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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Review: Monsta Golf Balls - Go Time Golf

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Name of Manufacturer: Monsta Golf  MonstaGolf.com
Name of Product: Monsta Golf Ball

Overview: We have heard a lot about this ball on Social Media, from our members and others who have tested/play it. Obviously all this "chatter" sparked our interest to give The Monsta Ball a go! We contacted Ken at Monsta Golf to discuss a test/review and to get some members involved. They quickly sent us some Monsta Balls to "Tee Up"!  

Here's what Monsta Golf States:  
Monsta Golf started as an idea back in the spring of 2013 by 2 working dads from Boston who love the game of golf.  Dave and Ken, the founders of Monsta Golf, realize(like most of us) the key to an exceptional golf game is consistency and the short game. Using the same golf ball while honing your skills is an important factor in being consistent.  Almost every brand of golf ball performs differently, especially around the greens. This causes variations in accuracy and performance. Some golf balls are for distance, some for spin.  The top performing brands currently on the market that are constructed to do both,  retail for $48/dozen or more.  Golf can be expensive enough!

What started out as conversation on the golf course, is now a reality.  We believe our 3 piece cast urethane golf ball is a “premium performance golf ball without the premium price. The Monsta golf ball is affordable, bringing accuracy and constancy to your game along with superb spin and control off your lofted clubs.  Money is in the short game!
One of the biggest challenges was keeping true to our original mission of bringing a premium performance ball without the high price point.

Manufacturing a cast urethane golf ball was key to the soft feel and superior spin we desired, but that comes with a cost.  So we made a conscience decision from the beginning to sell direct to the customer, via online, social media, etc., with no retail ‘brick and mortar” stores that require significant markups.  Also, unlike the ‘big boys’ we will not have the usual overhead the large companies carry.  All of these factors enables us to keep our promise of an affordable 
pro- performance golf ball.

Let The Testing Begin!
I decided to play a quick nine and compare The Monsta Golf Ball against my normal ball that I have been playing for many many years. I was able to play two balls on every shot - thanks to afternoon golf in the desert. Off the tee, I found the Monsta Ball to consistently be 5-15 yards longer than my normal ball which I will take! I hit 6 out of 7 fairways with the Monsta Ball and 7 out of 7 with my normal ball. The one fairway I missed was in the first cut of rough but 10 yards ahead of other ball. Here's the bonus! I hit all 9 greens with the Monsta Ball! I haven't done this in some time! So, next up is to test the Monsta Ball for a full 18 holes in our Skins Game! It passed with Flying Colors!

Pros: The Monsta Ball is AS GOOD AS OR BETTER than any "Premium" ball on the market and is less expensive! That's a Win/Win for all Golfers. The ball is long off the tee and spins exceptionally well on mid to short irons. I did spin a few wedges back more than my normal ball which takes some getting use to. 

Cons: You have to order Monsta Balls on line and won't find them yet in your local retailers or pro shops. 

Performance/Playability: The Monsta Ball has all the performance you could want in a ball. I'm sure there are longer balls, higher spin balls and softer feeling balls on the market but I'm not sure you will find one ball that has everything The Monsta Ball has! It's long, straight, checks up or spins great, has a very durable cover, feels great off every club in the bag and more! I was also impressed with it's flight in the wind. The Monsta Ball held it's line very well. I now have The Monsta Ball in my bag to stay!

Innovation: So, we know that it's a 3 piece construction ball, has great feel and performs very well. I'm not sure we know what Monsta Golf did as far as innovation goes nor do I really care based on the performance of the ball!

Look & Feel: The Monsta Ball has a very cool logo and is easy to pick out in a group of balls in the fairway! The feel of the ball is excellent from the tee box to green-side shots. I felt, through the first full round, that it came off the putter a bit hot but since have made the appropriate adjustments that I feel 100% comfortable rolling putts of all lengths. 

Go Time Golf Factor: We Love The Monsta Golf Ball! I shared a number of sleeves with other members and all of the feedback has be stellar! We are also excited to announce that we ordered 20 dozen Monsta Balls with the Go Time Golf Logo on them. The printing came out great and we look forward to getting them in the hands of more golfers to test. We highly recommend that you give Monsta Golf Balls a try and decide for yourself - but we are sure you will see that they produce a QUALITY BALL for a FANTASTIC PRICE!


What Our Testers Say:  Donny -Okay, lets set up the stats...I played for two days straight and two courses. @7 holes on Saturday at Prairie Lakes Golf in Grand Prairie, Texas and 18 holes Sunday at The Plantation in Frisco, Texas. Normally play the ProV1 and I always use the Check-GO to balance the ball and I did the same for all of the sleeve of Monsta's. Saturday score was 78 which is pretty normal for me. The Mosta performed very well and I was able to work the ball both ways when needed. We had a heavy dew that morning and the ball flew well and when it hit, it STOPPED. I was able to fire at the pin and know that it would stop. We hit an extra nine and i played with confidence knowing how it would perform this time around and i shot a 37, just one over par for that nine and the miss was a 3 putt.
  Sunday was an afternoon round and I shot 76. the Monsta was drawing well and i really over cooked only one draw on a short par 4, but was able to hit a nice checking wedge and it stopped well. I was more than confident playing this day and the Monsta has a permanent convert. 48 bucks for the V1's or much less of ra ball that does everything the other does. Thank you for the opportunity and now i must go buy a few dozen.

