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Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Putting Professor by Peter Kostis Presented by Go Time Golf

Go Time Golf Review: Putting Professor

Website: www.PeterKostis.com 

Peter Kostis' Putting Professor will help you:
- Control The Speed of All Your Putts 
- Improve Your Green Reading Skills 
- Develop a Consistent/Repeatable Putting Stroke 
- Reduce Your Scores By 5 Strokes

The Putting Professor is Used By MANY Pros Like Paul Casey

Gary McCord say he was ranked 78th in putting on Champions Tour and after using The Putting Professor he went to 6th!!

Here's what one of our Tester's had to say about The Putting Professor:

These are my thoughts after trying the putting professor . during my golf lessons I only use products that I think are easy to use and very helpful and productive to the improvement of my students .I can safely say that the Putting Professor will be included in my teaching products for use in all my putting lessons. At the weekend I had a student in for a putting lesson the guy was in his own words a very poor inconsistent putter.

I introduced him to the Putting Professor and explained how it worked and got him to start using it keeping the 2 balls in contact with the rail ,his initial comment was my putting stroke feels so much tighter and more in tune with my body motion .Then I introduced a ball and from about 5 feet he started putting and started holing putts and a big smile appeared on his face as he said I FEEL THAT I CANNOT MISSS NOW and what a fantastic feeling and this only took about 10 minutes to give the feel of a correct controlled working putting stroke that puts the ball in the hole.

Pro's For Using The Putting Professor:
The professor is easy to assemble, it's lightweight so it's easy to take with you to the practice putting green,it builds confidence in a short space of time and I love the fact that you can adjust the angle of the rail to the same angle as your putter shaft,I think this might be the only putting board that does this, it's genius.

I used the Professor on all lengths and various  sloping putts and it's amazing how quickly you can adjust to finding the correct break point in sloping putts  with a little tap of the putter you make adjustments until you get the correct starting point which quickly makes you aware of how much break is required for the putt ,most golfers I see never allow enough borrow.The Putting Professor is a fantastic simple easy to use training aid helping to you to learn  to build a correct putting stroke and start with a square face at address and very important a square face at impact  learn to use enough borrow and build your confidence .

The only negative I found was the use of sticky double sided tape to attach the 2 balls to the putter to run on the rail ,The attachment fell off occasionally. Some sort of clip with a bit of pressure to attach the clip would be a better option. 
I would rate the Putting Professor as a 4.5 out of 5 as a first class training aid and anyone with any  putting issues from beginners to a touring Professional will get the benefit of using this as part of there practice routine.

Best Regards Willie Mckenzie   Master Teaching Professional WLMgolf.com

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