrainer.com

View the Chute Trainer Video: Click Here

Name of Product: Golf Chute Trainer
Overview: I'm sure you have all seen athletes using "Chute" Technology to enhance their performance. Chute Trainer not only can enhance your Golf Game but they also offer "Chute" Technology for Baseball/Softball (bat & throwing), Tennis and Hockey! We and a number of our member/testers were extremely interested to test The Golf Chute Trainer and see the results that could be achieved. So... Let the testing begin.

Here's what Chute Trainer States: The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer increases swing speed, strengthens the golf swing, and promotes a proper swing sequence.  Increase your distance and accuracy today with the Golf Chute!

Faster club head speed! Longer drives! Better accuracy! Winning scores!
This swing training aid is a must-have for anyone trying to improve their game. The Golf Chute uses resistance to train your swing for faster club head speed; more distance and better control. Improved lag and tempo are just added benefits.
What Does The Golf Chute Do For People Like Me?
Increases your club head speed 5 to 10 MPH after just 6 swings! Increased club head = hitting the golf ball farther. Reduce your score, improve your game and show your golf buddies what you’re really made of!
Who Should Use One?
We think you should, and so does VJF Golf Academy and Kathy G-Jensen, PGA. She’s the 2014 National PGA Teacher of the Year, and she uses it with her students and clubs she works with. Whether you’re a beginner or a top level professional, young or old, the Golf Chute uses natural wind resistance and strengthens the muscles used in an explosive golf swing, allowing you to hit the ball harder, further and with more accuracy.
What Makes This Different Than All The Other Training Aids?
·  It is lightweight (only 3 ounces)
·  Fits easily into your pocket or golf bag
·  Costs less than most tee times

Looks & Feel: The Chute Trainer is simple to use, takes up very little space in your golf bag and is an excellent pre-round warm up tool for any golfer. Chute Trainers are available in a variety of colors for all you "must match" golfers! Obviously, our choice was Go Time Green!


Performance/Playability: The great thing about the Chute Trainer is it can be used anywhere. If you're like most golfers you swing a club at home, in your office and any place else you get the chance to. So, now you can increase your club head speed, lag the club more and be prepared to hit every club longer when you are on the course! Simply snap the Chute Trainer on any club and swing away! The Chute Trainer will also promote a nice smooth tempo in your swing and allow the bigger muscles to be used more! Result: More Power.

Innovation: Chute Training has been around for years for other sports but now Golf is included on that list. There may be other training aids that utilize resistance but they are stand alone products. It's great to have a product that folds up super small, can be put in your bag, weighs close to nothing, is extremely durable and delivers results. That't the winning combination that Chute Trainer offers!

Technology: The technology is simple: Create Drag and Resistance on any movement, then remove whatever is creating the resistance and the movement becomes faster. By adding resistance the muscles work harder and get stronger! The Chute Trainer does exactly that! It also promotes smoothness, tempo, strength, lag and much more.
Pros: The Chute Trainer is an excellent aid for golfers of all levels. It can be used by men, women, amateurs, pros, juniors, seniors and everyone in between. The Chute Trainer is the ideal aid to use when you can't hit the range! It is an affordable training aid that all golfers should consider!

Cons: The Chute Trainer for Golf is available On-Line Only at this time. We hope to see it in Retailers soon. Also, if you are a fan of DRASTIC resistance this might not be for you or you can always through a 10lb weight (just kidding) inside of the Chute Trainer!  

Go Time Golf Factor: We were extremely pleased with the Chute Trainer and recommend that you give it a GO! 

Here's what some of our Member/Testers said:

Kristy Wright: I tested the Chute trainer this afternoon and was extremely pleased with the product. After just a few swings my tempo felt great and as soon as it was removed my swing speed increased immediately. I love the concept and the overall feel of the Chute trainer . I let my 10 year old try it and she was amazed as well. This will be an item my whole family will use. I would recommend this to anyone looking for help with their tempo as well as wanting an increase in swing speed. Easy to use for all ages. Great item! I will use often. 

Bill C. Thanks for letting me test the Chute Trainer! I found it very easy to use, saw instant results, love the ease of using it and will put it in my bag!
Please Stay tuned for more of our Testers to add their Review Comments!!!

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