From Member Alex -I got a chance to take out The Monsta Golf Balls. 5 Stars from me! I was a ProV1X guy but I/m a changed man! You'll be seeing an order come through from me. I'm glad there is a ball that our performs PV's that costs less!!

FROM MEMBER BILL FELDBERG: Anybody that knows me knows that I'm a die hard swoosh fan...from my shoes to my hat, from my driver to my putter and everything in between including my ball & divot repair/ball marker are Nike. So for me to even put a ball in play that isn't a Nike is a huge step...but I really like these balls around the green my go to play around the green when I miss the green is a bump and run...this ball played exceptionally well with that shot giving me the one hop, a little check and then roll out to where I was aiming. 

My favorite shot in golf is the 130 approach shot, these balls flighted so well off my pitching wedge that when they landed they were inside a foot of the ball mark. 

Off the tee, didn't notice anything really different, my good drives were good and my miss which is usually high and right was still there when I missed. 

Distance wise though they seemed to be 7-10yds further with several clubs but not all of them. I played 9 holes and was pretty well within my normal stats 5/7 fairways, 5/9 greens and 15 putts for a 38. My handicap is currently 6.6

I will definitely give these balls another shot for a full 18 when Vegas drys out after all this rain. 

FROM MEMBER JOHN LAWTON:  I got to try my samples over the weekend. Surprising distance, great around the greens and good feel on putts. In other words, I couldn't have been happier with the performance...it also didn't hurt to out-drive everyone in my foursome on virtually every hole. Thanks Monsta Golf and GTG.

As more of our Tester reviews come in we will update this post with them!

Tester Feedback: JJ Jones – 3 HDCP, Florida

      "Skeptical at first, I was actually impressed by these. I would most closely compare them to the Taylormade Project (a) model. The cover was very similar to me; however I was able to cut one of them after a few strong wedges. This seems to be a necessary evil with high performance golf balls though. I felt the biggest talking point about this ball was the workability without sacrifice of distance. When I switched to Pro-v1xs I lost 4-6 yards a club, but with these I was hitting them the same distance I hit the ball I play now (Callaway Super Soft). Very easy to move in either direction, very soft off the club face, and very responsive on the greens. That also translated to being a little soft off the putter face, but within a few holes, that was manageable as well. Cosmetically I’m not really a fan of the large logo, but that’s sort of a nit picky thing. Overall, I would actually consider playing a model of these that has a slightly harder cover. The opportunity to test these really opened my eyes to the Monsta golf brand, and I think they can easily be a player in the competitive golf ball market. They are the real deal, and I would say their product is THAT good."

Tester Feedback: Craig Adolff

      "Monsta golf balls--- A great feeling golf ball. Distance is there as long with the feel and ability to check/ stop the ball on the green. Plus, the cool logo on the ball what a great feature, the younger players will eat this up."

Tester Feedback: David Locke

       "Monsta golf balls, we like this golf ball because it is long off the tee and soft around the greens. We both play a draw and this ball draws perfect just about every time."

Tester Feedback: Willie McKenzie
Dear Sirs   I tried out the Monsta golf balls on the world famous Royal Dornoch Golf course ,My current ball is the Titleist pro v1 x and I played 18 holes with each ball and these are my thoughts 

Off The Tee 
Based on the 18 holes the Monsta was 4 to 5 yards farther every hole ,not a huge distance but it compared very well with the worlds most used ball .The Monsta felt every bit as good as the Pro v1 x so that was very pleasing if you compare the price between the 2 balls .

Fairway Woods 
Again felt very solid had no problems getting the ball airbourne and distance wise was equal to the x .love the logo think it would be helpful to identify your ball if you stray into the rough,

Mid Irons 
From the 7 iron distance in the ball felt every bit as good as the x solid feel but not hard like one of the distance balls .Again similar to off the tee I found the Monsta ball was a few yards longer but had no problems getting the ball to stop as the ball produced a nice high ball flight for me.

Short Game
The feel of the Monsta was again similar to the x crisp contact soft feel and produced spin when it was needed I tried lob shots and the ball landed softly and stopped very nicely then I did a series of pitch shots from various distances and again the Monsta performed every bit as good as the x .

The feel of the Monsta on the green was slightly more solid than the Pro v1 x and found that the Monsta rolled out a little farther with the same length of putting stroke .The alignment aid was simple to line up and use and liked the logo running towards the hole .However the Monsta felt every bit like a premier golf ball at a lower price .

Good ball feels every bit as good as the Titleist which is the worlds most used ball ,Looks and feels and performs every bit as consistent as a higher priced ball at a   Lower price what's not to like about that.At the end of My round I had no visible scuff marks which was pleasing to see 

Only one as this is a U.S. Based ball is it available here in the UK .

Summary And    Rating 
I play my golf when I get time on the European Seniors Challenge tour and would have no hesitation in putting this Monsta ball in my bag and use in my tournaments confident that the Monsta ball will perform exactly how I need my ball to perform when I need to be playing at my best .  Rating  would give this ball a 4.5 out of 5 based on looks feel performance durability and price

Best Regards Willie Mckenzie WLMgolf.com

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