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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Go Time Golf Review: My Mental Game Coach

Go Time Golf Review: My Mental Game Coach - Greg Liberto
Visit them at: mymentalgamecoach.com

Go Time Golf Background: 
I was extremely fortunate to meet Greg through Social Media and quickly became intrigued with his creation "My Mental Game Coach". 
Greg educated me on the philosophy behind his company, shared his thoughts and findings on their initial testing of over 500 Golfers and explained why every golfer can play better golf by improving their mental focus/awareness. 
I am a golfer of many routines from pre-round to post round, from range to course, from food to drinks, from my first tee to my final putt on 18 and I try to stick to every one of them. Greg agrees that routines are necessary but explained what's in your mind from the drive to the course, range time, Holes 1-18 and to the drive home is extremely important to "Play Your Best Golf Ever". 
So, after many conversations with Greg he invited me to take the My Mental Game Coach Assessment.
More on that in a minute - Let's get to know Greg and My Mental Game Coach first.
Here's what you need to know:
My Mental Game Coach was formulated in 2014 with one very clear objective:
To help you Play Your Best Golf Ever!
We wanted to provide you with mental game training and coaching that was easy to understand and even easier to apply. We wanted to put you in control of your mental and emotional game by making it more tangible and specific. We wanted to combine the power of technology with personal interaction to make it a personalized experience. We wanted to offer you mental game products and solutions that appealed to your learning style and your skill set. 
On our products page, you will see the variety of mental game training and coaching solutions we offer. You will also see how easy it is to get started learning how to play golf a 100% READY on Every Shot. 

The Evolution
In 2012, Patrick J. Gorman and Greg Liberto worked in conjunction with Dr. Jonathan Rich to create my mental game assessment for golfers.Since that time, The Mental Game Assessment has been completed by over 50 golfers with an amazing accuracy of results. today, our assessment provides you a personal score card of your mental and emotional game.

Let's meet Greg:

Greg is The HEAD Coach who brings 20 years of experience in corporate learning and development. For the past 7 years, Greg has worked with golfers at all levels, showing them how to transform their game and play their best!

Go Time Golf Background:
I believe every golfer in the world has the ability to improve their game. I also believe we have all had those conversations with ourselves after every round on what we could/should have shot. We all have had bogies that could have been pars, those pars that should have been birdies, those 3 putts that should have been 2 putts and so on. We all have stood over difficult shots (over water to a tight pin) and have what Greg calls the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). I am here to tell you that you are in control of your thoughts and My Mental Game Coach is here to show you how to control them!
How many times have you made a "bad" bogey (90 yards out or 3 putt)? Then, how often do you "bounce back" with a birdie? This is actually a statistic on most Pro Tours! Most amateur golfers get on the "bogey" train when they make a "bad" bogey. We have all been there and what's the primary reason you either bounce back or get on the train? That's right it's YOUR MENTAL STATE OF MIND! I can go on and on, from pre-round practice routine to a big putt to win your club championship. Greg can help you!
Think about Jason Day and how he goes through a pre-shot routine. He doesn't hit a shot until he sees it from start to finish. We can all do this and should! But that's only one little element of Playing Your Best Golf Ever!

Go Time Golf's Experience:
I must admit that any kind of test/assessment puts butterflies in my stomach even more if the word "psychological" is involved! I recommend that you are in a quiet environment with no outside distractions prior to starting! I don't want to "reveal" all of the elements of the "test" but will tell you that it is a very comprehensive assessment! You will be "scored" in eight specific mental traits as you go through the assessment.
They are:
Mental Control
Emotional Control
Work Ethic

I scored "Green" in 6 of the 8 mental traits. The two I need to work on are Mental Control (Your Mental State Prior to hitting a shot) and Concentration (Staying Emotionally Calm).
After getting my results, Greg spent time with me on the phone reviewing them. Greg did an awesome job at explaining how to become better at every trait regardless of how I scored on it. He also asked me for a ton of feedback on the assessment. He is committed to the Continuous Improvement of his company and how to help golfers become even better!  The time spent with Greg was extremely valuable and I took a lot of notes that I refer back to on a regular basis! My sincere Thanks to Greg! 
The assessment also has a number of must do items (for each mental trait) that will help you Play Your Best Golf Ever.

Go Time Golf's Recommendation:
I highly recommend that you connect with Greg, invest in the My Mental Game Coach Assessment, commit to working on your mental game and begin to play better golf. This is investing in yourself and I know you are worth it! 

Getting Started
If you are serious about playing your best golf ever, you have arrived. You can get started with our Mental Game Assessment, 18 Steps Audio Coaching, Greg's 18 Holes book or our free Mental Game Stats App. These dynamic products put you in control of your mental and emotional game and show you how to start every round feeling 100% READY and get focused on playing golf 100% READY on Every Shot. Go To: MyMentalGameCoach.com

My Mental Game Coach also offers Videos, Audio Coaching, One on One time with Greg and much more! MyMentalGameCoach.com

Go Time Golf Members Save on all of My Mental Game Coach's Products and Services!

As our Members complete their My Mental Game Coach Assessments we will add their comments here!

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